The misunderstood vampire

*finished*This story is about a Vamp that is taken from her comfortable life and is thrown into a world of terror, love and danger.


9. escape

two months have passed since my visit to mermaid cove, becoming friends with Elizabeth and co. and being officially with Kyle. Its Jully fifteenth. Everything has been like normal, or as normal being a vampire is. Elizabeth told me why their eyes are golden. Its because they drink animal blood instead of the humans. She encouraged me too do so too, mainly because Kyle knows that I drink other peoples blood. I am pleased to say that my eyes are now turning goldish. Once a month, kyle would be unable to meet with me and he would show up the other day injured. He assured me it was because of a fight. Kaleb keeps dropping hints about a dog. Witch confuses me. Schools been good and all my friends get too know each other thought Kyle and the Stenalis are still uneasy around each other. Anyways, lets get back to the present.

* * *

I lay my head on Kyle's lap and listen in to the conversation between Liz and Elo. “land sports are way better than swimming!” argues Liz (Elizabeth) “ are not. You get hurt and trip and fall a lot. In water, You can hardly get hurt.” I tune them out as my boyfriend starts playing with my hair, I have cut it again and its now shoulder length, I close my eyes under his touch and let myself relax. Just then, a huge bang shakes my house. I jump to my feet, everyone else doing the same. Elizabeth looks at her coven and they nod at each other. “They have come.” Says Ashton. As if confirming his words a second blast blows the house apart. Francisco stands there next to another vampire. “ Y-your not dead!” I say, taken aback. “ Of course not. I thought you would know that seeing as your smart. If a vampire dies, there I purple smoke.” I remember walking away from the mess and not commenting on the lack of violet smoke. I groan and cover my face with my hands. “ what do you want.” growls Kyle. “ her, of course and the rest of you who have abilities.” says my maker. As if one mind, Kyle throws a tree at them, I laser them and JK... starts running... “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” He shouts and we follow, disappearing from their view.

* * *

We are far in the forest, still running. We hear some howling and thumping. Kaleb sniffs the air and hisses under his breath “ that was Ambrose” “excuse me?” asks Eloise trying to keep up the pace. “Ambrose is the other vampire, he can create monsters at will. They are currently following us.” says Elizabeth. We all turn to look back and listen hard. The pounding is getting closer. “ Irene, can you see how many?” I look and see seven outlines of creatures. “there are seven. I cant get a good look.” “so.. I know this is a bad time, but I have something to tell you.” says Kyle. I fix my attention on him but still catch Kaleb grinning in anticipation “ Um.. I am... a werewolf” “what?” I say. He steels himself and says “ I am a werewolf.”

* * *

great. My boyfriend is a werewolf. “WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!!!!” I shout at him, still running. “ I was goin-” “ -YOU LIED TO ME!!!! THIS COMPLETELY AFFECTS OUR RELATION SHIP!!!!” I scream in frustration. I'm not actually mad, just hyper embarrassed that I didn't figure it out with all the hints they've been giving me. Kaleb's mutt jokes, Kyle's disappearance every full moon. His wounds. The reason why he smells bad, but still good to me. Why the other vamps don't like him that much. I have stopped running. The prickling feeling behind my eyes is starting again. A weird noise escapes me. I realize I'm crying. His warm arms pull me in an embrace. “ I didn't mean to make you cry” he whispers in my ear. I shake my head “I-I-Its n-not y-y-you” I say between sobs. “what is it then?” he asks, puzzled. But I cant continue. He than kisses me. I kiss him back. And we are burning again, our agony and pain one being. “ Um... sorry to interrupt this joyride, but we are sorta running for our lives here.” says JK. I scowl at him. “Or you could continue kissing. Please go on, our lives are truly not as important as your love life. We break apart. Kyle is beet red. I'm just mad that they ruined my moment. That's when we realize we are surrounded.

* * *

They leap at us, clawing and tearing at us. As soon as Ashton looses an arm, we realize that they can destroy us. I get a good look at my attacker. It has the head of a dog, Huge fangs dripping with poison, it has wicked claws and is super tall. I smile as I imagine how easy this will be. I turn my lasers on planning to grill him. But he just absorbs it. Of course. I get the one that's resistant to fire. I dodge out of the way as the fangs sink into the dirt where I was a moment before. I hear a scream and whip around, Eloise is lying on the forest floor, Her leg completely gone. She is loosing a lot of blood. “watch out!” yells Kyle as he leaps over me. A huge boom resonates. I whip back around and see Kyle unconscious with a claw mark that runs down the side of his face. The monster turns his attention back at me and lunges. Then, it stops, frozen in ice.

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