Not Always True

*Hey Guys! First Movella. Hope You Likey-Likey c: The Beginning Is A Little Confusing But Then She Has A FlashBack So BEAR WITH MEH.*
Arielle was 18. She could never grasp the fact that she had made out with the most famous boy in the world, Harry Styles, a pop/punk boy with all the edge and sexiness you would ever need. But, after that amazing yet awkward night, she went to all their concerts, to see Harry. She would wave and scream, and he would do was look at her, well, more like stare, and keep singing. That was, until the accident.


2. Arielle


             I woke up, gasping for air. It was like this every night; I would have a night mare and It would be about somebody. I would hunt down that person and end up saving their lives. Telepathic, right? I looked at the clock. 3:02 am. Shit. I got up slowly, lifting the covers away from my sweaty body. Jules and Stephanie were in the beds next to mine. I made a b-line to the toilet, as I needed to de-stress a little. Sometimes, taking a relaxing hot shower is the answer.Of course, the damn shower wouldn't turn on in this stupid house. It was old and creepy, like the house I saw in my boyfriend's nightmare. His name was Harry, and we had gotten into an accident the day before prom. I was fine, but they didn't think that Harry would make it out. He nodded off when we first crashed and I was so scared. I took a couple of Mason jars, some sage & incense, and some old paper from the bathroom. I walked to the beach with my supplies and sat near the ocean. "Oh mighty ocean, this moonwater has been bathed in three full moon cycles.Please accept my offering and rid thee of stress and negative energy." I chanted the spell, waving burning sage in one hand and pulling out a tiny  bottle full of moonwater with the other. I put the burning sage and the incense into the Mason jar along with droplets of moonwater and a tiny piece of paper with drawings of lilies, the death flower.I threw the jar as far as I could, watching it sink into the Carribian ocean, the sage-smoke making the jar a greyish-black.

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