Not Always True

*Hey Guys! First Movella. Hope You Likey-Likey c: The Beginning Is A Little Confusing But Then She Has A FlashBack So BEAR WITH MEH.*
Arielle was 18. She could never grasp the fact that she had made out with the most famous boy in the world, Harry Styles, a pop/punk boy with all the edge and sexiness you would ever need. But, after that amazing yet awkward night, she went to all their concerts, to see Harry. She would wave and scream, and he would do was look at her, well, more like stare, and keep singing. That was, until the accident.


1. Hospital Gown

Hospital Gown

Harry's POV


          The accident had given me severe breakage in most bones, and now I know that I actually almost died. When my eyes fluttered open, in that extremely white hospital room, I looked to the side. I didn't see much. The only thing I saw was an elderly man hovering over a hospital bed. He soon moved over to the other side, revealing another elder, but a lady. He picked up her hand and kissed the top of it, hesitating to let go. Her eyes soon fluttered shut, the same way mine opened. Silence followed. I could only hear his heartbeat, his tears going with the rhythm. I stared for a brief moment, until I felt a pin prick in my upper arm. Before I could see what it was, I fell into a deep dark sleep. I woke, again, six hours later. I looked to the bed, where the elders were. Everyone had left, except for the man. He laid there, in the bed, next to an empty hospital gown. He was asleep. I slowly lurked towards the bed, quiet footsteps echoing. My shadow crept longer and longer. I grasped the gown in my large hands. It reminded me of love, hope, growing old together. A tear dropped from my face. But then a face flashed through my mind. I had totally forgotten. Arielle.

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