Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


4. The Nice Lady

The blood ran over my lips and down my chin, dripping aimlessly into the blowing wind. My body felt right again and the monster inside of me was encased inside a broken shell. I was the broken shell. Even though it may not seem like it on the outside, I was torn to pieces. For some reason, I felt a strange lost and pain after I left the old man's house. More than what I had felt before I met him. As if I had known him all my life, as if he was the one that was supposed to take care of me. But I left him because for some foolish reason, I didn't want to kill that human.

That goes against everything I believe in. All humans should die, all of them. They are greedy, filthy things that scurry around this ruined planet. Humans don't care for the odd, different creatures like me. They don't care about things other than themselves. But yet, now I feel as if something is off about that. I feel as if not every human is what I thought of them. Maybe there will be other like the old man. Nice and sweet and not caring of what or who I am.

A smile played at my lips on that thought for a second. But it went away after my doubts started to cloud the happiness. No, there is most likely less humans out there that nice. Out of all the humans that I have met in this past year and some odd months, there was only two people that was nice to me and talked to me. That proved that there was barley any good humans out there that I could possibly like and trust.

Sighing at this thought I walked back on a different trail in the woods and found myself in the huge city. Good. I needed new clothes, ones prepared for this winter. Although I have spent one winter out in the real world and not in the white place, I knew what to wear. It was cold but not too cold. Barely any snow, but enough to make the bottoms of people's feet wet. I looked for a thrift shop, a place I learned that sold cheap clothing.

I learned about money when I tried to eat something of the human food. It tasted incredible but the money they invented was more incredible on the amount. Apparently I had to give them a hundred dollars on food. Luckily the police paid for me and found out that I never knew about money, nor they way of the new humans. They were surprised though of my knowledge. Seeming that I was only eighteen now.

They put me in a home with other homeless people which died by my hand and burnt in a fire. But they gave me money monthly and same with the other humans. That is how come I have money. I robbed them of it and killed them. I needed to because if not I wouldn't have survived nor been kept a secret fully from their government.

Finding a thrift shop I entered and looked around. Happy that after my diner I cleaned off my face at a near by pond. Because if I didn't I would have caused a ruckus here with the humans. An old lady was behind the counter and she smiled at me. She resembled the old man a little bit. Had the same blue eyes and nose. The old lady smiled at me and I smiled back at her.

Then I went to the women sections. I found a pair of black jeans, a blood red long sleeve that was thick, shin high black boots that had spikes on the front and tied up that was also black, then a black thin sweater. I would have bought more but I only had 20 dollars left of my money. I went up to the cashier and she smiled at me again. After she totaled up the money I gave her the 20 dollars and she gave me eight dollars back.

"Hey sweetie, if you want there is a shower back there." She spoke to me and pointed at the back to a door.

"Thank you." I spoke. I knew that I needed a shower because I must be smelly. The last night I have gotten a shower was a week ago when I went to a house where nobody was home. The humans that lived there didn't even known afterwards that I was there.

"You're welcome." She spoke and smiled once again. I went to the door and found a bathroom with a window leading to the opposite side of the building. There was towels there with cranberry shampoo and conditioner with a hair dryer. A hair brush was set on the side of the sink too. I smiled and wondered why I was getting so lucky lately. Was someone proving me wrong about my thought that there was no nice humans?

I got into the shower and enjoyed the hot water and the smell of shampoo. Afterwards I dressed into my newly bought clothes and then dried my hair and brushed it. I was tempted to steal the shampoo and hair brush but I didn't want to. It would be rude of me since that old women was so kind to me. Looking in the mirror I saw a monster. One with teeth growing once again. But why? Why was I getting so hungry?

Growling at myself with hatred I was too scared to walk out the door. So I took the window and ran away. No one found it suspicious that I was running nor that I jumped out of a window. Lucky for me, the window was near the ground.

I stopped to catch my breath and out of the corner and saw a man watching me. Like me the man was magnificent and beautiful. He has long black hair covering his left eye, pale skin with a good body that humans craved to have, with a purple eye. My mouth popped open and I stared at him. Was he like I am? I started to walk his way but a truck passed me and he was gone.

Was I imagining things now? I got curious and decided that I needed to do something to get my mind off of this man. I walked to a park with a huge fountain where people sung or played an instrument and people gave them money. I found an empty soup can on the street, got it and decided to do what they were doing. I needed money too now, since I was not being taken care of from the Whites.


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