Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


27. The Hybrid

Whack! The sound of me hitting a dummy doll played in my ears. If this doll was a human or vampire or werewolf, it would have been dead for half an hour now. Already there was chunks clawed and chewed out of the throat and other vital veins that would kill the person if ripped open. The head was lop sided and my anger was rising higher and higher. Why did I have to sleep with that human? Why was I so desperate to even have sex? Whack! Another hit and the dummy's head fell off. I stopped and took a sip of my water bottle.

A vampire came in with another dummy doll and replaced the broken one with it. The vampire looked hesitant to come near me, seeing that this was the third dummy doll today in my training session that I broke. It's my record but seeing that I was so stupid this morning, I think that there should be more broken dolls. Once the vampire left I went at hitting and kicking and biting the dummy. A speaker went on and I knew it would be Jasquelle's voice. "Stop. I have something new for you." I was right. It was Jasquelle.

I done what was asked and looked at the door. It slid open and in walked something new to me. It's eyes were neither human, vampire, nor werewolf. Instead it was eyes that looked at me in the mirror and water. Eyes that showed that I wasn't alone in this world, that there was in fact, another one like me. My lungs seized, my mind went blank, and my heart started to race. I wanted to run into this persons arms, to talk and say something about seeing another Hybrid, to do anything but I couldn't. My body was locked into place.

"This is your new fighting partner. I thought that a Hybrid against a Hybrid is fair, since you two are matched in strength and speed. Much... better than either vampire or werewolf sad to say. I want you two to get along. And stay together. Orla, he is your new fighting partner in killing your maker." Jasquelle spoke. I checked over this Hybrid and let a tear fall. This guy looked like an exact opposite of me. Except that he is a he and not a her. This guy was looking at me in shock as well. The fact that Jasquelle called me Orla didn't matter anymore. Because that was my real name, a Hybrid name.

The sense of pride of being a Hybrid flowed through my body and blood. A smile came to my lips and I took a step closer towards this man. "My name is Mabuz." The man spoke. "You... you are a true Hybrid?" He asked me. His voice was thick with a Romanian accent. It sent shivers down my spine and tingled in my toes. I shook my head and the smile was gone. "Then, what are you?"

"I am a human turned into a Hybrid. Both vampire and werewolf. A lab rat from the man I am going to kill." I told Mabuz. Mabuz nodded and frowned, looking me into my eyes.

"I am happy to help kill this man for you. No one deserves to be stripped of their true self." He spoke and with every word my heart raced. For some reason my heart wanted to beat with his, my body wanted to be next to his. "Shall we fight?" He asked. I nodded even though I didn't want to harm this man. I wanted to kiss every inch of him, not kick every inch. He went into a fighting stance and I stood in a straight position.

My eyes closed and I took a deep breath, readying myself to fight. All of my senses heightened and I heard Mabuz coming near me. I waited until the right timing to throw out my leg and hit him in the side. My leg hit him and I opened my eyes, fighting to my maximum. For some reason I felt the need to show my skills in the battle field, as if I had to, to get him to like me. He threw a punch at my jaw but I dodged and bit his neck, ripping out flesh.

Mabuz cried out but kept coming at me. Like me I knew he would heal fast, faster than anything else on this planet. He got my arm and tossed me onto the ground, making the air in my lungs push outwards. Mabuz got on top of me and punch me in the face. I winced but pushed Mabuz onto his back, punching him in the stomach. He growled and grabbed my arm, biting me. My blood sizzled and I gasped. Mabuz stopped and looked me into the eye.

"That was your first bite from a Hybrid." He said, not in as a answer, but as if he knew. I nodded and he stopped trying to fight. "I am sorry it had to be me. I have to tell you something about Hybrids. When-" Right when he was about to tell me Jasquelle used the speaker.

"Stop! Orla come to the room now. Mabuz, go train some more." He said. I looked at the room that was facing the room I was in now with a glass window. Jasquelle looked horrified but yet angry at the same time. Then I looked down a Mabuz who was frowning. "Now! Mabuz don't you speak a word." Jasquelle threatened. My eye brows furrowed and I looked at Mabuz confused. What was going on? Why wasn't Jasquelle letting me know what Mabuz was going to say?

I got up and started walking to the door. Mabuz was right behind me. Once into the hallway Mabuz grabbed my arm. "I will tell you later. Meet me in the library at midnight." He whispered in my ear. I nodded and headed up towards the room Jasquelle was in.

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