Justin Bieber? You know him, right? Yea, so do I. Quite honestly, I don't care about him. I do, however care about my job. RIght now i'm a back-up dancer on his tour "Believe". I know what you're thinking, 'YOu have to audition for that' WRONG. I didn't really have a choice. They needed another dancer, and my agent needed me to get a job. So now, here I am dancing for Justin Bieber.


4. Different thoughts

I woke up and made sure all my bags were packed. I set them outside my room door. Today I had a major headache. I sat on the edge of my bed with my hood over my head and my face in the palm of my hands. I felt like crying, that's how much it hurt.

I called back my agent, the reason Scooter thought I was leaving was because he had called Scooter and asked if I could get out of the job, and he didn't want to, but he said I could leave. I told my agent I decided to stay. He was shocked, but he let it go.

I held my face in my hands and sighed as I laid on my back. I heard my door creek open. I wasn't in the mood for anybody to talk to me, I knew I was going to be snappy today.

Justin: Gooood mooorning!

Rebecca: SHut upppp!

I really wasn't in the mood to see Justin. I knew he was secretly talking to Chelsea last night. I pulled a pillowover my face.

Justin: Hey, what's wrong.

Rebecca: I have a headache.

My voice was a whine. I hated talking to people when I was like that because then they'd thing I was a snotty brat. So instead of talking to Justin I just kept my eyes closed. He lifted the pillow from my face and smiled at me. The light hurt my head and I sighed. Justin kicked off his shoes and laid at the top of the bed. He lifted me up next to him. I curled my face into his neck. I felt better as he held me close.

Justin: Baby?

Rebecca: Hmm?

Justin: Do you want to go on the same jet as me?

Rebecca: I thought that was for you, scooter, friends, and your workers.

Justin: Well I want you with me, or I can ride with you guys.

Rebecca: I don't mind either.

By the time I was finally falling back asleep, Justin was falling asleep too. There was a knock on the door and Justin told wohever it was to come in. Scooter stepped in the door and told us to get up.

Justin: We're coming.

Scooter: There are tons of beliebers and paparazzi. We need to hurry.

I sat up and Justin took my hand. He held me close as we walked out the front doors and the paparazzi attacked us. They were coming straight for Justin and I. I hid my face in his shirt as we walked.

'Justin is that your new girlfriend?'

'Are you two together?'

'When did you start dating?'

'Is she one of your dancers?'

Justin pushed past all of them, and the tons of screaming girls until we going into the car. My head was pounding even harder now. It was like my head was about to explode. Then girls started pulling at the doors, trying to get them open. I curled up closer to Justin. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled dme closer. He kissed the top of my head and kept mumbling "i'm sorry" into my hair. His hands brushed through my hair and tickled my neck.

Justin: I really am sorry, Becca.

Rebecca: Stop apologizing, it's not your fault.

I closed my eyes and started to drift to sleep on his shoulder. I didn't completely fall asleep before we got to the airport. We had to go through security with tons of beliebers trying to pass through. to get to us. All of them were screaming and taking pictures. Justin kept his arm around me the whole time. As we were stepping on teh jet, I started feeling the pressure of being 'Justin Bieber's girlfriend' My phone kept blowing up with messages.

Justin: Almost to the plane, baby doll.

I nodded and followed him and Ryan as they got on the Jet. Scooter followed behind us. As we got on the jet Justin led me to a couch where he let me lay down.

Justin: I'll be back to lay with you in a minute, okay?

I nodded and closed my eyes. Ryan came over and sat next to me.

Ryan: So, you do know Justin and Chelsea were talking last night, right?

I nodded, not wanting to hear what he had to tell me about it.

Ryan: I was there watching them, he made sure I was there as a witness so Chels couldn't tell you something that didn't happen. All they did was talk- they didn't kiss or even come close to kissing.

I smiled slightly, it hurt my head even more.

Ryan: Can I be honest with you? I think Justin loves you, I think he knows it, he's just afraid to admit it. He still needs to recover from Selena.

Rebecca: So I shouldn't be dating him?

Ryan: What?

Rebecca: You basically just told me he needed time to get over Selena..

Ryan: No- that's not what I meant, he'll kill me if you leave him because I said something.

Rebecca: Well that's what i'm hearing...

I opened my eyes and Ryan was looking paniced. I chuckled to myself and closed my eyes again.

Ryan: He'll throw me out the window, i'm not kidding.

I looked back and Justin was walking torward us. He smiled when he saw me looking back. When he got close enough I held my hands out for him to grab.

Justin: You gonna let me lay with you?

I sat up then stood up so Justin could lay down. I crawled on top of him and laid my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head. He started mumbling the words to 'She don't like he lights' I started to drift to sleep until Justin started whispering to Ryan.

Justin: What were you telling her?

Ryan: Nothing- I

Justin: Ryan...

Ryan: I told her that you and Chelsea were talking last night.

Justin: RYAN.

Ryan: I made sure to add that there's nothing between you two. I also told her that I think that you love her, but you're not completely over Selena.

Justin: What did you just say?

Scooter: You guys need to sit up so we can take off.

Justin whispered in my ear for me to wake up. I opened my eyes and sat up. Justin sat up and buckled his seatbelt. I did the same. I was now sitting in the middle of Ryan and Justin. Justin looked over at Ryan and stared at him.

Justin: Ryan, when we can get out of our seats, I would like to talk to you.

I looked at Justin and he looked at me. He smiled slightly.

Rebecca: Justin, I need to talk to you, too.

He lost his smile and glared at Ryan. I looked at Justin and he just stared at me, as if he knew what I wanted to say, so badly. I wanted to tell him that I told him he was a player, to tell him it isn't working out, I just really wanted to prove him wrong and say "I told you so". I decided not to.

I looked at Justin and smiled. He was deciding on whether to smile or not. I leaned my head on his shoulder as the plane started moving. He rested his head on top of mine and took his right hand in my left hand. Iclosed my eyes and squeezed his hand.


I was awoken by Justin raising his voice. I'm guesssing it was at Ryan since when I opened my eyes they were standing across from each other.

Justin: Did you really have to say that?

Ryan: It just slipped.

Justin: Now she's going to say "I told you" and I won't be able to argue, because you told her shit that isn't true.

I sat up, I guess Justin had laid me down and put a blanket over me. I looked at them and Ryan saaw me wake up and mouthed "help me". I smiled as Justin kept yelling at him.

Rebecca: Justin?

Justin turned around and stopped yelling. He looked in my eyes and I gave him the puppy dog face and put my arms out. He smiled at me and walked over. I stood up as he came closer to me and gave him a hug. I squeezed his back and touched my forehead with his.

Justin: Hi.

Rebecca: Hi.

I smiled and he pecked my lips. He smiled back and kept his forehead close to mine.

Justin: Are you feeling better?

Rebecca: Mhmm.

I looked up into his eyes. They were sparkling and absolutely stunning. I stopped smiling, without even realizing it.

Justin: What's wrong?

Rebecca: What?

Justin: You stopped smiling.

Rebecca: I didn't mean to.

I smiled again at him. I thought about what I was doing. I wasn't one to fall for a guy fast, especially not Justin Bieber. I was always the girl who didn't expect the fairytale ending, who didn't believe in happily ever afters. I was the girl who played the games, and always won. Somehow, in this game, Justin was weakening me, causing me to lose. I didn't like that, at all. Right now I could't help it. I know our relationship seems like it's moving fast, that's because it is. There was a connection between us though, no matter how much I wanted to deny it, it was there.

Justin: How's the headache?

Rebecca: Not bad, I think it's gone.

Hihs face was still close to mine, and I could still feel his breath on my face. He moved his hand to my face and to the back of my neck. He brought my face to his and pressed his lips to mine and squeezed my back closer to his body. I smiled in the kiss. He smiled against my lips, too. I moved my head back but he moved his lips with mine.

Rebecca: Let me goo.

I started laughing as Justin kept his lips on mine when I talked. He laughed himself and I broke free from his kiss.

Justin: Hey, I wasn't done with that kiss.

Rebecca: You were past done, you just kept haning on.

I sat down and he sat next to me and put his arm around my shoulder and acted to yawn.

Scooter: That is not obvious.

Rebecca: I know, right.

Justin: Shhh, you didn't even notice it.

I rested my head on his shoulder and smiled up at him. I looked at his face and smiled. I turned my face up and whispered in his ear.

Rebecca: Ryan said you weren't ready to date yet.

Justin looke down at me and froze.

Justin: N- na- no-

Rebecca: He said you still needed to recover from that heartbreak...

I looked directly into his eyes and he was struggling to not let tears fall from his eyes.

Justin: But-

Scooter: Justin, when we get to Miami we're going straight to the arena because we don't have time to practice, we gotta get you in makeup and your first outfit.

Justin didn't reply, he was still looking at me, Trying not to cry. we heard a voice come ovevr the speaker. "Please stay seated and buckle  up as he descend into Miami" I sat up straight and watched Justin stare blankly at the wall in front of us.

Scooter: Justin, pay attention.


As we stepped off the plane, I met up with the other dancers because Scooter said he needed to speak to Justin, alone. I walked over to Alison.

Alison: How was your plane? Any beds?

She winked at me and I laughed and shook my head no. I walked with her to the car that was taking us to the arena. I looked back and Justin was trying to catch up with me. When he finally got to me he looked at me and couldn't talk.

Rebecca: I'll talk to you at the arena, okay?

I didn't give him time to answer before I got in the car.


When we got to the arena we got out of the car and waved to the crowd of beliebers being held back by security. We went in and did our hair and makeup and got dressed. I walked out of the changing room and Chelsea was talking to Scooter.

Scooter: No, we've got somebody to do his makeup today.

She sighed and turned around. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. I walked past her and started to Justin's room.

Chelsea: He doesn't need his makeup done.

She said it as if I didn't know it, as if I was an idiot. I turned around.

Rebecca: Oh, I know, he wants to see me before the show.

I smiled at her then turned back aroun and kept going torward Justin's room.

Chelsea: Is he talking to the dancers or, what?

Rebecca: No, he wants to talk to his girlfriend.

I ignored her and kept walking down the halls until I got to Justin's dressing room. I knocked on the door. 'Come in'. I opened the door and stepped inside Justin's dressing room. He was changed and done with all his makeup and hair. I walked over to him and he half smiled.

Justin: Hi..

Rebecca: What's wrong?

Justin: I know what you're about to say, but I don't want to hear it.

Rebecca: No, you don't.

Justin looked at me. He was confused.

Rebecca: I know Ryan said you weren't ready for another girlfriend, but I don't know if it's true, and I don't want to assume that it is, and if you aren't ready for a girlfriend, i'll back off.

He lifted his head and looked up at me. He stood up from his chair, walked over to me, and pressed his lips to mine. I was shocked at first, then I wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled my face away as he stared at me.

Rebecca: I'll take that as you want me to stay?

Justin: Yes.

He pressed his lips back to mine, forcefully. I smiled in the kiss and pushed him away after a second.

Rebecca: You, have a show, and I can't be a distraction from your warming up...

Justin: Nooo, stay while I warm up.

I shook my head and turned around. I walked out the door and down the hall. I wasn't alone, Justin was now following me singing.

Rebecca: Staaahhhppp

Justin kept singing and prancing around me. I covered my face as parts of Justin's crew walked past us in the hallways.

Justin: Wait, I have a question.. Are you the main dancer for As Long As You Love Me tonight?

Rebecca: I don't know, we'll see.

I smiled at him and kissed his cheek then started running down the halls, escaping him. I ran as fast as my legs could take me. I ran into the girls changing room and hit in the closet-thing we had in there.

Rebecca: If Justin asks I never came by.

They all laughed and finished doing their makeup. I smiled at the door flew open.

Justin: Where is she, I saw her ome in here.

ALison: No clue what you're talking about.

Bethanny: No clue.

I smiled, I knew my girls would back me up.

Justin: I'll tear this room apart if you don't tell me where she is.

NObody spoke. Justin started moving everything and picking stuff up.

Alison: Stop! You're going to ruin your outfit

Justin: and it's all your fault if you don't tell me where she is.

Catie: Oh, I don't know.

She nodded her head in my direction and he smiled.

Justin: Hmm, let me check this closet...

I opened the door and tried to run past him. He grabbed my stomach from behind and picked me up off the ground.

Rebecca: I'm gonna kill you Catie!

I started laughing and hitting Justin, trying to get him to set me down.

Justin: Only if I get a kiss!

Rebecca: Fineeee! Set me downnn!

He set me down and held me close, so I couldn't wiggle away.

Rebecca: Not in here, they're staring.

I looked at the girls and they all smiled.

Justin: I don't care.

He smiled at me and pressed his lips to mine. He smiled in the kiss and I shook my head. We detached out lips and all the girls had their phones out, taking pictures.

Rebecca: Justin!

He grinned and pecked my lips. Everybody was smiling and laughing except Chelsea. She was pissed that I had just kissed the guy she had liked. She stared into my eyes with a look that could kill, I would usually stare back, but I didn't feel like dealing with her. I hugged Justin and pressed my face to his neck. Justin leaned down and whispered in my ear.

Justin: You're in a cuddling mood, arent you?

I nodded and tried to hide my face farther in his neck.

Justin: We'll cuddle after the show, I promise, okaay?

Rebecca: Yes.


As Long As You Love Me started playing and we marched on stage, behind the big metal plates with Justin behind them, too. Right before we opened them to reveal Justin, he pecked my lips and then started singing.

Justin: I'll be your soldier-

I danced in front of Justin as he turned me around to finish that part. I smiled at him as he sang and smiled back.


After the show, I changed back into my sweats and went to Justin's dressing room. I knocked on teh door and he opened up. He didn't have a shirt on, but he had on his sweatpants.

Justin: I'm alomost done, then we can go to the hotel and cuddle.

I sat down on his couch as he pulled a t-shirt over his head. He pulled on his shoes and smiled at me.

Justin: Okay, now i'm ready.

I stood up and he took my hand. I smiled at him and pecked his lips. There was a car waiting for us. We got in and it drove us to the hotel. Justin had already checked us in and had a room ready. We walked upstairs and went into the room.

Justin: You have to share a room with me. LIke it or not.

Rebecca: I kinda figured that out when you didn't say two rooms.

I smiled at him and he stuck his tongue out at me.

Rebecca: I have to use the shower, so if you'll excuse me.

Justin: I have to use it after you, so hurry it up.

I smiled at him and brought my pajamas into the bathroom with me. I showered and then dryed myself off. I quickly put on my pajamas and started blow drying my hair.

Justin: Are you done in the shower?

Rebecca: Yes, i've gotta dry my hair.

He walked into the bathroom in his boxers, and only his boxers.

Justin: I'm gonna hop in there now so you don't fall asleep by the time I  get out.

Rebecca: I'm not done in here though-

Justin: The shower has a curtain, doesn't it?

He smirked and I laughed at him.

Rebecca: ANd how do you plan on getting undressed if you'e in here.

Justin: You'll close your eyes.

Rebecca: They're closed, but they won't be forever, so hurry up and just get in.

Justin: Okay, i'm in you can open them.

I laughed and continued blow drying my hair. I heard a squeal as the shower turned on.

Rebecca: You okay?


I started laughing, unconditionally.

Justin: Stop laughinggg, I'm doing this so we can cuddle.

Rebecca: Okay, i'm sorry baby.

I laughed to myself and turned off the hair dryer.

Rebecca: Is it warm yet?

Justin: Wanna feel it?

I shook my head and chuckled.

Rebecca: No thank you, and i'll take that as a yes.

Justin: Don't fall asleep.

I walked over to the bed and curled up in a ball as the TV started playing the movie "Safe Haven" I watched as the title screen flashed. My eyes started closing until I heard footsteps approach the bed.

Justin: I'm sorry, I took awhile.

I turned on my side and smiled at him. He smiled back and slid under the covers. I scooted closer to him and hugged him. He smiled at me and kissed my head. I looked up and then he placed his lips over mine. I kept them there as he moved over top of me. He pressed his lips against mine harder as I started to sit up. I moved my hadns to the back of his head. His hands pulled my hoodie over my head revealing my tank top under that. He kept his lips to mine until there was a knock at the door. He still didn't want to break the kiss.

Rebecca: Justin, somebody's at, at the door.

I was out of breath and he just stared at me. There was another knock and he got up and opened the door. It was Alison, checking to see if he knew where I was. I got up and walked over to the door and hugged Justin from the side.

Alison: Are you two sharing a room?

Justin: I promised her i'd cuddle with her.

Alison: Cuddling better be all you do to her, or else i'll kill you. I'm not kidding.

I laughed and Justin rubbed my back.

Rebecca: Goodnight Alison.

She said goodbye then left. I looked at Justin and smiled.

Rebecca: You heard her, nothing else.

Justin: I would never disobey her..

I smiled and took his hand and laid in the bed. He laid down and I curled up close to him.

Tonghts last thought was way different than the others...

Way different...

I'm in love.









*AN There you go! I've got school tomorrow, i'll try to update after! ugh back to reality! Tell me what you thinkkkkk!

Stay Beautiful! Xx*

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