Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


32. The Changed

I found myself staring at my hands continuously since I went to my room. Could I have somehow formed a power in this hell hole? Or did I always have it, but just never found out about it until now? I sighed and decided to eat my now cold steak. The blood oozed out of the meat, causing me to be more hungry with every passing bite. If this steak couldn't help fill me up I guess I would have to drink the blood of a human. And if that happened, I wouldn't really mind. After all this time here I have gotten use to killing humans lately.

The sound of someone knocking at my door went to me ears. "Who ever it is, better have a good reason to bother me. I am eating." I said. "The world better be ending or I better hear some information about the Master." I kept on going. There was no sound except for someone breathing out in the hallway. The knock came again and I moaned, getting out of bed. I walked to the door and opened it up. Courtney was standing there looking kind of uncomfortable. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she looked as if she just finished crying.

"I think you should come with me. It is important." She whispered in a saddened voice. I sighed and started to close the door. But she stopped me by putting her foot between the door and the frame. "I am serious Violet. Or is it Orla? Which one do you prefer? Never mind. You need to come with me now. Demitrius, Carlos, Ciel, and your Hybrid are in a fight and Jasquelle won't stop them. He says that it is to teach you how to smarten up."

I growled and started to walk towards the dining room area. Courtney followed me but in a quite, scared manner. It was as if she was scared to come around me now. Like I would hurt her or something. I ignored that thought and was determined to get all of this to stop and have Jasquelle stop this. Once I entered that dining room area I saw that all the vampires were gone except for Jasquelle, Jupiter, and another vampire. "What in the blazes is going on? I am trying to eat and I get Courtney interrupting me because some guys cannot keep their hormones in check!" I yelled.

Juipter laughed and looked at the other vampire. "Is someone going to pick up the phone because I so totally called it." He said. That spiked my anger more. When I reached the four guys who were facing each other growling in an in-human way, I cleared my throat. They looked at me and I glared at them, showing that I was not pleased with their actions. "Oooh, bring the popcorn." Jupiter said, getting on my nerves.

Mabuz smiled at me and straightened. When he did I slapped him as hard as I could with the back of my hand. "You are causing a lot of problems for me. Just because we a connected does not mean that you are able to fight with every guy I talk to or have talked to. Stop this and get out of here, before I tear your throat out and end our connection." I threatened. Mabuz paled and walked out of here. Next I glared at the three guys.

"I cannot slap all three of you at the same time. Nor can I make you leave by threatening to kill you. So I will just let you know that I am not pleased with this. I don't care who started this, I don't care why it started, and I don't care if you hate him. But I do care when I am interrupted in the middle of eating. Twice. If you make me come out here to straighten you guys up once again, you will regret it. Understand?" I spoke.

The guys just stared at me as I waited for an answer. Finally they nodded and I turned towards Jasquelle. "You may have me here under the fact that if I don't work for you, my friend... these people will be killed. But just so you know, if I wanted to, I could rip you into shreds in just five seconds. Then I would go after every other vampire I can get a hold of and kill them as well. If you want that to happen then keep on pissing me off. If you don't want to that to happen, then get a hold on things inside your house. I also want a rematch with Mabuz tomorrow. If I win against him, then I get to know every bit of information of my maker, and be able to kill him the day after I win the fight." I told him.

Jasquelle smiled and nodded. "I see I have gotten you to be the perfect assassin. Your soul, so dead, your emotions, so dark, and your personality, so rough and evil. Perfect. Your rematch will be after your first session of training." Jasquelle spoke to me. I nodded and started to walk away from these people. "Oh Orla? The werewolves, are they your friends? Or do you just see them as unimportant people now?" Jasquelle asked.

I stopped and turned my hands into fists. "I don't know anymore. I want to believe they are friends, but then again, I wanted to believe a lot of things. Let them decide on whether or not they want to keep me as a friend. If not, I am okay with that. Less people I would have to worry about when I get out of this wretched place." I answered in a stone, cold hearted way. Truly, that wasn't how I felt. But I needed to let Jasquelle think that I was just a stone cold killer and nothing else now.

"So if I injured all of them, you wouldn't mind?" Jasquelle asked me playfully.

"If you ever lay a finger, or a strand of hair on them, I will kill you in such a painful, torturous way that you wish you never even known my existence. Understood?" I spoke.

"Yes my queen Orla." Jasquelle soothed.

"It is Violet. I thought I told you that when we first met. Remember?" I said but didn't bother to hear Jasquelle's thought. I smiled wickedly to myself and walked back to my room. When I got there I devoured my meat and decided to lay on my bed and relax from today. About half and hour later I heard the werewolves walked into the room beside me. Nobody talked for the first minute or so. They just found a place to sit and must have been to lost to say something.

Finally someone moved and took a deep breath. "We lost her. The vampires, they turned her into one of them. And it is all my fault." Demitrius spoke. No one bothered to say anything. "Her aurora, it is black now. I thought I felt a part of it snap back into place after she showed Ciel her true emotions, but I don't think that happened. Our Violet is just an assassin now that has no feelings or soul."

"That can't be true. She must be in there somewhere. Maybe she is just lost and needs to find her way back. I mean, after everything she went through, I respect her because she hasn't went off the deep edge like I thought." Alexis spoke. "I may not have liked her in the first place, but I loved her in the end. She is basically my sister. And I came here to help her and to support her. To bad that our impression on here was bad when we first came here."

Someone  agreed by doing that humming sound. "She is a little crazy, but I think we can save her. I do believe that she did seem to return to her old self a little bit after Ciel spoke to her in the loving way she likes. Ciel, do you think you can talk to her more like that? Or talk to her about how much you love her and connect with her again?" Carlos spoke. I clenched my jaw, finding out their plan. Do they think that using Ciel like this would help me become my old self again? No way.

I flopped onto my left side that was facing the wall and kept on listening in. "I don't know..." Ciel spoke. "She caught me off guard when she showed me her emotions. But I am still upset that she connected herself with that stupid Hybrid, and that she basically cheated on me by kissing him." So he didn't know that I slept with a human this morning at all. I grinned at my dirty little secret.

"That wasn't her fault Ciel! It wasn't like she knew about it. And if she did know about the curse of connection for the Hybrids, then she wouldn't have done it. She loves you Ciel. When both of your souls come near each other, they try to reach out to each other. They tangle with each other. You two are soul mates." Demitrius spat out.

"No we are not! Her and that Hybrid are soul mates now." Ciel yelled to Demitrius. Annoyed with this I punched the wall and turned to my right closing my eyes. They went quite and left four pairs four pairs of foot steps went out of the room. Someone laid on the bed that would be right next to mine if it wasn't for the wall.

"Violet, if you can hear me. I miss you." Demitrius said. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore what he said. Finally, I fell asleep, dreaming about tomorrow.

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