Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


25. The House

Jasquelle put me into a black car that was filled with guy vampires in black suits. There was only two seats. One for Jasquelle and one for me. None of them looked at me, just stared right in front of them not moving. "Where are you taking me?" I asked wanting to get an answer. I knew it wouldn't be a pleasant place where I was going, since I am not going on my own will. Because if I didn't go, my friends, the guy who I spent a night with, was going to get harmed. And I couldn't allow that because I am starting to love them all.

"To my house of course. That is where all the vampires live, and most importantly, where we will see how well you can fight and hunt." Jasquelle answered me. I looked at him in an odd way and he knew what I was thinking already. "Well we do need to see that. This guy Orla, is one of the most devious and hidden creature on the planet." He told me.

"It is Violet." I snapped. Jasquelle nodded but didn't answer me in response. I agreed to this silence and looked down at my hands. At least I was in a warm place and my frozen hair is now thawing out. Jasquelle sighed and sat like a lazy guy, with his legs stretched out and his back slumped. A different position for someone who was so wealthy and powerful I assume.

"This is boring. I would rather run or do something. I hate car rides. How about you Orla?" Jasquelle spoke then pursed his lips. "Violet I mean." He corrected.

"I would rather sit in the warmth." I spoke. He nodded and looked out the window. We were passing the garden that was barely a memory of last night. It was hard to imagine all these things happening in such a short period of time. It has only been less than a week and I have learned so much and experienced so much. Already I met both vampires and werewolves, I went to a party that I couldn't fully remember, I met friends that were like family, I got spoiled and gotten so much clothes, make up, and showers.

I let my mind wander into these past few days until we stopped in front of a huge gothic mansion. It was dark had gargoyles on top of the roofs. The house stood up a good forty feet with and huge windows showing bedrooms or living rooms. It didn't show the bathrooms which was a relief. Or not just in case I want to escape and high tail it out of here. Taking in my surroundings I noticed that the place was heavily guarded and the ground looked uneven and would be hard to run on if I was drugged or disoriented somehow.

"Welcome to your next home for the few weeks until we let you loose." Jasquelle hissed out. 

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