Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


26. The Tears of a Hybrid

I look at myself in the dust covered mirror that was in the bathroom. This place looked like a five star hotel on the inside, but the mirrors were kept unclean and left alone for most vampires. They didn't like them because apparently for them, even when they are children, when they look into their own eyes they see the souls they drained. It must be a burden trying to look hot and sexy when seeing the humans or other creatures that you kill at the same time. I am lucky that that part of vampirism got left out of my DNA. But everyday, eating like a vampire and living like one, I keep thinking that every time I look into this dust covered mirror, that I will be haunted with the dead souls I have taken. And every time I do look at my eyes, I don't but I catch a glimmer of something gold. Reminding me that I have loved ones at home waiting for me to come back.

My head slumped down and I let out a small red tear. The tears of a Hybrid. "I will come back to you guys. I promise." I whispered silently, silent enough for the vampire to not hear me. "All I have to do is train for a couple more days then I can kill my maker. And finally I will come back to you." I smiled at that sad piece of hope. Holding my head high I twisted my hair up into a bun and put on the suit I wore to train. I was all black and fitted my like a glove. In the mirror reflected a women who had lost weight and became a weapon in human disguise, that any guy would fall over. If the hunger and anger and danger didn't ooze out of her pours. But in reality, besides the appearance and the push emotions, deep inside was a scared and weeping girl that wanted to be home again.

A knock at my door sounded and I knew it was my breakfast time. Slowly the door opened and in walked a human male and I used my vampire speed to be at his neck in a second. "Make this quick." He pleaded. I looked up in his eyes and found that they looked familiar. For some reason it felt as if I saw these eyes before. The eyes I saw that swore vengeance at me a couple nights before when the children first visited me. "Please." The human spoke again. I took a step away and looked at this man. He couldn't be the same boy, but maybe it was a brother who I didn't know he had.

"Do you have a brother?" I asked him. Furry sizzled in his eyes and he looked away at me. He must be the brother of that child. "I won't hurt him or speak of him. I saw him before you know. I killed your father. If you want, I can keep you alive. I can have you escape and take care of your brother." I told him. Tear were running down his face now and his body was sitting on the floor. His eyes were filled with sadness.

"He was right. So, so right. You do torture us before you kill us. Why are you doing this to me?! Does it get you off?! Does it?! What if I was the one doing this to you?... Wouldn't it be easier to just take us sexually instead of torture for your pleasure? You leave my family out of this!" He started to yell at me. I frowned and went in front of him.

"I am not trying to torture you. But I have been in this place for what seems like eternity. I just want to go back home and see my own family. I have my own family. It isn't with vampires either. And you know, I would ask a kiss of you to if you don't mind... I had plenty but it has been a while until I felt some sort of comfort." I told him.

"You have family?" He asked me. "That is not of vampires? But how? You are a vampire." He asked.

"I am not fully a vampires. I am Hybrid. A creature hated by many but I am only here because I am forced to kill someone. If I didn't, my family would be dead... And I can't have that." I spoke. He nodded and looked at me. Quickly he leaned in and started to kiss me. It took me by surprise but at this moment I couldn't care less. I needed something that was comforting and wasn't so cold.

The man came up for air and smiled at me. "This is better than dying." He told me. I nodded and caught a glimpse of us in the mirror from the bathroom. A hot young human male, with blond hair to his ears, a muscular body and was taller than me of course, with a Hybrid that was born beautiful and hot. I let my mind get lost in the pleasure that was from this kiss. Slowly it morphed into more. Pleasure that was growing from need, disparity, and the yearning for someone who wasn't evil. Something that I will hate later but love now. 

A tear fell out of my eye. I never thought this could happen. That some hope in this place would be with me. Another tear, a tear from a Hybrid, fell onto this guys naked chest. "Why are you crying?" He asked me.

"Happiness." I told him.


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