The Time I Met A Madman (Doctor Who fan Fiction 11)

It all started with 1 blue box...
This massive story is being transferred over from several websites.
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6. Cybermen

“It’s alright. Just calm down Kenzi.”  The doctor said comforting me.
“Calm down? You’re seriously telling me to calm down when there is a carnivorous lizard with 70 or more teeth the size of banana’s in its mouth!” I said with my usual witty retort.
“Don’t worry they are just fine once you get to know them, that’s all!”
“Fine but you’re going first.”
“if it makes you feel any better sure.”

“But what makes you so sure that you know everything about dinosaurs?” he asked as a bit of curiosity peaked out in his voice.
“Try me” I dared
“What’s the-? “
“Dinosaur with the longest name Micropachycephalasaurus. It was found in China.”
“What dinosa-“
“Hade the smallest brain. That would be Stegosaurus. But don’t underestimate them! In one foul swoop of the tail they can knock you on your knees-!”
I then proceeded to demonstrate this theory. I suddenly clubbed the doctor in the knees with my foot making him fall. And right at the last moment I caught him. I’m in a cradling position 3 inches distance between our faces. I was tempted. But now was not the time to kiss the doctor. “Like That” I then finished saying in a hushed whisper. I then proceeded to help him up.
“You okay?”
“Yeah. Just fine. Aren’t you a little swift one eh?”
“Well when you have been avoiding Daleks and Cybermen all your life you pick up a few things.”

I then proceeded to run out of the Tardis feeling that my message had been received. Suddenly the door to the Tardis slammed closed. “What are you doing doctor?” I asked confused
“It wasn’t me it was the Tardis!”
“Doctor this isn’t funny anymore! Doctor!” I said worried as I was pounding on the doors to the Tardis.”
Suddenly I heard some leaves crunching and I slowly turn around to see a Cybermen. “You will be upgraded!”
I then proceeded to yell as loud as I could! “Doctor it’s the Cybermen!”
“It’s the What???!!!”
By that time I was already gone looking for a place to hide. This was not good!
Sorry that this was a sucky chapter...
ill make the next one worth it!
I promise!

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