Life changing

Kallie is a beautiful model, 19 and rich. Her life is popular until she meets 5 amazing boys and falls in love with one... Or two. Then finds she's pregnant with ones baby. The daddy wants it but will the other members say no?!


3. shopping


I got up early and went into the bathroom to get a shower. The warm water was so relaxing. After I got done, I got out and put my hair in a towel and wrapped one around myself. I went out of the bathroom and picked out some clothes. I decided to wear my short jean shorts my crop-top that's says forever Directioner and my black vans.

After I got done getting dressed I went into the bathroom and blow-dried my hair. Then I straightened it and put on a little bit of makeup.

While I was downstairs cooking I heard the shower start running. Elizabeth must be up I thought.

I took out the toaster and cheeks to see if the eggs and bacon was ready and it was. I got out two plates and set and even amount on both. After that Elizabeth came out with the same outfit on but she curled her hair. "TWINZIES"!! We both yelled, then burst out laughing. Then we sat down to eat.


After we got done eating we brushed our teeth and headed out to the car. "I can't wait to see one direction" I said. "I know right, what do you think it'll be like?" Asked Kallie. "Heavennnnnn" I replied. "Yah I agree".


Once we got to the mall we went inside and went to A LOT of stores. First we went to Abercrombie and Fitch. We got tons of stuff there. Then we went to hollister (my fav store) and got loads of stuff there too. Then we went into forever 21 and that's where we got our outfits to meat One Direction. Kallie got this strapless short white lace dress, with a belt around the waist and I got this short baby blue dress with lace at the bottom and also had a belt around the waist. "OMG there perfect" Kallie said. " there perfect for perfect girls"I replied. She just started laughing, because she thinks she's ugly. But actually she's super skinny, tan and gorgeous!


After shopping we went by Starbucks and got us a coffee then we went home and started getting ready for the meat and greet. It started at 4:30 and it was 1:30 right now

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