Animal testing

How do you think it feels? Seeing your family in pain being tested on and having harsh chemicals sprayed on you , losing your fur slowly and painfully dying.. This is a sad story about a rabbit and his family. All in animal testing.


5. cold breath

All I could hear was muffled voices, shouting, and some metal thing poking me in the back.

My eyes opened and I shrieked in realisation I tried to jump up it was no use they held me down.    I screamed again and I saw the needle pierce into me, it was a hot burning pain that filled me I couldn't keep my eyes open I rest my head down as I was sure there was no hope.

Suddenly my eyes flickered open. Above me there was a bright light shining down on me I was gasping for breath, I looked down and studied my body, I was completely stiff I couldn't move at all.

I took one more gasp for breath before I passed out yet again.

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