F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


11. Spirit Week, Pep rallies, & The Sophomore Sluts.

  Based On Awkward's season 04 episode 04.

  I can't believe i actually made it through a full first week of high school. Although it was stressful from all the school supply arrangements, classwork, introducing yourself to all seven classes, having upper classmen cut you in lunch lines, and getting tripped in a busy hallway, landing on the cold floor having nothing but my chin break my fall on " freshmen Friday ". But believe me, i could go on and on but this week is going to be different. Much different, and that's what excites me.

  Because this week is the week you can walk around in horrendous  costumes along with the rest of the student body. The week were you'll get a detention if your don't represent your grades color with either clothing to a crayola scribble on each of your cheeks. The week were teen spirit rises more then hormones. The week were flash mobs are unexpected and cheerleaders and jocks roam each hallway like royals.

 That's right. It's spirit week.

" Ugh why are we here so early?" I ask Acacia, dropping both of the boxes full of decorations out of my arms and on to the table next to the door.

" Because I volunteered for the freshmen spirit committee which you should think about doing for extra credit points from leadership..that and i'm kissing Katlynn Marshells ass to be on the team permanently." Brin scoffs pulling out green posters and black sharpies. So in between the first week of school my sister convinced us to try out for the cheer leading team which i thought might be fun at first. Thinking about it do to football games i'd be able to be called out of classes, wear the outfit which would give me the official ' bitch label ' , flaunt around doing kicks in short skirts with nothing but tight spandex shorts making the boys basically swoon over me. But obviously it was nothing like that. It was more work than expected, cheer leading practice was after school and before school Which doesn't work for me because sleep is my best friend and without it i am the polar opposite of Maddisen Russo. Plus+ Scarlett was more bitchy then usual so no thanks, I think I can live without spandex shorts stuck up my ass while practicing at 5am-6am and loosing my voice from cheering.

" I don't even know why you want to be on the cheer leading team anyway, All the girls are rude and stuck up and obsessed with eating celery on a daily basis." " Your sisters on the cheer leading team, Co captain at that." I look back at her summoning a few guys who went to the same middle school as we did, over to us with many hand motions.

" Like I said, their crazy bitches with pom poms as weapons." I tell her and she laughs.

" No, no! It has to be higher so when the seniors see it they can hopefully bump into it." Acacia directs these two guys who were holding up a huge poster above the ceiling that reads " Go Freshmen! Go Freshmen! " Written in a glittery green which is sadly our freshmen color. 

  " Calm down Acacia." She turned her face to me instantly. " Look they volunteered to be on the Freshmen Spirit Committee, and so did you so get to work girl."  She says basically prying the breakfast scone out my hand. 

" Ughh, I'll start on it later like give me at least 10 minutes to get shut eye, It's 6-" I pause to check my phone." It's 6:11am." I groan jerking my head back aching already from more decorating supplies all piled up in my arms still. 

" To bad Russo,it's a total resume padder, and I need all hands on deck. If the Freshmen don't win Spirit Week, I'll jump overboard." She runs her hands through her face, definitely over compensating about this. " This year is freshmen vs sophomores and as preppy as i am i'm sure in the hell not letting us loose to the sophomores, Oh, and what's wrong with your dad, he seemed like i got hit by a UPS truck or something." Brinley says pulling out green shirts from a plastic bag she had gotten from the drama room earlier. 

" Oh-" I pause to choose which letter on each peanut butter cookie spelled out ' F R E S H M E N '   In green icing. " He got laid off at his job and since he's been working there for 3 years he sort of got attached to it. " I mumble in between bites of the cookie that was warm in the middle and hard on the edges, I devoured with out any help. 

" Oh that sucks, tell him i'm sorry about that." Acacia says.

I nod and grab another cookie. " No!" Brin shouts in my face, smacking the cookie right out of my hands; that was about  two inches away from entering my mouth.

" What the f*** Brin!?" 
" Those aren't for us, It's for the staff so we can bribe them for spirit points, duh." She sighs yanking down her high waisted skirt .

 " Guys, can you help me with this? " I hear Catherine ask behind us. 

 " Sure." I hear two familiar British voices respond. I turn around to see Harry and cheekbones 

 " I didn't know Harry and Zayn would be here." I bite the inside of my cheek staring like a creeper. Acacia pulled my wrist beginning to walk over towards them before i pulled her back. " What are yo-" " Come on." She drags out the 'O' in on tugging at my wrist again, forcing me to go over to them.

" Hay..guys.." I say with a Coy smile plastered on my face. Both of them turn around with pearly white grins. As far as i'm concerned, that was literally the best replies i ever received.

" Hey freshmen, Oh Acacia, how goes it being a cheerleader?" Harry and Zayn turn to her.

" Enh okay i guess except for like my soar throat after cheering louder than necessary, and the agonizing pain from spandex shorts hiked up my but during the entire practice." They both laugh from her humorous bluntly answer. I clear my throat more perceptible then i wanted to be. They're eyes darted towards me standing there awkwardly. I almost choked on my breath when Harry started staring at me before i thought of something to say so i literally wouldn't faint right in front of them.

 " So why are you guys,uh, why are yo guys here.." I croaked the first time i said it so i repeated it once more clearer than before. Acacia smirked at my shyness nudging me with her elbow to give me the message she noticed it.

" Well.." Harry pauses to wipe the corners of his mouth with his thumb and index finger. Oh my fucking god. " A little birdy told us if we helped the other graders with their float and what ever else their promoting for their grade, we get a bunch of points for the Juniors. Zayn turned to Kaitlynn and gave her a sensual wink, then turned back to us. Guess we know who that ' little birdy ' is now. 

 Acacia gasps way over dramatically. " You..Cheaters!" She hits my forearm to make me aware of what was going on. Zayn licked his bottom lip, walking towards Acacia. 

 " You wouldn't snitch us out or anything right?" Zayn whispers in Brin's ear, loud enough for me to hear and see her shiver from his breath against her ear. She shakes her head crazy fast looking back up into his seducful brown eyes. 

 " So um any way, we're still going to kick the sophomore asses."  I simpered, looking rather.

  ~  *  ~


It's barely third period, P.E and I already can't wait til this freakin day is over. I've been hearing nonstop slutty cheers from the SS-sophomore sluts- all morning and seeing to many bones from guys who get simple hi's from those walking STDs. Those overly conspicuous girls just irritate every nerve in my body i swear. if it isn't the fact that they wave their annoying spirt week enthusiasm in everyone's face, it's the fact that my dream guy is supposly dating one of them. Ugh it would be so much better if they all just get ran over by a UPS truck or something.     " You think more guys would fine me more tempting to screw if I had a thigh gap? Acacia bends over half way spacing her thighs apart with her hands. She wobbles towards Alyssa&I  in action of her natural thigh gap exercise.     I roll my eyes." Brin your thighs are fine, shut up." I squeeze the bottle of baby lotion over my legs. " On to more important things what should I do about this Harry thing, I mean my dream guy can't be with a SS because there's like no way I could ever compete with..that! They have neon color hair extensions with meanings and thongs stuck up their arse with no problems with it, their like every guys wet dream." I whine with lots of hand motions that made a Alyssa laugh while Brin was to busy holding her thighs apart. " Maddi," Alyssa tugs on her p.e shirt before continuing " That guy simply goes for one thing and one thing only. He wants to steal your cookie from your cookie jar." Brin and I laugh from her choice of words. But tbh-to be honest- she is probably.. Scratch that, Alyssa is right. That's all he talks about to Niall, Who he's doing it with and how their like in his possession, But the thing that has my feelings attached to him like a leech is that he has one of the funniest, wittiest, happiest, flirtiest, openist, personality I have ever come in notice with. Also.. The way he licks his bottom lip in before he starts his sentences, he flips his choco-licious curls from each side, the dimples that form when he's laughing from a joke that niall usually tells him, how he refuses to let his beautiful green orbs loose contact with you when your holding a conversation with him-    "  Earth to Russo " I catch my self landing back to reality as Alyssa waved her hand in front of my face catching my attention.    " Sorry I was just-"  " Day dreaming about Styles, we know, we know but let's face it he's not as hot as my baby Zayn." I just blink at Brin biting her lip probably focusing on Zayns jawline as well, smile. " You guys are so boy crazy I swear." Alyssa flicks Brin's forehead to get her back to reality as well. "Owe.." She rubs her forehead as the three of us make our way out of the locker room into the gym.     The gym was semi crowded. Since it was spirit week most of the cheerleaders and foot ball players were out of class to practice for this years first game on Friday. I met a few other girls up at the volleyball net waiting for the coach to give us the ball to start playing. Volleyball was the only sport I could stand playing for a long period of time with out running out of breath because it was simple and entertaining. I hit a ball and hopefully it hits either saidie or one of the SScrews face, and move occasionally.    " Your not gonna play?" I ask Brin who rests against the wall behind the bleachers. She shrugs starting to type away on the phone she pulls out of her pocket.     I turn back and the ball was all ready being thrown in the air. " Hay you going to Harry's party?" I hear someone say from behind me to another girl. He's having a party?     The ball passes me by and gets hit to the other side of the net. " Yep I got an invite yesterday!" I hear a girl beam to her friend. I look over to Alyssa who was smirking at me already waiting for my reaction.  " I heard it's going to be even more bad ass then last year." Another girl chimes into their conversation. Oh right! I remember him telling me about how he has a beginning of the year party every school year, my first day of school. Crap, I hope I get invited.     " Well anyway it's next Friday since there's obviously a game this week. I swear I can't wait! I already know what I'm going  to wear too!" I hear one of the girls exclaim to her friends. I 'pst' Alyssa a few times until I finally got her attention. " Did you hear that?" I ask her in a whisper but loud enough for her to hear.     She nods "  You know you could always just ask him." She suggests.   I arched an eyebrow from her remark. " I can't just ask.. I have to be invited!" I whine wishing desperately that I was the girl who had been invited to go.   " well your wish might be granted this period."    " why?"   " because someone came to visit." She points at him walking into the gym with a SS holding his arm.   " Quick, how do I look?"  I ask her  combing my hair back.   "Stunning" she says sarcasm filling her voice.   ---*---*---   The day was almost finish, it's 8:52pm right now in Calabasas and I'm glad that I'm finally home but without an invitation. It was weird because I haven't really seen Scarlett, James, and Aiden all day since my schedule was piled up. But I still have to share one bathroom with all of them at the end of the day so if anything a break is what I need.    "Guys I have exciting news! I just got hired for a job!" My dad says placing the phone back on the hook still grinning harder then ever. " Aww congrats baby!" My mom says pulling my dads chin and pulling closer to leave a kiss on his lips that'll probably end by the time we all have grand children. Gag me with a spoon.   " Aww congrats daddy!" Scarlett exclaimed getting up from her chair to hug dad. Yep. She's definitely sucking up for something.    " Oh good for you, paps." James says in between slurps from chowing down cereal next to me. My gag reflexes were already setting in from how fast he was eating those cocoa puffs.  " James, gross" I cover my mouth feeling nasus. He turned to me smirking deviously before opening his mouth with chewed up cereal all in it.      I gag getting up from the seat and walking over to the kitchen counter to hear him chuckle behind me before he left to his room.     " So what's your new job?" My mom asks finally pulling away from my dad.     " Ah, it's a surprise." My dad grins wider. Jeez I didn't know his grin could even get more wider, it's like the same one on the masks they wear on the purge. Creepy, as ****    " Ouu is it like one of those cool jobs like a mortician or something?" I ask in complete excitement as everyone's expression went to disgustment.  If your not familiar with what that is, it's a person that handles with dead bodies. I mean that's so cool if my dad was one because if their was ever like a zombie apocalypse we would be the first ones to get a heads up then like move to Canada. Because honestly, nothing happens in Canada.     "No Maddi I'm not a mortician, but you'll all find out soon what my job is don't worry. But their is also one more other surprise." Our eyes light up turning to him. Is it a Vacation to Hawaii? Is he and mom getting remarried? Is he going to give me an invitation to the Styles' party-?     " Bianca is going to be living with us!" My dad chirps. Wait..what the utter fuck.

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