Set Me Free // h.s

After getting diagnosed at the age of eight with a common disease with the name of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, more known as OCD, Melody feels like she is trapped in a cage with a voice in her head that will lead her soon to extreme danger. But when she meets the famous One Direction heart throb, Harry Styles and manages to fight his way into the picture, will it make it more difficult for Melody?


Authors Note: Harry will show up later on in the story. Thankyou!

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1. The Psychiatrist

Hey guys! This is my first book, I really hope you will like it! Yes it's a Harry Styles Fanfic, but as I mentioned in the description he will show up in the next couple of chapters but as for now, just read along and get to know Melody! I hope you will like the first chapter, and any kind of feedback will be amazing! <3 Thank you and don't forget to vote!


"Melody Hartman?" said the doctor sitting in front of me. I looked at my dad that was sitting across from me, he smiled at me reassuringly.

I looked back at the doctor and with confidence I answered "That's me."

"Nice to meet you, I am Dr. Dale and I'm going to be your psychiatrist, Melody. You're probably not familiar with the word psychiatrist, now are you?"

I shook my head.

"Well dear, a psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in psychiatry. A psychiatrist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders"

I just stared back blankly. I looked at my dad for some help, but the doctor spoke again. "It means that I'm here to help you, you will tell me about your problems and I will help you along the way"


"I don't need any help, though" I answered. I may be ten, but I don't need any help. I have dad and mu-.

Mum is gone Mel, remember?

She is gone forever.

She will never come back.

"Mel, are you crying?" I looked at my dad, he had a worried look drawn on his handsomely young face.

I stared at him, scared he will leave me soon too. The tears were quickly emerging, he was getting more blurry by the second. I see his figure moving towards me, he knelt down on his knees by my chair.

"Mel, don't cry hun, not now. We are here, so Dr. Dale can help you! We've been talking about this since last month. He is going to help you get over your OCD, Mel." I just hugged my dad tightly afraid he will escape from under my tiny arms. Afraid he will leave me soon and I will be alone.

"You will lose him soon enough, you just wait." The voice thats been haunting me for the past two years didn't fail to include itself into the situation.

As always I tried to ignore it.

Couple minutes passed by, my dad reassuring me that everything will be okay, while the doctor sat there awkwardly. I can't blame him, who wants to deal with me?

I'm too complicated. I want to be like dad.

Mum just passed away, but he is staying strong for me.

He is strong.

I want to stay strong.

He is doing everything he can to make me happy, and I keep failing to make him happy.

I unwrapped my arms that were around his neck and looked at him. He smiled at me still with a worried expression traced on his face. "I'm sorry" I whisper. "I love you, daddy"

"I love you too, Mel." He said stroking my cheek with his big thumb.

"Now I want you to answer the doctor's questions. He is going to help you, okay? I am going to be right here." He pointed at a chair to my left side.

"I won't leave you, I promise" he continued, as he held out his pinky. I put my tiny pinky onto his large one and shook it quickly. I nodded and smiled assuringly. He went back and sat down on his seat.

Nothing can happen to him in here.

He wont die.

He is right there.

He wont leave.

He promised.

"I'm sorry Dr. Dale, I was just-" I stopped halfway through my sentence.

I am sorry because my mum died couple months ago and I just had an emotional breakdown? I'm sorry because I'm just not strong enough to hold back the pain and fight away the tears? I'm sorry because of what?

"Its okay, Melody. I know this is really hard for you. You are such a brave girl, and I am really proud of you. You are so strong." Dr. Dale smiled at me.

I was taken aback. I expected him to snap at me. I was rude to him, I refused his offer. I wasted five minutes of his time crying. But instead he told me I was strong.

Am I strong?

"Thank you so much, it means a lot to me" I beamed at him.

"So Melody, do you want to tell me a little about your self?"

I remember my grade five teacher asking the same question at the beginning of the school year so she can know us better, so I didn't have a hard time answering his question as for I answered it before.

"Well, I am an honor student. I play competitive soccer, and I also play the piano, I hate insects, and I love swimming" I smiled, proud at my capability of remembering. His face quickly brightened up,

"I love soccer and I hate insects too!"

"Sweet! What is your favorite soccer team? Mine is Real Madrid, dads' is too! I said, excitement taking over me.

"No way! I guess we have stuff in common more than we expected to!" He smiled broadly at me. I smiled back happily. I always loved when I had stuff in common with someone else. As you can tell it always cheered me up.

"So Melody, do you want to tell me why you are here today?"

Uh-oh, I knew I had to answer the question.

No turning back now, I was already here.

He said he was going to help me. Maybe he can solve it.

Solve the problem, and the OCD will be gone forever.

The voice will be gone forever.

"Since I was eight, I was obsessed with cleaning, I thought it was a normal thing to do, you know clean everything. When I was nine, it wasn't so bad, I would always get mad when stuff weren't straight, but again I thought it was a normal thing, but after mum's death-" I looked at my dad, he had a sad smile on his face.

He nodded again reassuringly. "After mums death, it has gotten really bad. I started seeing stuff. I started imagining and hearing stuff all around me. There is a voice inside my head that-"

"Don't" The voice again didn't fail to interrupt me and butt into the situation.

"Go on" the doctor motioned with his hand.

"Don't tell him about me, If you do, you will suffer the consequences, Melody" I shook my head desperately, I want help, but I can't risk it.

I can't.

What if something bad happens to dad?

"I can't tell you, I'm sorry" I whisper.

"How can I help you, if you don't share it with me, Melody?" The doctor questioned.

"I don't know" were the only words I could muster.

I want help, I need it. But will I ever get it with a threatening voice in my head? "No" the voice answered back.

"Melody I-" the doctor started, but was cutoff mid sentence by my father.

"I'm sorry doctor, I think thats enough for today, we will come back to see you soon" my dad apologized.

The doctor didn't look too please to hear that, but remained quite as my dad and I walked out the door. Now that didn't end they way I thought it would. I failed to fight back the voice again.

Is that how it's always going to be?

Will I ever live happy again?

Will that voice control me for the rest of my life?

If I didn't fight back, it would.

We exited the medical center and made our way to our blue car, hand in hand as a couple of tears made there way down my cheeks.


Authors Note: HEYHEY, so did you guys like the first chapter? Thats a start for me, so please if it kinda sucked its because I haven't written books in like a whole year! I'm sorry if there was any mistakes I forgot to fix! Please vote and comment! Would mean alot to me! <3 I will update if I get atleast one vote!

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