School Boy

Marcel Styles, the complete nerd of Springhollow High School, gets shoved into his locker for the last time. The young brit can't take the constant bullying anymore, he confides in the one friend he can actually trust, Valerie Hudson as he is crying his eyes out, just spilling out his feelings in the texts he sends her.


1. The Last Straw

Marcel's POV

Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn had shoved me into my locker many times before, but this was the last time. I had severe Claustrophobia and I was trying to remain calm in the tiny space. I banged on the door many times and no one came to my rescue, I had almost given up until I heard the familiar shoe clinks walking down the hallway. "Valerie?" I asked, trying to sound manly but it coming out in a whine. "Marcel?" The shoe clinks came closer to my locker, by now she had known my combination, after having to save me so many times. I was a little embarrassed as she helped me out, my lunch and a few notebooks falling out as I exited the tiny space. She gave me a light hug and I only held onto her for a minute. "Thanks Valerie..." I looked down. Our friendship was supposed to be forbidden, she dated Louis Tomlinson, one of the pricks who locked me in the locker. "Are you okay?" She looked me over. " 'm fine. I'll talk to you tonight..." I quickly grabbed the books off the floor and made my way down the large and bright hallway. 

I walked in to my classroom, I looked over at the pricks in the back of the class who were snickering at me. I wanted to act on my anger and rage, but I knew it wasn't good. I went to take my normal seat in the front, but was now taken, so now I had to go sit in the back. I took a seat next to Louis and Zayn. During the rest of the class, they threw paper balls at me with hateful words carved into them by a pencil too hard. Finally the bell rang and I got up, pushing myself in front of everyone. I went to my locker and left it open only a little so I could slip my books in and take my lunch out. Instead of facing the dangers of the cafeteria, I went into the disabled bathroom. I locked myself in and sat on the floor, eating my lunch. My lunch was interrupted though when I heard the shoe clicking approach the door. Two knocks. "Marcel?" The small voice asked. I didn't dare answer, I was too embarrassed from earlier. "I know you're in there. Come on..Don't let Louis and his friends bother you." A note slipped under the door and the clicking faded down the hallway. I made sure to wait until the clicking was faint before i went for the note. It was a little insider we shared, songs lyrics we could relate to, all over the page in colorful markers. Then signed ~Valeriexo. I laid back against the cold tile wall as I read, a couple making me smile. 

After I heard the bell ring, I made my way back to my locker. I went after the hallways were empty, I grabbed my books and when I got in I was once again tardy for Physics. I was always tardy because that's when the pricks were at their worst, beating the hell out of me. I got a lecture in front of the class for approximately twenty minutes. I just wanted to hide in my room and draw, the only thing I was actually decent at that they would leave me alone about.

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