past present future *harry styles fanfic*

"have you ever felt like at one point in life... you had everything you've ever wanted... and once you realized you did... you lost it all?"


9. time

*Harry POV* "ow!" i heard from downstairs. the voice sounded really deep which scared me. i got out of bed slowly and tip toes downstairs. i got all the way down to the kitchen to find a half naked girl infront of me. she had on a shirt and her underwear. and man she looked fit. "umm Eliie...?" she turned around and dropped the pan that she was holding onto the floor because i scared her. "don't walk in like that!" "sorry... i just heard a mans voice down here and thought someone was in my house." "well that mans voice was mine. " i laughed a little. "and i was trying to cook breakfast so go back up there and pretend like youre sleeping." she bent down to pick up the pan and set it on the counter. "haha its too late for that" i laughed and walked over to her. "besides... don't you have work?" "no not today, but we can stop by and eat there since i keep burning myself." she motioned to her arm. "ok sounds good. ill just go change and you can erm... get dressed since your are almost naked." i said looking her up and down. she looked down at herself to and blushed a little. "oh sorry," she said. she walked passed me and i walked behind her. man she had a nice bum. we got up to my room and she got dressed in my bathroom. i got dressed at the same time and she came out while i was throwing my jack wills sweater on. i grabbed my phone and we walked down the stair. she was wearing my ramones t shirt that she apparently stole from me and walked down the stairs. i followed her down the stair and out the front door. we got into my car and i turned on the radio. moments came on and i immediately started thinking of Julia. *Ellies Pov* Moments came on and i looked over at Harry. he was staring straight at the rode without moving. i had no idea what to do so i just switched the radio station. something more fast came on. we got to my job and sat down in the corner but still by a window. "so.... what are you having?" i said looking through the menu. "i have no clue." "um ok well imam have the pancake special thingy" i said setting the menu down. "erm... yeah ill have the same" "ok" i replied getting up and walking to the counter. "two pancake specials and two orange juices." i told the chef. he have me a thumbs up and started shuffling around the kitchen. i walked back over to the table and sat down. we talked laughed and ate then it was time to go. "thanks Harry for paying, i had a great time" "no problem, thanks for getting my mind off of things. " he said looking down at his feet. "well if you need anything, just give me a call" i offered. "i sure will... erm do you want me to drop you off? he asked. "no thanks ill just walk home. it gives me time to think." "ok well bye" he said and walked to his car and drove off. i started walking the long way home. man i like him so much. i wonder if he likes me back. probably not. im pretty sure he still likes Julia. but hes probably just confused. maybe i shouldn't get in the way of things... ill just give him time to think. i got home and went into my room. i unlocked my phone and saw a message from Harry. hey love its me harry x. i decided not to text back. maybe i should just tell Niall that we are talking but i don't want to take things further with him. i just think he needs time to think and i don't want him moving too fast. and what if we break up? he'll then have more depression and it just wont be good. hey Niall, its me Ellie. me and Harry started talking but i don't wanna get too close to him. i just think he needs time to get over Julia because if me and him turn into anything, it'll just be a lot of things going on in his mind and i don't want that to happen. would you please tell Harry? thanks a lot. -Elise x. Hey ellie! yeah i think that's a good idea. ill tell Harry when he waked up from his nap. he seemed a little happier since the other day but i don't want him to have to deal with so much stuff. and if you guys get together and then break up, it wont be good. Yeah that's what i was thinking. well ill talk to you soon. bye! -Elise x. a/n: ok that's the chapter. i hope you liked it. it was getting pretty boring so i had to change up a little bit of what was happening. i probably wont be updating soon because i have exams and stuff but whatevs. thanks for reading (:
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