Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


18. The Learning Session

After the hissy fit between Alexis and I, things seemed to go well. Demitri, Carlos, and Alexis went out for lunch promising us that they will bring back lattes and coffees along with pizza. Personally I think Demitri got the two of them out with him because he was mad that I decided to bring Ciel with me instead of him. But that was okay with me because I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of them trying to learn how to be elegant and graceful. "Ok. First things first, we need to make you look beautiful. Your kind of beautiful, the dark gothic beautiful that I once ruled over." Courtney spoke, twirling her hair while sitting on my bed. "Get in the shower and wash, wash, wash. Afterwards I will teach you how to look at beautiful as you can. Which would be ungodly beautiful and make Ciel get hot and ready. Although I think that that is impossible. He might be gay." She spoke making me laugh.

Even though the quest to wash, wash, and wash some more seemed funny I done it anyways. Before I went in Courtney must have changed the shampoo and body wash, along with the shaving cream that I used once before, to rose scented ones. Wanting to be as beautiful as I can so I can hopefully get some of the vampires to like me, I done what she said. I washed my hair about three times, shaved all the necessary parts and washed my body to make all the dirty go away. Once I was done I put my hair up into a towel and dried off my body putting on a bath robe. Courtney was still on my bed listening to my T.V while reading a book.

She looked up at me and smiled, "Like the roses?" She asked me, most likely referring to the new shampoos. I nodded and she got up and pointed at my vanity set. "Ok, no talking just listen. I will show you what to do to be as beautiful as you can be. Once you are done no man will be able to resist you. So that will score a point with the vampires tonight. Which I should say is in like twelve hours. We barely have enough time to make you princess perfect." She went on. I opened my mouth to say that that should be plenty enough time but she just zipped her mouth and pointed at the vanity set again.

I walked over there and she took the towel from my hair. It flowed into knotted curls that was partly dripping wet. "Okay. Brushing your hair, you want to be soft and start at the ends. Work your way up and then your hair will not fall out so much." She told me and done exactly that. For what seemed liked hours on end she styled my hair in the middle and made it into perfect curls, re- done my nails so they were circular and glossed over,  left my face clean until two hours before my diner and decided to make me walk in heels so I can get more use to the feeling of them.

Finally in black shorts and a tank top that resembled blood, I was able to walk around. Ciel came into my room after being bored and decided to look at what I was doing and what Courtney was doing to me. "Wow. Courtney who is this beautiful women?" He spoke and winked at me. For some reason I blushed and he smiled at my response.

"This is our new and improved Violet. Twirl sweety so he can see all of you." She said and I done what she asked of. Liking that attention secretly. "Ok. Now onto posture and way of eating..." She droned on and on about things I didn't want to know about. But if I can impress the vampire council I would willingly do it. I do not want to get on their bad side because if a little boy was able to torture me I am scared to know what the adult vampires can do. Once I got the jest of this stuff I let my mind wander off.

At first I wondered what tonight would be like, what Ciel would look like and maybe if I can sneek a kiss from his lips. Then my mind wandered off as to how long I waited to be able to not be alone and how easy it was to get along and to even live with non humans. This pulled at my heart and I was thankful so much that I wanted to cry but I wasn't able to because if I did, Ciel and Courtney would get curious as to why. "Violet? Violet are you hearing me?" Courtney said right beside me into my ear.

"Oh yes, sorry about that." I told her. "What were you saying?" I asked.

"I said that they are home now and we can eat. My goodness hopefully you don't tune out like that anymore because I am giving you life lessons here." She said.

"Hardly. You are just giving her advice on how to look more beautiful and how to act proper." Ciel cut in. I laughed at his remark and the three of us headed down to eat. 

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