Raquel has always kept secrets to herself ever since the incident two years ago.She lost both her parents and lives with a foster family.She also attend therapy once a month sue to that.Now she must expose herself bit by bit now that her nightmares have started to increase.She must trust people she never expected to dream in peace

* Scenes may occur later in the story


1. Beginnings

"You know, I always expect the same thing but yesterday's was different, "I said to my therapist, Dr.Nancy .I've been attending her for the past two years ever since… the incident."Well Raquel, tell me what happened in it," she said. I started telling her the story.

            "Okay so my past dreams have been about that awful night, same one ever since.But, last night it was so strange. I saw a hand, stretching out towards me. Then I heard my father's voice saying to come join them. I said no, so someone in a black cloak was chasing me around. I woke up just as it caught up with me."

            "So that explains to me that you have a feeling death is near or not?"Dr.Nancy asked. I wasn't utterly sure, but it kind of relieved me it came out of my system."Well, I guess I better get going. Thank you again for today."I dismissed myself with a smile and left.

                                                            *   *   *   *   *                                                                                  

            Okay so I might as well tell you my life story now that I talked about the dream. My name is Raquel, just Raquel, no last name or nothing. I'm sixteen and have been living in a foster family for two years. If you're wondering if I had parents, I did. But I don't want to talk about it, yet. I've been attending therapy regularly ever since the first dream.

            For school, I attend Mike Walter High, home of the Pandas (who has a panda as a mascot?).If you're wondering if I have friends I do, but only one. Her name is Zoella (Zoe for short).Then its every girl's school crush, Dimitri.But, he would never take the chance for two reasons .One, and I'm classified as "The Weird Girl"; two, he's already taken by Chel,"Miss. Popular Mean Girl".

            So back to reality, I'm walking home to my foster parent's home. They care for me, but not as much ever since we had to move to the poor side of town (due to Glen' job loss).Then I hear a crash.

"You idiot, I can't believe you forgot!"

"Well, you know I have a bad memory!"*Hiccup*

"Oh, like I go to the pub and drink myself blind. You should at least know that I won't be here for you anymore."

            That was my foster mother, Sue, fighting with my foster father, Glen. These fights have been happening for the past two months. Glen has been drinking his sorrows away.Sue, has been trying so hard to keep us moving forward while working three jobs. While Glen wastes the money on his usual pub Monday. I swear, she's going to divorce him soon enough. I don't mind only if I get to stay with her, not over obsessive drinker.

I take a deep breath and walk into the room.

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