Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


3. The Old Man

Blinding light shot through my eyes, turning everything red. The bitter smell of alcohol filled my nostrils. It was mixed up with onion rings and something that smells like chocolate. I opened my eyes and realized that I was lying on a couch in the bar I had smelt before... before what? Racking my brain for answers I came up blank. "Ah, I see you are awake." A man spoke. I turned my head towards the sound and saw an old man drinking that chocolate smell.

"Where am I and who are you?" I demanded. The old man smiled and let out a crackled chuckle. He seemed to be in his mid seventies. The place I was in didn't look like a bar though. It looked like a home, one that was not taken care of so much. I assume it is because the man was too old to do it himself.

My stomach growled in union of the blowing fan beside me. "You must be hungry. You look it. All skin a bones that what you are. Then again, teenagers these days seems to not like a little bit of meat on their bones." He stated and sighed. The old man couldn't say anything himself. He looked more skinny than I am, almost deathly skinny. "If you want I got some food for you."

The old man pointed beside me. I looked and saw the onions I smelt with a cup of melted chocolate. "Why do people melt chocolate and drink it?" I asked. I saw a cup like this with melted chocolate when I first got out of the white place. They called it hot chocolate. A little boy offered me one but all I could think was how disgusting it was. I do not like chocolate, much less melted.

Once again the old man chuckled. "It is not fully chocolate. It has other ingredients. I don't know exactly what it has in it, but it is delicious. More better than coffee." He spoke. I  sighed and looked out the window. It was snowing but looked more like an angle's tears. Besides the obvious snow I knew that I would need to wear a coat. But I had none.

"You still never told me your name old man." I spoke.

"Johnny. What about yours young lady?" He asked.

This confused me further. No one ever asked my name. I wasn't even sure if I had one. Blinking blindly I try to think of anyone calling me a name. My own name. But not once in the white place, had anyone named me. I was always called the experiment or It. Sometimes they addressed me as girl but not once had they called me a real name. Names were for animals and humans, not monsters.

"Don't have one?" The old man asked. With a smile, a gleeful smile, he spoke "how about Violet? My daughter was supposed to be named that. But she died at birth, along with my wife." He spoke. My heart felt funny then. Did he just really give me a name? I looked at him and felt a tear fall out and down onto my leg. Why did I always have to cry? "Don't you like that name?" He asked me.

I nodded. "Thank you." I spoke. I would have said more but at an ungodly time I felt my fangs try to break free. I was at my limit, I needed food. It has been two days in the sun and the force of the sun quickly made me weak. I had no idea why but the blood and human flesh always helped me. "I am sorry. I need to go." I said in a hurry and got up. I rushed to a door that I hoped led to the way out.

The old man stayed silent and luckily the door led out to a hallway. I rushed down to the stairs and out of the building. Breathing heavily I looked around. I realized then that the home was on top of the bar. Which is the reason why I smelt booze. My throat clenched in pain and I ran towards a path in the woods that was just across of the bar and the old mans home. When I reached the beginning of the path I looked up to the window of the old mans house.

He was watching me with a sad look on his face. As if he knew the pain I was in and what future and past I held. The old man reached up to his eyes and shut them, as if pointing out my demonic features. My beauty in the human opinion and the eyes of the monster within me. That was dying to get out right now. My fangs broke free and I just turned around and ran into the woods.

I got further into the woods and the trail had already been long gone. I couldn't do this anymore, not in a town. The smell of humanity rushed to me. It was coming from up ahead and a little bit to the right. That drew me over the edge and my sanity cracked, leading to the insanity within. I let out a cry of torture then let my monstrous side loose. Running forth to the human to eat.

I thought back to the old man. How come he never was scared of my eyes? How come I was in his house. Shaking my head I found the human and smiled. This time I wasn't able to think anymore. No more thoughts of the old man or back to the past. I just ripped the human apart and had my food. But yet, a tear still rolled down my face.


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