Midnight parties

When Alley party's to hard and ends up in 5 random guy's house and is told that she is there slave but she ends up falling for one of them


3. Harry's Anger

Harry's POV

me and the boys were watching T.V. when the girl we kidnapped came running down the stairs and was about to open the door but Zayn got her and took her to her room then Louis came stomping down the stairs and claimed that the girl kicked him in the manhood. then when the pizza came Niall got a slice and a glass of water and took it to her but he didn't come back so i decide to go check when i open the door the girl was sleeping with Niall. then i notice Niall's eyes flutter open and as soon as he saw me he quickly got off the bed and said "umhh......i see you um saw me with her sleeping" i suddenly got rage all over me but why i can't be jealous i seriously don't even know her name but i also felt guilt about picking her to be our slave. then the girl's eyes flutter open then Niall walked out the room and left me and the girl alone. then i told her "what's your name?" then at first she looked at me like she was about to beat the living daylights out of me then her angry face turned to innocent look and said "Allison, but my friends call me Alley" then i said "well nice to meet you Alley" her face went blank then i notice Louis entered the room. Louis just smirk and said "don't be scare love i won't hurt you anyways Harry so chick is here to visit you but may i remind you if anyone of us is dating anybody then we have to let the slave go and that won't make me happy Hazza i really want to fuck this girl" what the hell did he just say that in front of Alley i turned around to see Alley she look like she was about to throw up i started dating Tiffany so she can be free i really hope my plan works out. 

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