Justin Bieber? You know him, right? Yea, so do I. Quite honestly, I don't care about him. I do, however care about my job. RIght now i'm a back-up dancer on his tour "Believe". I know what you're thinking, 'YOu have to audition for that' WRONG. I didn't really have a choice. They needed another dancer, and my agent needed me to get a job. So now, here I am dancing for Justin Bieber.


2. Forbidden Kiss

I opened my eyes and saw the light from the television fash on my face.

Rebecca: Oh, god.

I sat up and turned the tv off and turned the light next to my bed on. I sat off the edge of the bed and rubbed my eyes before looking at the clock. Justin said we were going to the studio early because we had a show, but how much earlier? I heard laughing coming from the hallway. What could somebody possibly be doing? It's six in the morning. I stood up and crossed my arms over my chest. I walked to the door and stepped outside of it. I walked to Scooter's door and knocked on it.

I felt kind of bad, you know, waking him up so early. I was suprised when he opened the door and was already in a suit.

Scooter: Hey, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Hey, um sorry for bothering you so early, but what time are we practicing today?

Scooter: We were supposed to practice early, but I think we're going to skip the extra practice and let you guys have some time to yourself before the show, then we'll practice a couple times before the arena's doors open.

Rebecca: Oh, okay.

Scooter: Does that help you?

Rebecca: Definitely, haha thanks.

He smiled politely at me. I smiled back before turning back to my door. I looked down at my phone, going through my text messages. I started humming the words to 'Be Alright' as it passed through my mind. Then I accidentally bumped into somebody.

I looked up from my phone and saw who it was.

Rebecca: Sorry, Justin.

He looked up from his phone as I avoided speaking to him. I walked right past him and he. turned my way.

Justin: Wait.

I turned around and faced him.

Justin: What're you doing?

Rebecca: I was asking Scooter about what time we had practice. But-

Justin: It's cancelled.

It was weird. It was as if he knew exactly what I was going to say. I smiled and nodded before turning back around. I searched for my key in my pajama pants pocket. Shit. I cussed at myself before hearing a chuckle.

Justin: Is there a problem?

I turned back around. He thought he was so cute just standing there and trying to flirt, but I wasn't going to let him win.

Rebecca: Yea, I just forgot my key.

Justin: Do you need another one?

Rebecca: That'd be nice, yes.

I was trying to be nice, but he was asking the most obvious questions. He told me to follow him as he walked torward another room. He pulled out a key and unlocked the door. He stepped inside the door frame and signaled me to follow him. I stepped in the room and saw that his bed was barely touched. Weird.

Justin: I've got extras of everybody's keys.

He pulled out a key and handed it to me. Greeaaaat I felt safe knowing he had a key to my room (sarcasm). I smiled and took the key from his hand.

Rebecca: Well, i'm gonna go now..

I turned and started walking.

Justin: I'll walk with you.

Okay Bieber, you wanna walk, then you better talk.

He followed me out the door as we steped into the hallways.

Rebecca: So, why were you in the hallways this early?

I looked over at him and he seemed to not want to tell me.

Justin: Just thinking.

Rebecca: Oh..

I stepped up to my door and slid the key, then the little light turned green. Yes. Thank you Jesus. I wasn't done with Justin yet, I had one more question.

Rebecca: If you ask me, it seems kinda weird that you were in the hallway at six a.m. in your pajamas, and your bed was barely touched.

I leaned up against the door frame and watched his face. He looked a little confused. Then he realized what I thought he had been doing.

Justin: Wait- no, i'm not like that!

Rebecca: Whatever you say, Justin.

Justin: No, I swear I-

Rebecca: Bye Justin, I hope you had fun last night.

I winked at him as he tried to step closer to me. I closed the door and chuckled to myself, satisfied with how I was playing with his mind.


All I heard was that being basically, screamed in the hallway.


I had just got done showering and applying my makeup. I pulled on some skinny jeans and a t-shirt, then pulled my favorite hoodie over my head.

I started my car up from the room with my automatic starter and made sure I grabbed a room key for after the show. I was supposed to be meeting up with the other female dancers at the little cafe on the corner. I stepped outside my room and made my way down to my car. Then I realized the front of the hotel was covered with beliebers.

I snuck out the back and made my way to my car. But somebody was following me. I looked back and Justin and Ryan were behind me.Great.

I heard whispers coming from behind me, so I acted like I didn't know they were there and I listened in on their coversation, I couldn't hear everything, so bare with me.

'Who's that'

"Probably one of my dancers"

'Can I get a piece of that one'

I chuckled to myself and mentally shook my head. Nobody that was friends with Justin Bieber was going to ' get a piece of me' , I'm not like that.

"Sure, bro. "

'You're not over Selena are you'

"I just need some time, bro"

'You just need to get over it'

I finally reached my car and looked back at the two guys. I think in that moment, when Justin saw the car, he knew it was me.

Justin: Yo, Wait up!

I hurried into my car and pulled out. Justin was getting into his car and was now going to follow me. I was late enough as it is, now I was going to have to keep Justin away from me.

I pulled up to the coffee shop and parked on the street. I'm sure Justin wasn't far behind. I walked in and saw the group of girls sitting at a round table. I walked over and sat at the empty chair.

Rebecca: I'm sorry- i'm really late and-

"It's fine"

I smiled and ordered a water. We all started talking and laughing at our memories from the previous shows. That was one thing I loved about this job. These girls. They're so nice, and they were the best-friends you could have with you for two years.

Justin: Yo! Where was my invitation to the get together!

I looked back and saw Justin and Ryan walking over to us. All the girls said 'Justtiiiiiinnn' at the same time. Except me.

Justin: Can we sit with you guys.


I looked over and there was only a seat next to me. Justin saw it and took it. Ryan pulled a chair over next to Justin.

'We're Just talking about tour memories'

"oh my gosh! Remember when Justin grinded on Becca!"

Every body was laughing except for me, I just kind of faked a smile.

Ryan: Whooa, when was this?

Justin: During one of the shows, she was the dancer that was kinda like in front of me, and I do it in the music video, so.

He smiled and looked at me. I looked away and looked down at my phone.


We had just got to the arena and weere practicing the show, running it in our outfits and everything. Justin started singing.

Justin: Body rock, I wanna feel your body rock.

Scooter: STOP. Right there, Justin you need to choose a dancer to do the body rock.

Justin: Um.

He looked at Ryan and Ryan smiled and winked at him. Justin looked at me and was about to say my name, but I stared him in the eyes, basically telling him not to even try. I think he got the memo because the next second he said Chelsea. He was still staring at me.

Personally I think Justin and Chelsea liked each other. She always talked about how she liked him, how he was so beautiful.

Scooter: Are you sure you mean Chelsea, beause you're staring at Becca.

Justin: Umm.

He was quiet for a moment.

Justin: Yea, Chelsea..

They ran through how Justin's arms would travel her body and their movements. I was so happy inside, knowing it wasn't my job to do that.

After we ran through the whole show, we had to go shower then go into makeup and hair.

Chelsea: I think he's going to ask me out after this show!

She basically squealed.

Rebecca: I say go for it.

Okay, let me name the dancers for you. (I'm making these names up) Well, my friends that are the dancers.

Chelsea, Rachel, Bethanny, Catie, Alison, Destinee, and Carter.

I was the first one done with both hair and makeup. I had on the black skin-tight outfit and I was now walking through the halls of the arena. I smiled as I got a text from my friends from back home.

Scooter: Rebecca!

I looked up.

Rebecca: Yes?

Scooter: Can you check on Justin, help him with his makeup and hair, whatever he needs help with, make sure he's in the right outfit.

I nodded. I really didn't want to, but it was my job. I walked until I found his dressing room. I knocked and then got told to come in. I could tell Ryan was looking at me. I walked over to Justin. I was rather short compared to him.

Rebecca: Scooter told me to help you with makeup and hair. Oh, and you have to be in the white outfit.

Justin: Oh, okay. Should I do makup and hair first? Or?

I rolled my eyes.

Rebecca: Yes.

He sat down at a mirror with lights on it. Didn't he have people to do this instead of me.

I made my way around him as I placed the foundation on his face. Next I had to do his eyeliner, which meant I had to get close. I was having trouble getting to his face.

Ryan: Just straddle him, you know to get the makeup on.

I looked back and he was smiling.

Ryan: I gotta go get my seat, i'll see you two later.

Justin: It's fine if you want to.

I guess I had no other choice. I crawled up on the chair and straddled his lap as I leaned forward to apply the eyeliner. His hands moved to my hips. After I got done with the eyeliner he stared into my eyes. He started moving his face closer to mine, I couldn't move. I closed my eyes as his lips brushed against mine. After they first touched he pulled me closer and kissed me deeper. My hands traveled to the back of his head and grabbed the hair on the back of his neck as his lips pressed against mine. I pulled my lips from his as I heard a knock. My face stayed close to his.

Justin: Who's... who's there..?

Scooter: It's Scooter, are you getting help with makeup.

Justin: Ye, yea.

His eyes looked into mine as he observed my face.

Scooter: Good. Tell Becca when she's done I want to talk to her.

Justin: Okay..

He didn't speak for a moment. My self concious came back to me. What was I doing? He is only trouble! Chelsea likes him anyways!

Justin: Becca?

Rebecca: Mhmm?

Justin: Do you-

Ryan ran into the room.

Ryan: Sorry, but there were girls chasing me- oh, is something about to happen.

Rebecca: Yea, I was about to go talk to Scooter.

Justin's grip didn't loosen on me. I got up though. I walked past Ryan and out the door. I heard the door open and Justin was now following me.

Justin: Woah, woah, wait.

He stood in front of me and took my hands. He looked into my eyes and was now hypnotizing me, again. He leaned over again but I moved my face. Justin looked at me confused.

Rebecca: I don't like you, Justin.

Justin: What? We just-

Rebecca: I know what we just did, but honestly I didn't even want this job, I don't like you. You use girls and then ditch them when you find a Victoria's Secret model better. Then you expect them to run back after you've cheated on them.

Justin: No- i'm not a player, I don't cheat.

Rebecca: Then why were you out sleeping around last night?

He looked at me. He now moved his hands to my waist and pulled my body closer,again. He looked me in the eyes, a look that could've killed.

Justin: I wasn't sleeping around, I promise.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine again. I didn't want to, but I wrapped my arms back around his neck. I pulled his face cloer to mine. He didn't want to let my lips go. Even when he heard a door open, he wouldn't pull away.


He started clapping. Justin took one hand away from my waist and gave Ryan the middle finger. I started laughing in the kiss and he smiled. His lips left mine again.

Justin: I need to talk to you after the show, no I need to talk to you right now.

Rebecca: No, you need to get dressed.

I looked him in the eyes and he pecked my lips again and stared in my eyes.

Justin: I'm not kidding about talking with you after the show.

I nodded and watched him walk back into his dressing room. He looked back, making sure I was still here. Ryan walked  over to me.

Ryan: Damnit, you're the one I wanted.

I laughed and patted his back.

Rebecca: It's alright.

I walked away and back into the dancers room.

Chelsea: Where did you go girl?

Shit, I forgot she liked Justin. She's one of my best friends, I can't do that to her.

Rebecca: Scooter had me help Justin with makeup....

Chelsea: Oh, i'm going to visit him before we go on.

Everybody was in costume now and we were all sitting and talking.

Scooter: SHOW TIME!

We went and lined up by the stage. As the girls screamed and screamed, Justin flew on to stage, literally and started singing.


We had just finished All Arund The World and Beauty and A beat was next. We were all dancing. Justin was about to go body rock with Chelsea, but he pranced over to me and danced with me. Honestly, I was suprised. Before he turned around to go back torward the crowd, he pecked my lips, so slyly, probably only one person saw it.

For one less lonely girl he had the cutest little girl. She was bawling when she saw Justin there. I handed Justin the crown he was going to put on her head.

After the show, I was going back to the dressing room to pick up my bag to go to my car. I think tonight was our best show. I was looked at my phone until I heard my name being called. I looked back and Justin was running my way. As he got closer to me he picked me up and spun me around as he kissed me.

Rebecca: Justin!

He set me down and smiled.

Rebecca: I gotta get my bag and I'll meet you here in five, okay?

Justin smiled and nodded. I really didn't think I liked Justin like this. I was on the fence about it. He just seemed so happy, but I knew he WAS a player. I walked back to the dressing room and put my sweats back on and picked up my bag. I started walking back to where I promised I'd meet him.

I looked over and I saw Justin talking to Chelsea. He smiled at her. He was trying not to make eye contact with her. When he did though, she wrapped her arms around his neck. I knew exactly what was going to happen. I started to feel tears press to my eyes as I watched their lips connect. It's not that I was jealous, okay maybe a little. That's only because he made me believe I was actually something to him, like he actually care, like he had changed.

I turned on my heels and ran the other way. I got to my car and started driving to the hotel.

The little phone screen lit up.

One new text message.


Where are you?

I shook my head as I read it. I pulled into the hotel's parking lot and locked my car. I went up to my room and laid down on the bed. I pulled out my phone and called my agent.

Rebecca: Can I please leave the job early?

All I got was a 'No' then I got hung up on. Great now i'm stuck here with his slime ball. You know how I told you I hated him before? Yea, well now I hated him even more. I heard a knock on the door, figuring it was Scooter, wanting to talk about practice tomorrow, I opened it.

Justin: Hey.

I went to close the door but he put his foot in the door.

Justin: Woah, what's wrong.

I walked away from the door and went and sat on the bed. He closed the door behind himself and follwed me.

Justin: Hey, Becca.

Rebecca: Can you please leave.

I looked at my phone.

Justin: Did I do something?

His voice started cracking and he sounded upset.

Was he really asking if he did something? Honestly, I didn't even want to answer him. Of course he did something wrong! But of course he'll think it didn't hurt anybody and he'll deny it.

Rebecca: Are you really asking me that?

He just stared at me, completely lost.

Rebecca: Let me fill you in on the situation. First of all, I know you and Chelsea have like each other, I KNEW that. But honestly, you knew I was coming back to talk to you, so why would you even kiss her RIGHT where I told you i'd meet you in five minutes? Are you that fucking stupid?

He looked at me.

Rebecca: Don't even tell me you didn't kiss her, because I saw you kiss her.

Justin: I- I.

He got quiet. I looed at him.

Rebecca: That's exactly what I thought. And don't think i'm staying on your dance team because I want to. I can't get out of the contract.

Justin: I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, it meant nothing, I swear.

Rebecca: No you're not, you knew what you were doing, you were just stupid enough to think you'd get away with it.

Justin: No, I didn't think i'd get away with it, I didn't think about anything. I didn't feel anything when I kissed her. When I kiss you, i feel special, I feel like you actually wanted me back. It was no secret you hated me from the beginning of the whole thing.

Rebecca: Just, please stay away from me from now on, and please don't talk to me.

He was frozen. He looked me in the eyes. His eyes were perfect. They were hypnotizing, and I HATED that every time I looked in them I got lost. He leaned closer. As the two times before, our lips connected. I could taste his tears as they fell from his eyes. I laid back on the bed as he laid me back. I kept my eyes closed, because I didn't know what was going to happen next. I was suprised when he pulled his lips away from mine.

Justin: I'll make this right, I promise.

I looked at his eyes, which were now filled with tears. I felt bad for him. He pressed his lips back to mine and I didn't want him to move.

Justin: I'm not kidding, i'm gonna make it okay.

He stood up and left the room. I sat up, wondering what Just happened. Did I just?


I closed my eyes falling asleep. Until there was a knock on the door. I slowly got up and opened it. It revealed a puffy-red eyed Justin.

Justin: I can't sleep knowing I made you upset.

I stuck my hand out. He took it and I pulled him over to the bed and I laid down.

Justin: You're letting me sleep in here?

Rebecca: You need to rest, too. Don't try anything though.

He slid into the bed and laid next to me. I looked at him and he was just lying on his back, trying to close his eyes. I moved closer to him. He looked over at me and put his arm around me and pulled my body closer to his. I put my hand on his chest and rested muy head on his chest, too.

I slipped into my sleep. With one more thought.

He was winning.











*AN Sorry it's so long. Should I like make them shorter? Do you like it so far or should I change this chapter? PLEASSSEEE tell me if I should change it. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!  I really need feedback. Is it too long?

PLease honestly tell me.

Stay BeautifulXx*

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