Truth in the Stones |Daryl Dixon AU|

Now that the world has gone to shit, people now have to defend themselves against flesh-eating creatures. Cheyenne is the niece of former King County deputy Shane Walsh and when the infection spread, her and her brother - Jeremy - were saved by their uncle after a tragedy had struck them. Now, the pair and their fellow group members have to find a way to survive without killing each other first but, what happens when love starts to bloom in a world like this?


7. Digging Graves

"Hey Jim, why don't you just hold on a second here?"

Jim had been digging for hours and he was starting to scare people. Everyone - including Shane - were around to see of Jim's intentions. I, for one, didn't really see anything wrong with what he was doing. The man was just digging but everyone was acting like he was plotting to blow up the capital - not like one still existed. Jim sighed and dug the shovel into the dirt, his face expression annoyed.

"What do you want?" 

"I was just a little concerned, that's all." Shane explained.

"Dale's said you've been out here for hours." Morales added.


"So, why you digging?" Shane asked. 

"You headin' to China or something?" I joked, trying to lighten up the mood.

Jim glanced at me but didn't smile. "It doesn't matter. I'm not hurtin' anyone." He said before he began digging again.

"Yeah, except maybe yourself. It's a hundred degrees today. You can't keep this up." Dale argued.

"Sure I can; watch me." Jim muttered, digging with a bit more force. Stubborn bastard, this one - not that I was any different. I looked to Dale with a worried look before Lori spoke up. "Jim, they're not gonna say it so I will. You're scarin' people - you're scaring my son and Carol's daughter." 

"They got nothing to be scared of."

I sighed and looked to the ground, realizing this conversation was going to go nowhere.

"What the hell people? I'm just out here by myself. Why don't y'all just go and leave me the hell alone." Jim said before he began digging once more. "We think that you need to take a break, okay? I want you to go get yourself some shade and some food. Maybe, in a little bit, I'll come out here and I'll even help you myself. Just tell me what it's about; just give me that shovel." Shane ordered, holding out his hand to receive the shovel.

"Or what?"

"There is no or what. I'm coming to you and I'm asking you - please." Shane pleaded in fear for Jim's safety.

"And if I don't, then what? Then you gonna beat my face in like Ed Peletier, aren't ya? Y'all seen his face huh? What's left of it! See that's what happens when someone crosses you."

I rolled my eyes. "You weren't there. Ed was out of control; he was hurting his wife." 

"That is their marriage - not his. He's not the judge and jury. Who voted you king, huh?"

"I'm not here to argue, alright? Just give me the shovel." Shane commanded, ignoring Jim's previous statement.

Jim moved the shovel out of Shane's reach as he protested. He pushed Shane away and began waving the shovel around as a way of defense but Shane got fed up and shoved Jim to the ground, handcuffing his hands behind his back. "It's okay Jim. No one is going to hurt you."

"That's the biggest lie there is. I told that to my wife and my two boys. I told them that a hundred times; it didn't matter. They came out of nowhere, dozens of them. Just pulled them right out of my hands. The only real reason why I got away was because the dead were to busy eating my family." Jim muttered from his spot on the ground. I walked away slowly back to the camp as he said that. I wasn't good with emotions and being around them wasn't the best idea.


The sound of my arrow could be heard as it hit the target on the tree once again. 
"Cheyenne," A voice called. I looked behind me to see Andrea walking over to me, a small object in her hand.


"I hate to interrupt your whole target practice session," I chuckled at her choice of words. "But I was wondering if I could get your opinion on this."

She put a small object in the palm of my hand  and my eyes grew wide as I examined the silver mermaid locket. "Wow."

"I know you're really the only person who actually likes this kinda stuff and I wanted to know if it's worthy enough to give to Amy." 

I raised my eyebrows, curious to why Andrea was giving Amy a present. "It's Amy's birthday tomorrow and when I saw this in the convenience store the other day, I just couldn't leave it behind."

I nodded as I passed the locket back to her. "It's definitely worthy. She'll love it; I know I would."

"I'll make sure your there when she opens it." Andrea chuckled as she started to walk back towards the camp. "I'll be looking forward to it." I said as I turned back to my post and began shooting arrows at the harmless tree aimlessly.


I took a swig of the beer I had in my hands to wash down the fish I had just taken a bite of. "Man, oh man, that's good." I heard Shane comment from beside me. I glanced at him and smiled - he returned the smile. We hadn't had this good of a meal in weeks and to just to be able to savor the taste of fish was very refreshing. "I gotta ask you man. It's been driving me crazy." Morales spoke after a few seconds of silence.

Dale looked up. "What?"

"That watch," Dale glanced at his watch, smiling.

"What's wrong with my watch?"

"I see you everyday - same time - winding that thing like a village priest saying 'mass'."

I nodded in agreement, referring to my reliable memory.

"I've wondered this myself." Jacqui interjected. "I'm missing the point." Dale responded. I picked at the fish on my plate with a fork."Unless I've misread the signs, the world seems to have come to an end."

"Or at least hit a speed bump for a good, long while." Jacqui added. "But there's you, everyday, winding that stupid watch." Morales smiled as did Dale. 

"Time is important to keep track, init it?  The days at least. Don't you think Andrea? Help me out here."  I knew he had asked her the question as a way of referring to Amy's birthday. I chuckled slightly and she sent me a glare as a way to tell me to shut up. She shrugged as she took a sip of her beer, a smile evident on her face.

"I like what father said to son when he gave him a watch It had been handed down generations. Said, 'I give you, mausoleum - of all hope and desire - which will fit your individual needs better than it did mine. I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you may forget it for a moment and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it." Dale finished with a wave of his hands. I nodded my head in satisfaction at his answer. Amy shook her head. "You are so weird."

Everyone laughed at her comment. 

"Where you going?" Andrea asked as Amy got up from her seat by the fire a few moments later. "I have to pee. Geez, you try to discreet around here." She mumbled, earning a laugh from everyone. I began picking at the fish on my plate, eating the last bite of it. 

I don't think my brain could really process what happened next because before I knew it, Amy was screaming bloody murder as a walker took a chunk out of her arm. As more walkers emerged, more screams were heard as all the mothers began herding all their children with them and the rest were trying to either protect themselves or the group. I immediately began shooting as many walkers as I could with my arrows, my target practice showing to be benefiting. I heard Amy scream louder and I looked over, seeing another walker take a bite out of her neck. 

I ran over to her spot next to the RV and angrily swung my bow at the walker - it's head swiping clean off. I reluctantly left Amy's side, wanting so bad to comfort her and Andrea - who now was by her side - but I had to keep killing as many walkers as I could. I ran over to Shane's side, aiding him in protecting Lori and Carl while I protected Carol and Sophia. Shane began shooting walkers rapidly with his shotgun as I shot arrows at walkers head's faster than I had ever had. Suddenly, more shots were fired and Rick, Glenn, Jeremy, Daryl, and T-Dog appeared from behind the bushes; aiding in the assault. It sounded like a modern warfare with all the shouting and shooting and crying. I was starting to feel overwhelmed, my anxiety rating probably racing to the top. After what seemed like a lifetime, the shots diminished but the cries were the exact opposite. I witnessed Carl run up to Rick in tears as he hugged him tightly. I looked around rapidly, craning my neck in every direction before I finally found Jeremy. I ran up to him and hugged him furiously, my face in shock.

I didn't blink and instead decided to ignore the stinging pain in my eyes in fear of crying as I stared at the ground, wishing to erase the events I had just seen. 

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