School Boy

Marcel Styles, the complete nerd of Springhollow High School, gets shoved into his locker for the last time. The young brit can't take the constant bullying anymore, he confides in the one friend he can actually trust, Valerie Hudson as he is crying his eyes out, just spilling out his feelings in the texts he sends her.


8. Couple's Therapy

Valerie's POV

I walked down the hallway to Mrs. Hillman's room. I saw Louis sitting in a desk and she told me to go sit by him. Louis smirked as he saw me sit down. Mrs. Hillman began to talk to us. "Now, I heard you guys have been having some issues..." she began. I nodded a bit. "So.. I'm going to stand outside this door and let you guys talk things out. No leaving until everything is resolved and I shouldn't hear any yelling. Understood?" We sat in silence for a mere 10 minutes until Louis spoke up. "How's lover boy?" he smirked. I glared at him. "Marcel is doing fine, no thanks to you.." "He got what he deserved," he shrugged. "Excuse me? Got what he deserved for what? Actually liking me? You never even loved me so what did it matter to you? You could just go off with some other whore like before..." my eyes narrowed onto him. "I did love you but you cheated on me with that waste of space." I scoffed. "Please Lewis you only loved me when you wanted it..." "You were all over me. I don't wanna hear that.." "Hmm... excuse me but do you remember Brittney? I remember Brittney..." He glared at me. "Hmm... do you remember that I honestly don't carrrreeee!" "Oh that's right... you didn't care when I walked in on you and Brittney... in my own house.... at my birthday party..." "You were asking for it..." I began yelling. "How the hell did I ask for it Louis!?!?" "Your not supposed to be yelling Princess..." he smirked. Mrs. Hillman walked in. "Did I hear yelling..?" she smiled. I shook my head. "No... me and Louis are getting along just fine.." I said faking a smile. "Yes. Now go away..." Louis said. "Ok. Well I'll be out in the hall!" she cheered and kinda skipped out of the room. Louis looked at me with dark eyes. "Listen slut, behave, act like you're my girlfriend and I won't hurt your pretty boy anymore.." "Why should I?" Louis reaches down and flashes a metal object that I couldn't make out. "Do you want your pretty boy breathing?" I nodded a bit. "Good..." he put the metal piece back. Mrs. Hillman skipped back in the room. "Are we working things out?" she cooed. Louis and I both nodded, although I was looking at her with eyes pleading me to leave. "Good!" she said and left once again. Louis got up and put both of his hands on my desk leaning close to me. "And I assume you wouldn't want to lose your whole 'most popular girl' status now would you?" I shook my head as Louis smirked. "My house. 8 o'clock. Tonight." I nodded and we were able to leave the room.

8 o'clock came around and I took a deep breath as I knocked on the wooden door. "It's open." Louis was clearly too lazy to even get the door. I looked around. "Louis?" I was grabbed and everything went black as a rag was placed over my mouth.

When I woke up, I was tied to a bed, but cuddled in Louis' chest. I was partially undressed, just my pants were off now, but I assumed he had taken off the underwear at some point. "Louis.." I looked up at him. "Hmm?" His eyes were closed as he spoke. "Don't worry, I wore a condom." With that I got quiet. "Can you untie me..?" I looked up at him with pleading eyes. He nodded and untied the ropes on my wrists. I got on my pants but went back in the bed with Louis, I guess it was kinda a fear for my life kinda thing, so I stayed with him. He rubbed my back a little, telling me I was behaving. I curled back into his chest and fell asleep, dreaming of Marcel.

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