Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


12. The Deal

For some reason I felt guilty and as if I am a monster. That name, the name of my old Master, was the source of this feeling. I killed him and now, I had someone who shared something similar to Master. "I killed you." I whispered to myself. As if now, after a year and some odd months, I was truly feeling the guilt and pain of my actions on the night I escaped. "I killed you all." I went on, slowly losing my grip on sanity. As if the deaths I have caused started to pile on top of more pain and sorrow. But why was I feeling this? How come I am so emotional and weak lately? Just a couple months ago I had steel emotions and a frozen heart. But now since the old man, I had became melted and wet in tears.

"You killed who?" A voice came in from the door way. Scared, I jumped and looked to my right. Demitri was there, the mysterious stranger who listened to me sing. He looked very hansom and pulled my breath away. My confused, skipping heart seemed to steady a bit with his presence. "I knew you were going to be blood thirsty more then you ever have been before, but usually, hybrids don't kill humans. I don't know why, but they don't. So tell me, who did you kill."

This made me more confused than I already was. "What do you mean? You knew that I was going to be more bloody thirsty?" My voice was now trembling. A smile played at his lips and then it all made sense. These people attacked me and somehow made me like this. Emotional and thirsty, very thirsty and hungry. They messed me up and made me hate myself, made me break away from the icy world I lived in for a long time. "Why? Why did you let me in your house. And why did you follow me?" I asked him a different question.

Demitri walked to me and looked me in the eyes. "I can see your aurora. Bloody and filled with tiny golden flecks. I knew you were a hybrid right away from the bloody red colour. That is why we attacked you that night. Because you were on our turf. At the time I didn't notice the golden flecks. But when I saw you running I did see those flecks. They caught fire and showed me that you didn't want to kill. That you were protective. So I followed you and when I heard you sing, I knew then that you were not meant to have this life. That somehow you was made into this.

"It caused me grief. To be able to read your aurora like this, to see what you felt and what you wanted. And to see those golden flecks catch fire. I have only seen that happen once. When my soul mate died saving those filthy humans in a fire. Her bits and pieces of a remaining soul, those golden lights, catching fire. That means that she was saved by a God you know. I don't know why a werewolf would be saved, but it happened.

"And when I saw yours catch fire, I gotten confused. Obviously you are not dead, so why did yours burn up. And why do you have those golden flecks?" He ranted on. Through out that full time I was memorized by the way his lips moved and then his emotions. "That is why I want you here. I want to study you and to know why you have my soul mates golden soul flecks." This came as a surprised after I took everything in. This guy was able to read auroras and was able to have a soul mate? I didn't even know that soul mates existed.

I put the blankets off of me and stood in front of Demitri. "I don't want to be studied anymore. I don't want to be a subject nor be a pet again." I told him. "I can't be. I just escaped from all of that." It felt wrong telling him this but it was true. And I couldn't let myself be trapped anymore. Demitri looked sad and realized why my aurora looked as if it was made to be in this world. And not born. "Thank you for letting me sleep here. But now I need to get out of town." I went to move but Demitri grabbed my arm.

I looked into his eyes this time. "Please. I will pay you, I will let you live here and let you go wherever you want to go in this town. I will get you clothes, good clothes and shoes. I will give you whatever you want. This is the closets I have ever been to finding out why my soul mate has been accepted into a Gods palace. It isn't right for her to be there. Please." He whispered. No one had ever pleaded for me to do something.

Weighing what this could mean for me if I said yes or no, I decided to say yes. I needed a place to live, money, and a better clothes. Also I didn't want to be alone anymore. Maybe it was the aftermath of whatever these people have done to me, or maybe it was my own yearning. But the next things I done was whisper, "Yes."

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