Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


28. The Awful Fact

Jasquelle was pacing back and forth from the wall to couch that was in front of me. "You were not supposed to me touched by him. What happened?" He asked me angrily. His vampire eyes turned towards me with a fiery boldness. "I saw you and your fighting technique. You let him touch you didn't you?!" He yelled. I frowned and looked Jasquelle in the eyes.

"I wasn't aware that I wasn't allowed to have him touch me. But I am sure that this isn't about touching. It was him biting me. Why did you stop him from telling me what he was going to say?" I asked him. Ignoring that fact that I actually did want him to touch me a little bit, even though it was fighting. I was curious as to see what his tempter was like. To see if it was a little cold like the vampires or a little warm like a werewolf or flaming like the humans. But instead it felt like the perfect body tempter.

A hiss came out of Jasquelle's mouth. "That is exactly it. Why did you let him bite you?" He growled. I rolled my eyes then stared at Jasquelle.

"Tell me why you stopped him first, then I will tell you why I let him bite me." I told him. Jasquelle stopped moving in any way, angry at me. His breathing even stopped for a minute. I could tell that I was ruining some part of his plans but what plans was it that I was ruining? Was it something dangerous or was it something minor? Curious I got up and sniffed Jasquelle's neck. He stiffened and knew that I could bite him if I wanted to. "I know this it isn't like me biting you. I know that it isn't like me being bitten by a vampire. But what is to different from being bit by another Hybrid?" I whispered onto his neck.

I let my teeth graze his skin. He shivered and pleasure stared to leak off of him. "You are disgusting. My friends are the only reason why I put up with you. But killing you wouldn't help them now would it? Even though I can't kill you, I can still feed on your blood. I will if you don't tell me why you won't tell me why you stopped Mabuz telling me what he was going to." I spoke in his ear.

Jasquelle turned towards me and took a step back. "This whole time you were playing with us like a child playing a toy. Letting us think you were weak, so fragile that you would do anything we say. Why are you changing now?" He asked me. Wearing out my patience that was already a think line. But what he said is true. I couldn't even answer his question for myself if I wanted to. Why was I being so bold and... evil? Jasquelle smiled and laughed. "I know why. It was Mabuz biting you. Turning you fully into a Hybrid.

"Did you know that a Hybrid is not fully one until a true Hybrid bites them? And that bite is supposed to be picked by the Hybrid elders. Do you want to know why Orla? It is because when a Hybrid turns another one fully, they become connected. Their blood is exchanged by both of them biting each other during the time limit of twenty- four hours. If they do exchange blood, like you two did, their souls are connected. Their hearts and their minds, emotions. All of that bull until one of them dies.

"That is why he said that he was sorry. That is why I needed you two spilt up, so you two don't... mate shall we put it, right then and there. Because both of your gens are programmed now to want each other in every way. And I can't have that for when you two kill the Maker. Because whenever you two touch, that feeling of wanting and yearning will come. It will only ever be satisfied when you two share the blood of someone you hate. And I know you two hate me for putting you in the positions you are in now." Jasquelle informed me.

My mouth popped open and my emotions went hey- wire. Is this really true? Or is it just a lie? Jasquelle started to laugh and walk towards the door that led to another hallway. "You lie." I told him.

"No I don't. Why don't you check it out when you meet Mabuz in the library tonight?" He spoke and walked out on me. A tear fell from my eye followed by many more. What have I gotten myself into? Why was my life starting to become full of sex and love triangles and confusion? What was I going to do when I was free and able to see Ciel? The guy who I first fell in love with? The guy who stole my virginity and who first stolen my heart?

I let myself cry and cry, huddled into a ball. Time passed away and no one walked into the room, leaving me alone and confused and full of pain and guilt. Soon enough my stomach was growling and my vampire side needed the blood yet I didn't want any. I didn't want to do anything. My life has gotten so out of hand that my intentions of killing my biological parents were like a dream and that the new intentions of having to save my friends and kill my maker were fake. "Why?" I whispered into the air. "Why is my life so messed up?"

"I can help you..." A voice spoke out of no where. I looked up and saw the man who I was forever connected to. "Let me help you..."

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