The misunderstood vampire

*finished*This story is about a Vamp that is taken from her comfortable life and is thrown into a world of terror, love and danger.


1. Preface

My feet pounded on the path through the forest that surrounded my house. The wind howled and my hair whipped around my face. The soft snow twirled down from the sky and left tracks were I stepped. That was the last straw. I was not going back to that hell. My pack bounced quietly on my shoulder, the tracks would cause a problem, I could probably fight my way through if they caught me or run away. I was always the fastest. I could always detect stuff like that, see through there disguises. They would never sell me to be a slave or send me to an orphanage. It was the baby's fault, it spurred their decision to abandon me. Sure, they would have anyways, but now they had 6 kids, a new baby and me. The weird one. Everything that happened was blamed on me. I ran faster. Suddenly I stopped. Right in front of me was a beautiful creature. Its pale white chest, developed muscles, delightful aroma. Everything about it made me paralysed. It came closer, almost gliding, it had ruby red eyes. “ whats your name sweetheart?”it asked in a musical voice. “ Irene Sutherland” I answered quite clearly. My instincts told me to run but my muscles were locked in place and I didn't see the harm in him. Its eyes narrowed and suddenly, as if sensing my sudden decision, lunged and bit me on my neck, arm, chest and leg. I screamed in pain as fire washed through my body. I fell to the ground thrashing about in agony. He leaned over me and whispered “ sleep well my darling.” and everything turned black.

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