mixed up major

Every wizard knows the tale of harry potter...
neither wizard nor muggle knows the tale of Harriet Potter


4. operation help

Rowena’s POV
I am so happy here but Harriet says we must leave. She seems so different lately and I can’t think why. She didn’t like Hermes like I did. They were just best friends. I’ll be happy to go to London. A big city full of lights but I’ll miss it here. The night finally came for us to go me and Hermes kept sharing our loads. Everything feels so weird I feel like me and Harriet is slowly drifting away. It started ever since I started changing at 11. I like feeling grown up but Harriet hates it she liked it how it was.

Hermes POV
It’s weird I don’t know what to feel I’m happy because Rowena’s so happy, but I’ve always had a crush on Harriet. At least we are in London. Everything seems to be ok just Harriet’s acting very strange.

Harriet’s POV
I saw a boy next door and I hate and love him. Help me is all I want to scream.  



Hi plz help me give some ideas on what should happen next  

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