F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


12. Spirit Week, Pep rallies, & The Sophomore Sluts. Part Two


   " B-bianca?" My mom gulps as the rest of us stare at each other in complete denial.. See Bianca is my cousin who currently lives in Minnesota with my Uncle Ben an aunt Loretta. She's like the definition of badass. She and her boyfriend Jason always get high in the classrooms at their highschool, her grades are worser than mines yet she still sneaks out to go to underground raves with her friends Mercedes and Justene. She's been to juvenile 2 times this year and she wears the sluttiest clothes I've ever seen on anybody and I live in LA.   "Wait like our cousin Bianca?" My dad nods still as blind as a bat when it comes to our facial expressions, I swear.     " When you say living you mean living on the same planet right?" Scarlett asks.     "No, as in living in this house with us."     " Uh, Kevin, when did we ever discuss this?" My mom arches her eyebrow removing herself from out of my dad's arms.    He sighs. "Saturday night after Aiden left to go to Soccer camp in Burman." My mom gasps then hits by dads chest.    " He left in between 1 to 2 in the morning, I was half way asleep! You could of asked me to let one of the kids go clubbing with Charlie Sheen and I would of gavin you the 'okay'." She raises her voice upset with her own decision.      "Well Loretta and my brother already bought her ticket so-" "Can't we just make her go somewhere else like Thailand or Narnia. If you don't tell we won't tell." Scarlett asks.     " No. She's coming here next Wensday and that's final." Grunts left the entire kitchen as my day walked upstairs. Jeez. Thursday? I won't have enough time to train myself from killing her when she comes.    -*-     Wensday.    Jay gives me a head gesture as I approach them all at the table. " What up gang?" I ask throwing my bag on the table.    " Another hot day in LA." Richie fans himself with a hand made paper fan. It's probably made out of his history homework. I sit down and glance twice at Brenda walking towards us, wearing a baby costume. Haha, gotta love spirit week. I suck in my bottom lip trying to hold in my laugh along with Jay, Alyssa and Richie.     "Don't." She waves us away annoyed, stealing a French fry out of my tray. A loud laugh from Alyssa breaks the silence and it followed like a chain reaction.     " Aww come on guys, spare her some mercy. It isn't her fault she has to go through puberty again." Jay leers as Richie Alyssa turns the other direction spitting out Pepsi from laughing so hard.    "Oh shut up and you know at least I'm participating in this stupid week." She rolls her eyes popping in a binky bin her mouth. Oh shit I forgot. Mr.Burken is gonna get on my ass if I'm not participating again this week. Ugh I should have never signed up for Leadership.    " So anyway how's the Russo siblings taking the news?" I look at Richie confused not knowing what he was talking about. " you know , About Bianca staying with you guys." Jay mutters and alerts my memory. Shit. I've been trying so hard to forget that the devil's child is coming next week, right after my dad gave me the news.     I groan burying my face in Brenda's shoulder. " Ughh can I live with one of you guys til sophomore year?" Chuckles filled my ears and I lifted my face from her shoulder. " I'm not even joking I can't do it, I can't do it! The entire school year with her is like spending a day in Aiden's room, dark and scary.      " Well I don't know what else to tell ya kido." Jay shrugs.     " hey, ?" Alyssa looks around. " Where's Acacia and Alfie?"      "  Oh Alfie's working on the Freshmen float." I told her.    " And Acacia is at cheerleading practice." Brenda says.     'Brrriiiinnnnggggggg' My attention faces the loud bell above my head. I see people packing up their things ready for 5th period.    " See you chicks later." Richie holds up the peace sign as him and Jay who waves goodbye to us all, walk to the football field. We give them 'byes' before we got our stuff together walking towards the hallways. They wave goodbye to me finding their classes.     I bump into a girl who is more familiar then Kim K's ass a mile away. " Oh my god!" She yells getting more than enough peoples attention. " My stuff! " She yells to the floor that had a coach bag with a curling iron, lipstick, Victoria secret spray, and a condom spilled out. She looked back up to me and that's when I discovered.. She was the same girl from yesterday. The Captain sophomore slut, CSS for short. And behind her was somebody I tried my best to pretend wasn't there but those green eyes and those chocolate locks had me set. It was him. It was Harry ****ing Styles.     " Thanks a lot Freshmen I'm going to be late to class now." She spats as Harry chuckles ,picking up her stuff. I bend down and decide to help. A sudden pain hits my hand when I discover it was her violet pumps stepping on my now 50shades of red hand, that made a sharp shriek came out my mouth.  " Don't touch my stuff." She snaps. Oh I'd like to stab that pretty faced bitch.      The pain was relieved when her pumps finally came off if my hand. I look up at Harry who came back up on his feet giving me a hand. I gladly took it, rising up.    " Russo this is Mackenzie, my girlfriend." He smirked towards her blushing in awe.      " What a lucky guy you are." I say sarcastically getting her eyes to narrow at me.      " Well we should go, next time pay attention to where your going, Manican ." She hissed then pulls Harry's hand into  another direction she was walking to.    "It's Madisen..bitch." I mutter the last part a bit quietly while beginning to walk to class.   ~*~  After school.    I walk to the deserted field with one person in a baby suit reading along the lines on her clip board ,sitting on the bleachers.     " So do you have anything planned for practice?" I ask walking up to zombie acacia. " Oh my gosh you look awful."   "Thanks Maddi that's what every girl wants to hear in the morning." She says sarcastically. I hand her my sunglasses from out my bag and she hurries to slip them on to cover her red eyes. " I was up all night playing that stupid Kim K game. I kept running out of energy for Napoleon." She flashes her  phone with 2%battery left, to me.     " Who's Napoleon?"       "My avatar." She says.  " No, but it's okay.I'll just stay up all night tonight and learn the plays.I'll be fine." She sniffs.   I groan really not wanting to do this but what the hell. " Fine! I'll coach Powder Puff."   " Really? " " Give me the clipboard and the whistle." She hands them over as a smile appears on her face.    " Hey, Pounder Muffs, can we practice already? " Saidie snaps rude like always, as her and the other girls walk over to us on the field.      " Practice is postponed until tomorrow.I'm taking over coaching duties, and I need time to prepare."    " You can't coach! All you know is losing! The point is to win." Saidie says.    " I could teach you some plays if you want.I was tutored by a Yale football player." Stella offers.    " I don't need your help.I'm fine.I just need to organize my playbook, practice will be tomorrow at 4. Bye guys." I wave them off as they leave me alone with nothing but my whistle and clipboard. And by saying organize my playbook,  I meant learn everything there was to know about football before tomorrow, because if the Sophomore Sluts were making a play for our sophomore boys, they were gonna be intercepted.   " Hey, dad," He looks up from the newspaper, to me. " Can you teach me some football plays?"  Oh god, there goes that purge grin again. " I thought this day would never come." -----   " So, if you call a blast, then what? " We play catch with the foot ball in the back yard while my mom and my mom's dearest friend from high school, Ally drink tequila shots and gossiping about other girls men at my from my moms job at a nail shop in downtown, on the balcony. "The running back takes a quick handoff from the quarterback and hits the hole between the guard and tackle." "So proud. You're really good at memorizing these plays."    " I just really want to win this game." I tell him.    " And don't get me wrong. I love your sudden interest in football, but why do you need to win so badly? "   " Just freshmen pride. And there are these sophomore girls we're playing against who are so annoying! " I roll my eyes from the thought of them.   " The Sophomore Sluts? " Mom and Ally ask  in sync turning from their seat positions. "- Here we go." My dad sighs.   " How did you guys know that?"    " Honey, the Sophomore Sluts have been around since the beginning of time. Shameless, disgusting, filthy. Ally was an original Sophomore Slut."    "Lil bitch, before me the tramp stamp was simply known as a lower-back tattoo. "OGSS" "Original Sophomore Slut." Ally turns around pointing at the 'ogss' sign on her lower back. Gross..   " Okay, well, nowadays they wear colored hair extensions, so - " "Ugh.Those nasty little skanks.No offense, Ally." Ally throws her hands up showing she wasn't affended one bit. Not really surprising since Ally literally looks like she could of been one..at least 20years ago.   " Oh, they were like sexually aggressive zombies, and the boys just loved it." My mom shakes her head pouring herself some more tequila.   "Because guys are Ass*****." Ally signals her head towards my dad, indicating he was one of those ass holes.   " Oh, yeah, blame it on the guys."    " Who else should we blame, Kevin? " My mom spats.   " Come on, some sophomore girls were so stressful and constantly talking about their emotions."   " Sorry being pregnant brought out a lot of emotions in me." My mom defends in a loud tone.   " Sweetie, I'm all for winning, but beating the Sophomore Slu- I mean, girls is not gonna keep your guy friends from hanging out with them.They're not bad guys.They're just being guys.They just want to have a good time." My dad says which makes me ponder on Harry and if that's just a hormonal thing to be in to that kind of stuff. Like a phase.    " Should we do shots? " Ally asks my mom. "Oh, god." I roll my eyes going back inside not wanting to be there when they throw up all over the place.    ~*~    Friday     This week has been exploding with spirit but I was the only one who didn't have any. Their was no pep in my step except for today because today was our last chance to beat those sophomore sluts and the thought gave me the chills. It was one period away from game time and as soon as the bell ring I'm going full out beast mode.    " Hey Russo you ready for the game?" Niall asks passing me the class syllabus handed to him. I nod taking it from him and beginning to fill it out.During the past two weeks I could actually call Stella and him good friends of mine. They we're class clowns, I told them basically how I've been feeling the entire week and they are completely understanding about everything that happens in my life. But being friends with them wasn't my mission it was being friends with harry that was.     "Okay class, does anyone know the first amendment of american constitution?" Mr.hdhd asks.   Harry raises His hand up hi jumping in his seat.    Mr..sghdj sighs before calling on him. " Bros before hoes?" Harry says as the whole class breaks out into to laughter.    "Harry no!, go out side and I'll be right there to give you a referral." Mr.hups snaps running over to his desks then ends up tripping over a cord. Tears form from my eyes crying from laughing so hard along with everyone else.   " Help! I've fallen and I can't get up." Niall imitates an elderly woman's voice. I quickly cover my mouth with both hands trying my best not to laugh when Mr.hdjd eyes turns to our table filled with annoyance.   " Ms. Russo!" He snaps getting back up on his feet. All eyes turn to me, while Harry and Niall pull silly faces to me trying to make me laugh more.   " Ah. It wasn't even me!" I threw my hands up. He shakes his head not believing one word that I said.    " I will not tolerate this type of behavior in my class ms.Russo. You think I enjoy being made fun of by all 43 of you, guess again. You and Mr.Styles can go together to the principals office." Harry, Niall, and Stella turn their faces to different directions so Mr.hg couldn't see them laughing from my humiliation. Wait. Did he just say what I think he just said.     " Wait so I'm going with him..to the principles office?" I ask trying to hold my simpering grin.     " That's right. pack up your things and head out side." He begins to write down more lies on my referral. As me and Styles head towards the door I hear " Ouu"s and " Free Styles!" and " Free Russo!"s     Walking down the long corridor with Harry was the best feeling I've ever had out of these fourteen years. Okay I know it doesn't seem all that fascinating but in my book it counts.     " Sorry about Mackenzie.. She tends to be a bit bitchy to those she's envy of." Harry mumbles under his breath. I turn to see him looking back at me biting his bottom lip. I quip my head the other way trying not to show him my cheeks that flushed cherry red from just one glance from him.    " Wait why would she be envy of me? I'm surely no Paris Hilton." He chuckles deeply, swiping his pink tongue along his bottom lips. The feels he gives me are unbareable.    " You don't have to be Paris Hilton to be pretty ,Russo" He flipped his hair to the other side digging both hands into his jean pockets.   " Did you just call me pretty?" I ask him, turning to him. His thin heart shaped pink lips form into a grin.     " Now, no I never said that." He defends his words automatically thinking I might tell the entire school or something.   " Damn near!" I smirk. We both laugh turning to each other. My smile fades as his grows.     " Yes Russo, I think your pretty. But don't let that get to your head or anything. " He turns back from looking at me since we finally arrive at the principles office. " Besides it's not like I would date you, your no where near my type."


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