Love Falls In Three, or More

Lily is a friend of Eleanor. Eleanor is really excited to meet her boyfriend, Louis. Louis likes her. Niall falls in love with her, and so does Harry. She gets stuck in a love triangle. How does she set out? She breaks up with Niall and Louis seems to be butting in. He has Eleanor though. Will he break Lily's heart or Eleanor's heart?


9. Chapter 9: Emily

After the movie, Niall and I walk out of the movie trying not to look at each other. Niall signs his name for a One Direction lover. We keep walking to the car, hand in hand, and some paps take pictures. We go back to the house and I just lie down on the couch. "That kiss meant nothing I me. She kissed me I didn't kiss her. I love you not her." Niall said in a serious tone. "Do you love me back?" " Who was she?" I said not answering the question. "She is one of our designers. Her name is Emily." He says looking down at the ground. "I don't know if I should love you. Or if I could forgive you." I say flatly. "Well could this change your mind?" He questions as he gives me a long kiss. I didn't feel the spark anymore. "N-Niall. I don't feel it anymore." I say. I give him another kiss on his lips. I see Louis leaning on the doorway of the living room. "Ok. I felt it." I say with eagerness in my eyes. "Havin' fun there?" Louis interrupts. "Yes. Loads, I guess. Why are you here?" I ask. "Hungry. And I'm spying on you," he says, "no I'm just messing with you." He grabs a slice of cold pizza and eats it. "Well have fun!" "I guess we will." I reply. I kiss niall again, this time with my tongue asking for an entrance. He allows and he carries me to the room.

He undoes my button up shirt and slips my pants off. I quickly take his v-neck off and I rub his chest. He plays with my bra strap and takes my bra off. He slips me under the covers. I slip my panties off and he takes his boxers off.


Do I forgive him, I ask myself, nope. We'll just move on in life.


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