Love Falls In Three, or More

Lily is a friend of Eleanor. Eleanor is really excited to meet her boyfriend, Louis. Louis likes her. Niall falls in love with her, and so does Harry. She gets stuck in a love triangle. How does she set out? She breaks up with Niall and Louis seems to be butting in. He has Eleanor though. Will he break Lily's heart or Eleanor's heart?


10. Chapter 10: Ankle

Buzz buzz. Buzz buzz. As my phone vibrated "Ugh. It's Niall again. Stop texting me I don't want to be bothered right now I'm sick." I texted him as I jumped onto my bed. Ring ring. Ring ring. "Hello, this is Lily." "I know that. This is Niall. Can I come over?" Niall said. "Uh. Sure I have a cold but it's fine." "Ok. I'll be over in five. See you then."

I lie in bed thinking. I stare at the ceiling in the dark with the blinds closed with that same old empty feeling in my heart. Cause love comes slow, and it goes so fast.

I hear a knock and I jump. "It's just Niall" I say to myself.

I run down the stairs quickly and slip on a stair. "OWW!" I scream in pain. I get up fast not realising I had broken my ankle. And I mean Broken. I wince in pain and fall back down. I see the door open. I completely forgot that Niall knew where the spare key was. "Lily! What happened?!" He asks curiously. "Well, I FELL! I think my ankle is sprained." I lied. He picked me up bridal style and carried me to my bed. I lied exactly where I was. Back to square one. I sneezed quietly and he said, "Your sneeze is beautiful." We say there in the awkward silence. I have him the 'uhh... Thanks?' Look. He kissed my lips slowly and nicely.

"So what did you come for?" I asked. "Uh, we can do that later. I'm here for you now." He said smiling and kissing again.

"Take me to the doctor's." I said smiling. He carried me to his car and gently laid me on the seat. He drove to the nearest doctors office and got me out.

He checked in and we waited patiently. "Lily Jackson?" The nurse asked. "That would be me." I quietly said. Niall picked me up and took me to where the doctor will be at. He set me down on the sanitary bed and sat there patiently again.

"Hello Lily." The doctor said as she came in. "Hi." I said. "Hello." Niall said waving. "Oh my god." She said freaking out. "I'm gonna have a heart attack!" "What's wrong?" We both said. "Y-Y-You're n-Niall hor-horan!" She was hyperventilating. "Yes, yes. This is he." I said sounding bored. "Well let's go on." He said. "I'm sorry."


After the check-up, the doctor said I had a broken ankle, not sprained. I sort of knew anyways. We got a cast from my ankle to my knee. It's super itchy but I can love with it. I got my crutches and we came back home.

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