The misunderstood vampire

*finished*This story is about a Vamp that is taken from her comfortable life and is thrown into a world of terror, love and danger.


10. fire and ice

Balls of fire and ice fly everywhere, dissipating monsters. I run too Kyle. He is bleeding a lot. “Kyle!!” I yell, slapping him repetitively. “That ain’t gonna work sweetie.” Says a frosty voice. My head swivels around, looking for someone, but I found no one. “well, I wouldn’t say that. She’s more of a grumpy, reserved babe. If you know what I mean.” Says a warm voice. I try to locate the voices but I find nobody, even with my special sight. My other friends look around in confusion, the ones that are conscious of course. A blast of ice comes from the east, quickly parried by a jet of flames with burns it. “haha! Too slow sis!” yelled the warm voice triumphantly. Then, two snow globed size balls floated into the clearing. The one on the left was made of fire and the one on the right, of ice. They stated glowing and Two eighteen year old women stood their. The one in the place of the ice had tightly braided white blond hair, steel crystal blue eyes and a dress that was made of ice and snow. The one in the place of the ball of fire had flaming red hair that was super curly, reddish brown eyes that glinted mischievously and a dress that flickered like fire. “ I am Isabella, the fire mother-“ “ No your not!” yelled the sister “your Isabella the fire STARTER! And I am Isabelle the ice queen!” Smoke blew out of Isabella’s ears as flames erupted around her. “Anyway, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by my darling sister, Slapping the poor boy wont help him. You need mother Maharanee.” she finishes. Well seeing as Eloise is probably gonna die if she doesn't get help and Kyle is unconscious I nod and Kaleb hoists up Eloise and I drag Kyle over. Everyone follows the two girls too a hole in the ground.

* * *

As we entered, Isabelle called out “Mother Maharanee! We have patients!” A shuffle of feet and a hunched over women shuffled over. She had only gums, no teeth, her eyes looked crazed, her skin papery white, her purple tongue kept licking her cracked lips, she was pretty tiny and ! Was that flowers that coming out of her ear!?! “ she cackled loudly and went over too a bed shaped thing. “lay them down over here.” she said bursting out into laughter. My party and me exchanged some worried glances and Kaleb and me put Eloise and Kyle on the bed. She tended to Elo first. Mother Maharanee Turned her leg in different angles and finally spit on it. It went into the wound. Ewe! Is she some mad person!!! how is that healing! Then she put some herbal concoction that looked like it contained insides on her bleeding stump. It healed over instantly. She then put leeches on the dry blood. They sucked it all up and before they could start sucking out the blood in her body, she grabbed them and ate them. I felt nauseated. I realized It wasn't only me who felt this way. She started chanting and we saw the pit come out of her leg, no that's not right, it pulled on it bringing skin with it. It continued doing that until it had formed the missing part of her leg.

* * *

My jaw dropped to the floor. She then placed her palm to my BFF's temple. Eloise eyes snapped open. And she started screaming. Kaleb scooped her up and stated whispering comforting words that only she could here. She eventually stopped her shouting and stated sobbing into his shirt. I turned around and found JK smirking at him. I read his mind. I saw Kaleb's love for my friend and stood there perplexed. “ now your turn honey” said Mother Maharanee. I turned around and saw her focused on Kyle. She first healed his scratch, but there would always be a scar. I don't care, I find it cute. Then I saw a trickle of black stuff coming from his mouth. “ Poison.” said The old women. She turned to Isabella “ can you get me a moonstone?” She dashed out of the room. Sweat started beading on his forehead and his breath accelerated. I pushed his hair out of his eyes. He was really cold compared to his usual temperature! Isabella reappeared and passed a glittering, white stone to the women. After licking it, she put it in his mouth.

* * *

The stone had turned completely black. She took it out of his mouth. “there you go.” She pressed her palm to his forehead. “DONT TOUCH HER!” He yelled, sitting bolt upright. His face turned tomato red as he took in his surroundings. I jumped on him, Hugging him very hard. We then kissed. Someone cleared their throat and I looked up annoyed. What was wrong with these people and their intolerance too affection? We thanked Mother Maharanee and left. Some distance away from the hole we started forming a plan. We had to stop Francisco an his crazy plan to take over the world. But first, we have too recruit an army too rebel against. “ so, who do you think we should recruit?” I asked too my friends. There was mumbles, but no answers came my way. We stood, surrounded by foret, thinking. Then, Isabelle and Isabella stepped out of the forest. “ we know a person who could help you guys a lot.” they said together “ and, we'd like to volunteer to join your cause.” “Oh no thanks” I said quickly, I seriously don't want bickering all the time and I've seen them eye Kyle occasionally. “Oh, but we weren't giving you the choice.” said Isabelle, “We. Are. Coming.” Said her sister. They moved to the front of our group and lead us to the person. Me trudging behind unhappily.


authors note:

hi guys, It might take me longer too write chapters for this movella because of school and other stuff. remember too comment, like, favorite and let's not forget constructive criticism. ;]


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