The Time I Met A Madman (Doctor Who fan Fiction 11)

It all started with 1 blue box...
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4. Not so ordinary are we now?

“You just can’t forget what planet you’re from! I mean seriously it’s like me forgetting my favorite food was fish fingers and custard! I mean I’m from Gallifrey and I’m over 1000 years old! Despite that I still don’t forget!”
“Wait so you’re not from earth? But you look just like any normal person. Well besides the outfit that you’re wearing. That’s a dead giveaway! But otherwise I wouldn’t suspect a thing! “I said studying him with the utmost amount of curiosity. Nothing out of the ordinary.
“Good, then I have done well. Answer me this how do you survive on your own?”
“Well I work at a store near here to pay for the rent. I ride to and from home on my bike occasionally. Also taking stops for groceries. Everything else was my families. From ones that are dead or from things that were donated to me .It’s hard but I pull through”
“Well then seeing you don’t have much of a choice would you like to come with me?”
“Okay, let me get this straight! You just broke into my house and offered to take with you! Have you ever heard of stranger danger? And trust me you appearance is strange enough!”
“Hey I’m not that strange! Bow ties are cool!”
“Look mister I didn’t say bow ties weren’t cool! Anyways where the hell would we be going? I don’t have my driver’s license yet and I don’t have a car! Where is your transportation?”
“Well, Kenzi, would you like to see my Tardis?”
“Tard a wat? Is it an Acronym?”
“Well yes it is it stands for-“
“Time and Relative Dimension In Space. I knew I had seen one of these before! I just thought that it was some sort of marketing ploy! Boy was I wrong!”
“H…How did you know that? What do you mean you have seen one before?”
“When I was young I was out playing I had seen one. I had heard a weird vworp vworp sound.”
“Where? This is the last Tardis left!”
“Um… I have the word on the tip of my tongue. Oh yeah it was-“
“It was what?”
“It was Gallifrey”
“Any ways are you coming with me or not? “He said with a twinge of impatience in his tone.
“Sure I guess. I don’t have a choice really. I don’t want to run into another one of those tin can dudes!”
“Well than Kenzi, Welcome inside the Tardis.”
“It’s so cool!!! Plenty of space for a Zoo to be in here!”
“Wow you are one of the first people not to say something to the extent of it so big or it’s bigger on the inside. I love hearing people say that.” He said with a smile plastered on his face. "So all of time and space where do you want to go first?”
My simple reply was only one word.
“All right then, everywhere it is! Geronimo!!!” His eyes filled to the brim with excitement looking at my reaction. My simple face revealed everything my entire mind was thinking THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!
And that is how I met the Doctor.

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