School Boy

Marcel Styles, the complete nerd of Springhollow High School, gets shoved into his locker for the last time. The young brit can't take the constant bullying anymore, he confides in the one friend he can actually trust, Valerie Hudson as he is crying his eyes out, just spilling out his feelings in the texts he sends her.


11. My Valerie

Marcel's POV

I sat in my room, trying to give myself a lip piercing. "Marcel! Valerie's here to see you!" My father called. "It's Harry father." I called back and looked back to my mirror as I punctured my lip. I heard my door open and close, hearing the familiar click of heels onto the hard wooden floors. "Marcel..?" I turned around in my chair and looked at Valerie. "Harry." I corrected, but hugged her slightly. "No. Marcel." she said pulling away from the hug. "Oh my god what did you do to your lip!?" "I'm in the middle of piercing'll look better when I'm done." She looked at me shocked. "Why..." is all that came out of her mouth. "Cause girls think lip piercings are hot." "Well... I think Marcel Styles is hot...." she said looking down. "But.. he changed..." "So did Valerie Hudson.." "How so?" she looked up at me. "You went back to that prick..I thought we had something.." I looked down a little and went back to piercing my lip. "You wanna know why I went back to that prick Marcel..?"  I nodded but hissed a little as I put the ring through the hole. "He threatened to kill you... I didn't want you to get hurt so I figured, I'd sleep with him and everything would be fine.." I looked at her and then threw my jacket on. "That prick is gonna pay." I grabbed the keys from the table and looked at you. "Where. Is. His. House?" She looked at me. "Marcel, I-I wouldn't do that..." she said quietly. "Why?" I looked at her in the eyes. "He could hurt you.." "Okay.." I just took her word for it and hugged her tight. "My Valerie." She smiled. "My Marcel.." "Can we go cuddle and watch a movie or something? I was lonely last night." She nodded and I went in the closet with her, taking a couple blankets and pillows in and putting some movie on my laptop. 

After the movie, we both fell asleep cuddled together. I woke up with my hair in it's typical curls and my shirt was off as Valerie clung to my bare chest in her sleep. I kissed her head and smiled to myself, trying to go back to sleep. 'Where are you Princess?' I saw flash on Valerie's screen. I picked it up and unlocked it, texting back, 'With my Marcel. btw, we're through. idc what you do, he'll protect me.'

I must've fallen asleep again because I woke up to a pounding on the door. "Oh fuck.." I muttered and got up without waking Valerie, and stumbled to the door. "Hello Styles...." Louis said darkly. I felt him grasp my neck and, somehow, I got this overpowering strength and I flipped him off of me. He quickly recovered and came back at me again, he went to pull his gun from his waistband. I dove behind the couch, and as soon as Valerie came down he put down his gun. "Watch your back Styles. If she wasn't here, I'd put a bullet between your eyes." He warned and went to walk away, but then turned back around. "And if you think it's not loaded," He pulled the trigger on the pillow right next to my head. "I have perfect aim, I never miss." He smirked and chuckled darkly as he left. I pulled myself together and looked up at Valerie who was still standing on the staircase. She quickly ran over to me, embracing me in a hug. "Are you okay!?" I nodded and held her tightly. "It's okay. I'm fine." I rubbed her back a little and I kicked the door shut. 

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