Inside My Head

She can hear him, she can see him, but she's doesn't know, she's the only one. She loves him but he's driving her mad. Everybody tells her she's crazy. She swears he's there. How long can she live like this? Will he ever leave?


1. Who Is He?

Part 1

Evelyn's pov.

I'm laying here. I can't see anyone but I can hear them. Wait. I can see a boy, he's absolutely stunning. I've never seen anybody so perfect. Every little dark curl of his falls perfectly around his face. And his green eyes speak for him, saying not a single word. He starts to speak to me. He tells me in his deep voice "Evelyn, what were you thinking? Why did you get in that car with them?" I couldn't remember what happened. "I don't know... I don't remember. Where am I?" I asked. I must've said it out loud because I felt people run towards me and grab me asking me questions. "Are you ok?" "Evelyn are you awake?" "Can you hear me Evelyn?" "Evelyn?" I opened my eyes and saw a bunch of people hovering over me. The boy was over in the corner. He was all I cared about. I kept trying to look around the people surrounding me to see him but they were too close together. I saw their lips moving and no sound was coming out. I only heard the boys voice. "Evelyn? Why did you get in the car with those drunk people? Half of them are dead or dying. You and one other girl are the only ones that have for sure survived so far." He said to me. "I'm sorry" I said completely out loud. All the other voices came back and they wouldn't stop asking me questions. "sorry for what Evelyn?" "You should be sorry" "what do you mean?" I couldn't answer them, I could only talk to the boy I saw. I didn't know his name or why he was here. He just was. He was sitting on the edge of the white bed I was in. He reached out for my hand. I tried to reach out for his but I couldn't move my arm. It was strapped down to the bed. My arms and legs were all strapped down to the bed. I couldn't get them untied. I pulled and pulled but I just couldn't get them to come undone. Everybody around me was holding me down. They were all shaking and calling the doctors and nurses. I want out of this bed. I want my arms to be let free. I want to talk to that boy again. "Evelyn stop it. You're going to break something." He says and I obey him and stop moving. I felt all the hands leave my almost lifeless body. He was the only one I felt. His hand on my foot. Everybody seems to be ignoring him. I don't know why they are being so rude to him. It's like they can't see him. "Evelyn my name is Harry" he says. "I hope you like me. I really like you. And I wanna help you." He stated. "Hello." I said back to him. The people surrounding me looked really confused. They looked around for something. Did they not see him? "Who are you talking to Evelyn?" Somebody said. I said "Harry" but nobody heard me. What do they mean who am I talking to? He's right there.

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