Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


13. The Greeting

"People in white coats took me in one night when they found me forgotten in an ally. No, instead I was abandon in an ally, not forgotten. They done stuff to me, made me this way, curious to see what they have created. Throughout my life I have always called them Whites. Then there was my Master. He was the one who planned this is the beginning. For sixteen years I was locked up in that place. Now I am free from the torture they caused me. I killed them." I told these werewolves. Everyone wanted to hear about me, to see if I was a threat or not.

My jaw twitched as I thought back to that night. So much blood was on the white walls and on the white coats. So much on my own hands and face that I didn't look pale anymore. "It was a month before my own birthday when I got out. I am eighteen now though. And through out the year I got free I moved places to places, yearning to meet someone like me. Or someone that wasn't human. I also hunted people at first like it was a game. But as time worn on I got tired of those silly little games. So instead I decided to kill every few weeks.

"I have never heard about rules or a council, nor have I encountered non- humans up until I saw you. Funny thing though, is that when I saw you I was scared and ran away. But every night before I fell asleep, I always dreamed of meeting people like you and talking to them not right away. I was disappointed in myself for running but than I accepted this and had decided to move to a different place." I finished explaining about myself and kept looking out the window. Snow was still drifting around but in a calmer pace than before.

Seconds rose to minutes before someone talked. It was the skinny girl to talk first. "So you killed people just to see the world?" She spoke in a disgusted voice. As if thinking that if she was me, she would have stayed there up until she died. But why? Why would she think that way and hate that I killed people to be free? I looked at her in the eyes and let out an inhumane growl. No one bothered to stop me nor her. So she went on to growl like me.

My anger surfaced. "You do not know what is was like in there. I was beaten and cut open and was starving for days on end until they decided that they needed more testing on me. I was treated like a vile creature who didn't belong on earth. And yet they were the one's who made me. If you want to be a witch with a capitol B towards me go ahead. But you better not say anything about me killing people for surviving. Because I bet you that if you were treated how I was for sixteen almost seventeen years, you would kill to get yourself free." I scolded.

"Alexis! Violet! Stop this minute." Carlos spoke. So he name is Alexis. I wonder what names the others hold. Alexis and I settled down into our chairs again and glared at each other. "Now, I respect you Violet for being so strong. I am happy you are moving in with us." He said. Carlos's words made Alexis grind her teeth together in pure furry. "And since you are going to be living here, then we might as well let you know out names. As you know of course I am Carlos, our leader is Demitri and that is Alexis." He pointed at the three I already know now.

"The last guy left is Ciel. And the last girl is Courtney. I hope each and every one of us gets along great during the time you stay here Violet." Carlos says with a fake cheer to his voice towards the end. I nodded to both Ciel and Courtney. Ciel though caught my eye. He dresses up like he is from the olden days where men wore gothic tux's and a big top hat which is a deep purple. This is the kind of fashion that has always caught my eye. The gothic style. It seemed to always flatter everyone.

My stomach growled ruining my train of thought and my mind reeled back to when Carlos was offering me his blood. The scent of his sweet and delicious blood made my mouth water all over again. "I will get you a cup of blood Violet. And afterwards you can freshen up and we can go to the mall and buy you new clothes. Obviously whoever lives in this house cannot wear only one set of clothes. Distasteful that is." Ciel said.  He gave me a genuine smile at me and got up to get me a cup of blood.

I wanted to smile but I didn't know if I should or not. I didn't want to come off as a sad homeless girl needing a friend so instead I just slightly nodded and looked out the window once again. "Thanks." I spoke and off her was gone. "I hope the blood taste's the same." I murmured but no one heard me. Everyone was either gone or in a conversation with one another. Would I ever fit into this house? I thought to myself. Or would it be like the White Place again?

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