Something Great

I was stuck until I met him.

I was lost until I met her.


1. Him and Her

Alexis POV:

Music. Lights. Drinks. Screams.

That's all I heard and saw, I looked over at Kay and saw that she was already with a guy,nothing new. I had no idea how she got me to go clubbing with her. I guess it was another attempt to "cheer" me up.

Kay was my best friend,we've known each other forever. Like literally, we were born on the same day, in rooms next to each other and our mothers became friends and everything just went the same from there. Same schools,same classes, same neighborhood, same interests,I guess you could call us sisters.

But ever since the accident my life has been miserable. I walked over to the bar and ordered a margarita, and then someone caught my eye. His curly hair and emerald eyes made me stare for a couple seconds, then he caught my glance causing me to look away. I started to stir my drink awkwardly as he came closer to me. "Hey there beautiful" he said surprisingly low. His comment caused me to blush. "So, what's your name?"

"Alexis" I replied still not making eye contact. He pushed my chin up forcing me to look at him. His eyes sparkled and I stared at him not able to look away,causing him to smirk.

He pulled me onto the dance floor and all we did was stand there. Hand in hand, foreheads pressed against each other's, just staring at him.


Harry's POV

I just got home from our last concert in the TMH (Take Me Home) tour. The other boys decided to go celebrate, but all I felt like doing was sitting in my boxers and watching Tv. But Niall thought it was best for us to go out and I just couldn't stand to make him sad,so I just kinda came here to make Niall happy.

I decided to just sit at the bar watching the guys make a fool of themselves on the dance floor. I was just sitting there until this gorgeous girl came up to the bar and looked like she wasn't having the best time either, so I decided to flirt with her.

Her light curls cascaded down her shoulders, and her grey eyes were beautiful, her name was pretty too. But I just couldn't get over how pretty she was.

We walked to the dance floor and just stood there hand in hand, foreheads pressed against each other's and I just stared at her. ❤️

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