Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


20. The Garden Dance

Jupiter was humming a dark lullaby to himself, walking beside the hansom man. Ciel was holding my hand and hasn't spoken yet and I was getting worried. Maybe he didn't want to come along with me but is being forced to by Demitri. My palms started to get sweaty but Ciel never mentioned it. "So where is this place?" I asked Jupiter. He giggled and turned around to me. He seemed awfully cheerful tonight. Perhaps it was the thought of blood for us. That certainly made me happy.

"You will see. We are almost there anyways. Sorry to make you walk but I promise you that it will be worth it. We are not in the place though for the beauty that cannot compare to you my dear Violet." Jupiter said.

"Don't talk to her like that boy." Ciel spoke and pulled me tighter towards him.

"Why not? jealous that I am able to flirt with her while you on the other hand... bound by your alpha to not flirt nor show any affection that goes beyond friendship." Jupiter giggled and held the other mans hand. "I am sure you wouldn't like her in that way anyways. But that alpha of yours is really protective."

I felt rage heating up inside of me. "Enough. Demitri wouldn't do that to Ciel." I spoke finally. "And Jupiter please stop talking to me like a man would. It is... odd that such a young boy would say such words." I told him. Jupiter smiled and hopped on the mans back.

"But I am not a child like you think I am Violet. I am only stuck in a child's body until my old one is repaired. In the past my body was a fully grown man in his late twenties. This is my little brothers body." He told me. "Now Allan. Carry me to the flower field. I want to show our guests the beauty of it." He spoke to the man. Allan nodded and looked at me then Ciel. Ciel seemed to know something and picked me up in that wedding position I saw in photos.

My breath came out and my mouth popped open. "Ciel." I spoke but he started to run fast following Allan. I didn't say anything else but instead enjoyed not walking. A couple minutes later Ciel and Allan stopped, worn out. But around us was beautiful flowers that seemed to be shinning, with willow trees and a small pond with fish of every sorts. "Oh my..." I said and turned around in a slow circle.

Owls swept over head and a black cat with orange fur mixed in meowed at me from the bench that was facing the pond. Its tail swung back and fourth and purred. The scent of the flowers over came me and it somehow made my hunger for blood burst. I fought the hungry and was happy that my fangs didn't come out. "Beautiful isn't is Violet?" Jupiter asked me. I nodded, not being able to utter a word. "Hungry?" I didn't respond to that question though. Ciel came to my side and wrapped his arm around me, as if keeping me warm.

"I agree with Carlos you know. Except for me, I would have worded it differently. Demitri did order me to treat you with only friendship and not flirt with you. But I am finding ways around it. Luckily it is only for tonight. So next time you look... this way I can say something right away." Ciel whispered in my ear. My cheeks flamed and I smiled to myself. Somewhere music from violins and something else played and Allan walked towards me.

Allan held out his hand and snuck a glare at Ciel. "Follow me our sweetest Violet. Let Jupiter and I show you to the dinner party. But to get in you must dance with me." He spoke with such a sexy voice. I looked at Ciel and he stepped back, letting me dance with Allan. I glared at him because no matter how hansom Allan was I didn't want to dance with him. I wanted to dance with Ciel. But putting my wants aside I took Allan's hand and danced with him. The music and the flowers and Allan with me I got lost in the moment and started to feel somehow at a home I never had except for Demitri's place.

With every passing moment my hungry was building on and Allan didn't look twice at my fangs that somehow crept out. Allan leaned in close to my ear and whispered "Feed on my Violet. Please." Without a second thought I allowed my fangs to sink into his vampire skin and drink blood that tasted wonderful and different from both human and werewolf. "Thank you." He sighed and taken the lead on dancing.

Before I could kill him I stopped drinking his blood and looked Allan in the eyes. "I am sorry." I apologized. He smiled and stopped dancing with me.

"It is okay Violet. I asked you to. I wanted to know what being fed on my a hybrid felt like. It was amazing for me." He whispered and somehow I knew that he meant it in the sexual way. My cheeks once again burst into flames and Allan smiled at this. "Let's go to dinner." He said. I nodded and followed him, forgetting about both Jupiter and Ciel.

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