Animal testing

How do you think it feels? Seeing your family in pain being tested on and having harsh chemicals sprayed on you , losing your fur slowly and painfully dying.. This is a sad story about a rabbit and his family. All in animal testing.


2. Where are you?

My eyes were almost stuck together like glue. As I opened my eyes and sat up my head was spinning a lot. "MAURICE MAURICE!!" I scampered across to the cage door and looked below me to see my brother joe fighting at the humans to get away as they dragged him out of his cage. " NO JOE NO!" I thumped my back feet against the door as hard as I could as my tears streamed down my face but it was no good...

the doors swung open and chemical smells filled the room the doors closed and he was gone. After a while all I saw was a table and a white cloth.. Joe never came back after that.

i slumped in the corner and cried, still kicking against the back of my cage asking the same question .. Why?

"Maurice it's me Sophie its .. It's going to be ok don't worry he will be back soo-"    

" NO NO IT'S NOT SOPHIE DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?"  "JOE IS GONE HE'S NEVER COMING BACK THESE HUMANS THEY ARE KILLING US FOR WHAT RIGHT ? WHY DO THEY DO THIS?" She sounded scared and started crying I continued shouting but got quieter as her crying got louder. She stopped and thumped her foot down. I turned around and slumped into the corner, I don't remember much after that.. I must have passed out again..

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