my mum adopted one direction

only child, until my mom decided to adopt 5 idiots


3. room decorations ( contest! (closed)& a story you guys should read)

                                            the boyz rooms look fabulous zayn had the best idea he said he wanted simple walls so he could spray paint the room and i kept thinking how come i never thought of that before here are some pictures of their rooms

harry's room ^^^^^

liam's room^^^^^^^

louis's room^^^^^^^^

niall's room^^^^^^^^^^

zayn's room^^^^^^

i was jamming to some music again when my mom entered and sat down on my bed i looked at her she looked at me i looked away so things didn't get too awkward. " bethany i decieded to put your brother's in all the your classes except like art music and all of that..." she said and then i went to lala land what no sometimes i want to be rude in class and get in trouble but know i won't be able to do it cuz of the am i calling my brother's snitches nah i think they would understand." okay mom" and the she started again " and don't you think you will go to school and leave them to their luck they will in your popular group or whatever you guys call each other" okay simple i nodded " okay i'm going to make some food go hang out with your bros" i smiled at all of that sentence and went down stairs to the living room were they were all talking " hey guys do you guys want Facebook , twitter , instagram?" i asked they nodded i helped them making their accounts and taking their profile picture i kinda sorta gave them a shout out on all of them so they get followers and friends but of course i was the first friend and follower yay! i felt special

                                      we talked and got to now each other more like b-days and mines 3 days after niall's which is awesome i have a almost b-day buddie i was going to say something when ...

" kids food ready!!"my mom screamed from the kitchen i stood up and ran to the dinning room niall did too " you guys will get along so well "mommy pointed out i ignored everyone and ate spaghetti

like 3 full bowls harry zayn liam and louis just stared at niall and me i looked at niall he looked at me and we both shouted "TWINSS!" " okay guys just shut up!" my mom said


can you guys go read my friends fanfic over on wattpad it is really good here's  the link this is the summary of the fanfic 

They all know who she is Ariel the bad girl. Everybody fears her but all the boys want one thing from her well you know. She always gets her way but not this time Marcel the new boy is driving her crazy. Lets join Ariel on her crazy adventure.


also i'm holding a contest for characters so yeah i will be needing  (contest closed)                                                        - beth's bff (2)

- harry's future gf

-louis's future gf

-liam's future gf

- and people for the crew (aka beth's friends group (5)

all you have to do is tell me 

* your personality ( and what you dress like)

*your looks ( eye color skin tone hair color and hair type dimples frekles)

*what you want to be in the story

*your name

* and if you want to be the smart girl or the i don't care about grades type


my name is nayeli i dress girly but i'm not afraid of playing sports my eyes color is brown hair is brown it has waves i have to little dimples at the sides of of my mouth , i want to be louis's gf i want to be smart!


the contest will end tomorrow morning ..... well not really morning like a 2:00 pm


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