Justin Bieber? You know him, right? Yea, so do I. Quite honestly, I don't care about him. I do, however care about my job. RIght now i'm a back-up dancer on his tour "Believe". I know what you're thinking, 'YOu have to audition for that' WRONG. I didn't really have a choice. They needed another dancer, and my agent needed me to get a job. So now, here I am dancing for Justin Bieber.


8. Happily Ever After?

The next day I gained control of my legs again. We only had four days, but that was still a lot of time.

I opened my eyes up and looked at Justin as his precious little face was calm. His mouth was parted and his eyes were closed. His stomach went up and down as he breathed slowly.

Justin: Good morning beautiful.

His eyes never opened, just a whisper came from his mouth.

Rebecca: Noo, I didn't mean to wake you up..

Justin: I've been awake.

His eyes opened and he smiled at me.

Justin: Even more beautiful than before.

I smiled and hid my face in his neck. He managed to move my head from his neck and press his lips to mine.

Justin: You can dance, i knew that. I didn't know you could do that in bed though..

I laughed and put my hands over my face. I felt embarrassed.

Justin: No, i want to see you face.

I shook my head no and he sat up and pulled my hands off of my face.

Rebecca: Stooop.

Alison walked in and put her hands on her hips.

Alison: Justin, let her go.

Justin: no, shut up she's my baby.

Alison: She's my best friend.

Justin: I win, she's mine.

ALison: Wrong, Becca I wanna talk to you..

Justin: Say it to my face.

Alison: fuck you.

Justin: I can fire you.

Alison: I don't give a flappy bird.

She pulled on my arm and pulled my half way out of the bed. I whined and Justin grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him.

Alison: JUSTIN!

Justin: Stop, i'm getting mad.


Ryan made his way into the room and looked at us.

Ryan: He got laid, so what?

Alison: Go pry his hands off of her, I wanna see her.

Ryan: Justin, just let the girl go.

Justin: No.

He rubbed my back and kissed my cheek.

Justin: She's mine. Not anybody elses.

Ryan jumped on top of Justin and started wresting him. The whole time Justin made sure he didn't touch me or hurt me. Justin's grip was being torn off of me.  Alison saw the oppertunity and ran with it. She grabbed my arm and got me out of bed. I stood up and looked back at Justin who was fighting his way back to me.

Rebecca: I just started moving my legs again, stop it hurts.

I heard footsteps following me and I looked back. Justin put his arms out and hugged me. He lifted me off the ground as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Rebecca: I love you so much.

Justin: i love you so so much.

He set me back on the ground.

Alison: Can I just take a walk with her, please? I promise i'll have her back soon.

Justin: No. She's mine.

Rebecca: We're a packaged deal now.

He smiled at Alison and kissed my hair.

ALison: Really?

She raised her eyebrows and started getting mad.

Rebecca: Tomorrow, I promise.

Alison: Whatever.

She turned around and walked the other way.

Rebecca: No, Alison.

I reached out for her but she was far away. I wanted to chase her, but I didn't want to let go of Justin.

Pattie walked into the hallway.

Pattie: Is everything... alright?

Justin: Now it is.

He squeezed my back and pulled me into a tighter hug. I wrapped my arms back around his neck. I pulled on the hair on the back of his neck as he hugged me tightly.

Justin: Mommy, can we take control of the living room, I want to cuddle with Becca and watch TV.

Pattie: I think that's fine. Me and your grandparents are going out, don't wreck the house hunny.

Justin: I won't, just cuddling, promise.


Justin kissed my head as a commercial came on.

We heard a door open andI looked at him.

Rebecca: Justin?

Justin: I don't know who that could be. Stay here.

Rebecca: No, don't leave me.

I squeezed his hand.

Justin: baby, I have to, I don't want them hurting you.

I heard little footsteps run into the room and I looked back. There were two little kids approaching us and Justin's dad standing in the living room door way.

The little kids jumped on us and I pulled the blanket closer to my body. The only thing I was wearing was one of Justin's sweatshirts and my underwear.

Justin: Dad!

He had me stand up and his dad walked over. The little boy and girl tugged at Justin's legs and just looked at me.

Jeremy hugged him and looked at me.

Justin; Dad, this is rebecca, Becca, this is my dad.

Rebecca: You did a good job raising the boy.

Jeremy: I like to think so, thank you.

I smiled.

Justin bent down next to the kids and smiled.

Justin: This is Jaxon and Jazmyn, Jaz, Jax, this is Becca, My girl friend.

Jazmyn whispered in Justin's ear.

Jazmyn: She's pretty Justin...

Justin: I know, she's gorgeous.

He whispered back to her and looked up at me.

Justin stood up and pulled me into a hug. I smiled and hugged him back tightly.


Jaxon finally closed his eyes and fell asleep on me. Justin was sitting on the couch, I was laying halfway and leaning on him. Jaxon was sitting on my lap, now asleep. Jazmyn was sitting on Justin's other side sleeping also.

Jeremy: So how did you guys meet?

Justin: She, is one of my back up dancers and she caught my eye. She totally hated me.

Rebecca: I thought he was a jerk... still do..

I stuck my tongue out at him and he stared me down.

Jeremy: You guys look like a big family over there.

I laughed and he smiled at me. I rested my head back on his and closed my eyes.


I woke up to the smell of food and the screaming of little kids. I pushed my head farther into Justin's neck and groaned.

Justin: Good morning sleepy head. How are you?

Rebecca: I'm good, what time is it?

Justin: 7 pm. Dad's making us some food.

Rebecca: He doesnt have to do that.

Justin: I know I tried to stop him... just cuddle with meee.

Jazmyn: Justin will you put on Ariel?

Justin: Sure sweetie.

I watched as Justin put on the movie and handed her the remote.

Justin: Sorry, she gets jealous sometimes.

Rebecca: Hey, I understand. Someitmes you just need your Justin to yourself.

Justin:I need my Becca to myself sometimes. Like at night when I want my cuddles, or in the mornign when I need cuddles. ESPECIALLY when people are trying to steal you from me, I don't like that... at all.

Rebeca: I luff youuuu.

I smiled and pecked his lips.

Justin: I luff you moreeeeeee.

Jazmyn: Are you her prince Justin?

Justin: Yes. I am.

Jazmyn: Are you guys gonna live happily ever after?

I looked at Justin and smiled.














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