Truth in the Stones |Daryl Dixon AU|

Now that the world has gone to shit, people now have to defend themselves against flesh-eating creatures. Cheyenne is the niece of former King County deputy Shane Walsh and when the infection spread, her and her brother - Jeremy - were saved by their uncle after a tragedy had struck them. Now, the pair and their fellow group members have to find a way to survive without killing each other first but, what happens when love starts to bloom in a world like this?


8. Denial

I sighed, running a hand through my hair as I stared at the dead bodies in front of me. I didn't sleep last night, in fear of an another attack, probably like mostly everyone else. I wish none of this would've happened. I wish the walkers hadn't attacked, I wish Rick and them wouldn't have left, and I wish Amy was still alive. I slowly looked over to where Amy's body was, spotting Andrea still in the same position since last night. A wave of sympathy went through me; what if I was in that position? What if it was Jeremy's body lying there instead of Amy's?

"Hey!" A rough, redneck voice yelled, breaking me from my thoughts. I looked over to Daryl with a raised eyebrow. "Don't jus' stand there with ya' arms crossed. We got work to do." He commanded as he sent a pickax through a walker's head. "Don't bark orders at me, Daryl. You know better than that." I muttered, glaring into the back of his head. He hit the walker's head with the pickax a couple more times before looking up at me, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"I know better than that?" He repeated in disbelief. "What'd you think I'm some dog or somethin'?" 

"Hey," I turned around slowly to see Jeremy standing behind me with an irritated look on his face. "We don't need you guys bickering. Right now, we've got things to take care off."

I scoffed in irritation and walked off into the direction of the group while Daryl walked off as well, I presume, to take care of more bodies. 

"She still won't move?" I asked to no one in particular. Andrea had stayed by Amy's side like a faithful trooper all night and hasn't moved since. I was getting worried; worried that Amy might come back sooner or later and Andrea would have to watch her dead, younger sister as a lifeless zombie. Lori shook her head. "Won't even talk to us. She's been there all night. What do we do?"

"Can't just leave Amy like that." Shane admitted, his voice sincere. "We need to deal with it...same as the others."

I nodded my head in agreement but I don't think anything would get Andrea away from Amy. Andrea is stubborn and she loved Amy with all her heart. I had feeling Andrea would be with 'Amy' until the end. "I'll tell her how it is." Rick stated and began walking towards Amy and Andrea's direction.

"Rick, don't-" I tried to stop him but he was out of earshot by the time I spoke up. Rick walked up to her side and said something briefly to which she responded with a cocked and loaded gun. "I know how the safety works." I heard her say as she kept her gun pointed at Rick firmly. Rick backed away slowly, his hands in defense and she equally put her gun down just as slow as Rick had walked back. I didn't blame Andrea. No matter what, that was her sister even if she was dead. If I was in her place, I wouldn't leave Jeremy's side if it were the end of the world - no pun intended. I could see Daryl heading over to us from the corner of my eye and I internally groaned, not wanting to hear him even speak right now.

"Y'all can't be serious. Let that girl hamstring us? The dead girl's a time bomb."

I clenched my teeth.  "It's Amy, not some dead girl. Don't talk about her that way."  

Daryl was acting like an asshole, calling Amy 'The dead girl'.

"What do you suggest?" Rick asked, getting in-between Daryl and I to avoid an argument. "Take the shot. Clean, in the brain from here. Hell, I can hit a turkey between the eyes from this distance."

"Shut up, Daryl. Lord knows you have a loud voice; no doubt she can hear you from here." I hissed, looking back to Andrea's unmoving position. "Cheyenne's right. Just let her be." Lori sighed, agreeing with me. It wasn't very common for Lori and I to agree so her speaking out like that was much of a surprise to me. 

I looked from Shane to Rick with an unknowing look in my eyes. Although it was Amy, she was still bit and would eventually come back from her 'slumber'. Daryl scoffed as he walked away, surprised with the way we were acting. In Daryl's eyes, Amy was to what he referred earlier as a time bomb. In a way, Daryl was only trying to protect the a rude, malevolent, and selfish way. I shook my head in distraught. All these things were rapidly coming to me, the fact that half of our group is dead and the fact that we're going to have to go out on the rode and look for a new place to settle. 

"A walker bit Jim!" I heard Jacqui yell. 
I quickly looked up, curious to see if Jim actually had gotten bit. Everyone began walking towards Jim and circling around him as a sort of boxing match. I, on the other hand, stood quietly behind Shane with my arms crossed, barely looking up from the ground. I didn't want to another one of our group die. I was done seeing death for the day and more didn't need to come. 

"Show it to us." Daryl commanded, the pickax still in his grip. Jim picked up a shovel from the ground as a way to protect himself before T-Dog got him from behind and pulled his hands back. While Jim was unable to move, Daryl quickly moved to him side and lifted up his shirt; revealing a bite. I sighed, knowing what I was dreading the most was real. Another one of our group was bit and probably wouldn't survive. I wasn't very close to Jim but the brief times I had talked with him were nice just like his company. T-Dog released Jim from his grip and walked backward to the circle the group were in much like Daryl.

"I'm okay. I'm okay." Jim repeated, as a way of reassuring himself. 


Daryl scoffed. "I say we put a pickax in his head and the dead girl's and be done with it."

I bit my tongue this time, fighting the chance to be able to yell obscenities at Daryl.

"Is that what you'd want if that were you?" Shane asked.

"Yeah, and I'd thank ya while ya did it."

"It was a rhetorical question, dumbass." I commented, no longer being able to keep quiet. "Cheyenne," Shane looked at me with a pointed look in his eye. "Don't start."

I scoffed and grinned a bit in a more sarcastic way. "I hate to say it. I never thought I would...but maybe Daryl's right."  

I looked at confusion and worry. "How can you say that? Jim's not a monster, Dale, or some rabid dog." 

"I'm not suggesting-" 

"He's sick. A sick man. We start down that road, where do we draw the line?" Rick interjected, not letting Dale finish his sentence.

"The line's pretty clear. Zero tolerance for walkers - or them to be." Daryl said. "What if we can get him help?" Rick suggested. I looked up at him with curious eyes. "I heard the CDC was working on a cure." 

Shane sighed. "Heard that too. Heard a lot of things before the world went to hell."  

"What is the CDC is still running?"

"Then you're not thinking clear enough. If you think there's still a government out there protecting that place well then you're wrong. Those sons of a bitches left the moment they heard what was going down. Sure, the military stayed for a while but we all know how that turned out." I snapped, fed up with all this talk about the world now and Jim's situation. "Look, our best shot would be at a military base; Fort Benning." Shane spoke. "That's 100 miles in the other direction." Lori said. "But it's away from the hot zone. Now listen, if that place is operational, it'll be heavily armed. We'll be safe there." 

Rick shook his head. "The military were on the front lines of this thing. They got overrun. We've all seen that. The CDC is our best choice and Jim's only chance."

I looked over at Daryl and saw him glancing back at Jim with a menacing look in his eye. "You go looking for aspirin, do what you need to do. Somebody needs to have some balls and take care of this damn problem!" Daryl shouted, lifting his pickax in the air; ready to strike Jim before Rick pointed his gun at Daryl's head. "We don't kill the living." Rick hissed, his eyes firmly placed on the back of Daryl's head. Daryl stopped in his tracks, knowing a gun would do more damage than any ol' pointy object.

"That's funny coming from a man who just put a gun to my head." Daryl muttered, angrily glaring at Rick. Shane ordered Daryl to put down the pickax and he threw it on the floor harshly, angry he was defeated.


I looked over to where Andrea was, still in the same position. I walked over slowly to where she was and I saw her reach for her gun but once she realized it was only me, she relaxed and continued to stare at her deceased sister.  "I just came to pay my respects." I said, kneeling on my knees on the ground.  She kept her hand on the back of Amy's head and looked at her, sadness washing over her face. After a few moments, she let go of Amy's head gently and reached into her pocket and revealed a square shaped paper with an object inside. I quickly realized what it was.

"Today's her birthday." I stated grimly, my voice cracking a bit. "Her birthday was always like a week long affair. But I always somehow missed it. I was away at college or too busy for kid's parties. She'd call all excited. I always said that I'd make it home and I really always meant to but I never made it past that phone call."

"I know things are hard enough for you; without adding guilt into the mix, Andrea."

She looked at me with a ghost of a smile, to hurt to actually smile but not to emotionless to feel. She unwrapped the necklace from it's red packaging and carefully hooked it around Amy's neck. I got from my spot, realizing this was a private moment for Andrea and Amy as family. I walked over to a patio chair by the camp and I sat down with my hands in my head - my thoughts only including Amy. I heard growling a few seconds later and I knew it had to Amy. I lifted my face from my hands and stared on, sympathy waving through me. I looked over at Jeremy by the fire and felt a twinge of pain, feeling guilty that my brother was still alive while Andrea was over there, suffering over the fact that her sister was dead and is now a walker. 

"I'm here now, Amy. I'm here now." Walker Amy continued to grip Andrea's hair, her thirst for blood and flesh growing.  "I love you." Andrea cried as she said those last words before shooting Amy in the head, ending her sufferment. Andrea continued to caress Amy's  now  dead body. I felt a tear run down my face but I quickly wiped it away before anyone could see. 
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