my mum adopted one direction

only child, until my mom decided to adopt 5 idiots


1. adopting

and i was like baby baby ohh like baby baby noo i had my i phone on my hands my ear phones on and i was jamming to justin bieber and when i say jamming it means me awkwardly dancing on my bed jumping around singing outloud i got my twerking position on but before i went in twitter and tweeted 

about to twerk # twerk team

and then i lost it i started twerking or what i call twerking out of no where " bethany guess what i was thin............ what the heck are you doing bethany??????" oh my god kill me now " n-nothing" god why am i stuttering " were you twerking??" she asked " no mom i don't even know how to twerk!!" i said all of a sudden my mom said " as long as this twerking doesn't come out of this room i'm okay with it" " i'm sorry mommy wasn't thin.... wait what?"  i asked confused " i said you can do it as long as it doesn't come out of this room!" she said smiling 

i nodded my head still confused on what happened " so beth i was thinking why not adopt five boyz i mean we are kinda lonely in this mansion!" five boys what ! okay honestly i think it is awesome since my mom travels because of her work she leaves me alone here but with them i could have fun i always throw partys but my mom knows now i could party with them!!! " that is awesome mom when are you going to adopt them ?" i asked " well i was thinking about today?" she said i nodded " okay get ready" and then she walked out my room

i looked at the mirror my hair was all over the place i took my brush and brushed it out i put on alot of mascara liquid eye liner eye liner and some chaps tick not to much . the eye liner made my big blue eyes pop up alot more and i loved it 

i was really skinny my friends say they hate me for eating alot and never getting fat! which is true my mom barely trustes me near the fridge and cabinets last time i ate everything which made her spy on me everytime i go to the kitchen i looked at how my face looked i fixed a little bit more of my hair as you can tell i'm vain but not to much everybody says i'm weird

because i'm sassy nice mature and childish vain flirty and dirty minded which is weird i walked into my closet and put on my clothes today i'm wearing some high waisted shorts an Micky mouse cropt top and red high top converse

i came down stairs and then i noticed i forgot my phone i ran upstairs and came back down again " ready you look beautiful sweety!" " thanks mom" and then we walked to out car and got in and well i rode my mom drived to the adoption center we got out of the car and i felt butterflys in my stomach which means i'm nervous what if my new brothers are hot i couldn't date the that even made me more nervous " so beth you are going to help me choose !" she said oh wow 

------------------------------------------after a lady calling all the 14 year old boys-------------------------------

they were so many but i didn't find what i look into friends or a brother but then i saw a blonde boy who looked really sweet i walked to him and said " hi whats your name?" " niall" okay hot he is irish  " mom can you adopt him?" she nodded " niall do you have i don't know 4 boy best friends?"

he nodded " can you tell them to come?"

he walked away and came back with four other boys all hot why????? " hello i'm bethany what your names?" i asked " harry" curly fry said 

" liam" puppy eyes said 

loooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuisssssssssssssssss" big ass said

"zayn" quiffy said " well guysss call me beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeethhhhh!" i screamed my mom came running " mom can you adopt them ?" she nodded lets go guys " don't we need our belongings?" liam said " oh yeah bring whats special to you i'll buy all of you new clothes shoes and everything you guys need" my mom said niall went running and came back with a guitar my mom signed some papers and then we left we discovered that i'm a girl verision of all of them niall is my jb buddie food buddie never getting fat buddie

liam is my my mature buddy toy story buddie

zayn is my getting ready buddie 

louis is my screming buddie playing pranks buddie being childish buddie

harry is my flirting buddie my pervert buddie and my thinking wrong buddie and this is perfect i got new best friends and brothers!


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