F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


2. Preview #2



                                                    PREVIEW EVENT (2/3)

                                     PLAYLIST: Avril Lavigne Rock N' Roll





 Harry's POV:

 Between Talk with random girls i've seen once or twice in school & them grinding on me while Avril finally arrived at the house to preform a private concert my focus was pretty much on Maddi, It's crazy how she makes me smile as soon as i see her face and it's only been in a night. It was how a quirky smirk all ways show'd up on her beautiful face, a joke always left her mouth, her Big brown eyes sinked into mine, the way her body rubbed against mine when we left the pool, the way she tenses up if i make contact with her skin or look into her eyes to long for her to handle made me crush on her within the night.

  Scratching the back of my neck while Avril started introducing her self even though 90% of the world knows who this blonde, rock pop princess is. She began with "Rock n Roll" The song from her that somehow made me search the crowd with my eyes to fine Maddi. Finally seeing her near the stairs that lead to upstairs with her friends singing along & throwing her hands in the air along with the rest of the room. Of course a smile drew from my lips, my eyes then lowered to see her nicely shaped body. This girl had me check her up and down only to witness a damn good bangin' body bouncing with the rhythm of the music. Biting my bottom lip my eyes made their way slowly back up to her face which seemed to be excited and pumped i could only say by her facial expression.
  Her eyes then wondered across the entire room until they landed on mine. She played with our contact in her own way, Singing along with Avril she began to sing the lyrics towards me. I think the alcohol in the slushie she was dared to lick off my chest until she reached my V line i'm sure defnitley effected the way she was acting a bit because the way this girl was grinding against her friends playfully but suducingly only made my sex drive go up with in seconds. My tounge glide across both of my lips, leaving them moist. My pants suddenly got tighter, my cock grew harder, & my eyes were watching her body as if they we're forced to. Seeing her turn away from me, looking nervous only made me feel more joy in my pants. But to much to keep hold of, it was overwhelming how much i wanted this girl. Finally the sexual tension was at it's boiling point. I chugged down the slushie Zayn had given me a couple minutes earlier but was to focused on Madisen to drink until now. I needed a boost & by drinking the whole thing i know for a fact im going to get one.

  Maddi's POV:

 Loosing track of him after awhile..I mean know it was the #1 rule not to play with a guys Horomones exspecially if your not ready for what he's willing to bring to the table but i just let loose like Jaden& Acacia said i should do at this party. And i mean C'mon, Harry Styles is like a sex Symbol in this generation, He is sexy af!! Especially when he took his shirt off by the pool! Okay maybe i have a huge out of hand crush on him, and if i never even went to this party tonight, he would of never even knew my name, Im still Thanking the gods for Edward inviting me and my friends. Acacia then rushed over to me along with Brenda. " Okay, seriously if i don't go to the bathroom Asap to fix this tollet paper that is irritating the hell out of my nipples and sticking to my boobs that has pretty much served it's purpose by absorbing the sweat that  was leaking by dancing and giving Todd Anderson the impression my Tit's grew over night from a training bra to a C cup, Im gonna loose it." She speaks crazy fast stealing a drink from some random girl's hands, and chugs it. "Oh don't give me that look by the way your dress i'm sure you'll get another one." Acacia lowered her eyes as me and Brenda looked the girl up and down nodding our heads with a crooked smile. The girls mouth flew open shocked walking away slowly. " Oh my Miley Cyrus, What should i do? Trey is talking to his guys and keeps looking over at me while i was standing against the door wall near Eddie's bedroom-" "Ouu is there a bathroom in there?" Acacia cuts her off, impatient. "Yeah but the rooms occupied, i heard Zayn Malik and Two girls from North Ridge are having a Manaj e' trois in there. " "Eww, he needs to go to the clinic right after having one with North ridge girls, yucky." Acacia squinted her eyes. "So your failing french yet you know every sexual word there is in it?" I ask smirking. "That's basically like asking me why im failing english and i only read& wrote a book report on 50 shades of grey, Anywhore what am i going to do?" "You? What am i going to do i heard there's a bet going on that Trey is going to get a Blowjob from me by the end of the night, see." Brenda says flashing the phone in our face.

   We both gasped seeing a gif of Brenda's head moving up and down while Trey is grinning really hard with his legs open. " I know right!" She says shaking her head putting the phone back in her pocket. "You have to admit, that's a pretty good quality gif." Acacia says, As i nod along. "What ever! what am i going to do!?" "Just deny what everyone thinks is going to happen once they don't see a show they'll soon realise your not about that life, you'll be fine." I reassure her. "Brinley, just go find a near by bush somewhere through this crowd, take the padded tissue out, and if Todd doesn't respect your small pairs then he's not worth your time." They both nodded in agreement. "So how'd you enjoy your drink off of Styles chest?" Brinley smirked. "Shut up, yeah? But since you brought it up that felt beyond awkward having those many eyes all on us, like he was Ray j and i was Kim and we were basically acting out our sex tape." "We'll get use to the awkward because your Kanye, is walking over here." Brenda says smirking and elbowing my arm. "Ouuu." Acacia taunts. "Oh my god, what should i do, what should i do?!" I ask beginning to hyperventalate. "Just calm down and act normal." Brenda says. "No! don't tell her that, every time some whitty friend says that in a movie they act the complete opposite, or end up on the where are they now shows, Just be loose like we told you." "But not Lindsey Lohan loose." Brenda reminded. By then Harry cleared his throat approaching us. My mouth couldn't help but form a smile. "Ladies." He speaks towards Brenda, & Acacia. They giggle from his raspy suducing voice. "Maddison." He says with pure passion. "Styles." I say calmly with a bit of the same emotion towards him.

   "Um not to interrupt but is there, any bathroom that's open?" Harry turns back looking through the crowd. "Umm, there's one up stairs that should be open." "Kay thanks, i'll see you soon Maddi." Acacia says with a 'you dirty liddo hoe' look. I laugh from it to. "With that i think im off to, behave yourself Maddi." Brenda warns playfully but partly serious. " I promise, mother." I Joke causing Harry and I both to laugh at her protectivness. 


All of a sudden two pair of hands were wrapped around my waist tightly catching me by surprise causing me to let the red cup that i was gripping tightly to slip out my hand. Turning around to see the guy i have a huge crush on since Monday. Gosh his Emerald eyes deepening into my Big brown ones, Makes me uncomfortable which i kind of like. He smirked at my reaction. "Hows your night been so far?" I could smell tropical punch covered with alcohol coldly hit my face, He must of drunk one of the slushie's Acacia made. I knew it was to good to be true. "Your drunk?" I ask mesmerising his eyes looking through mind. He really didn't seem drunk though, his posture was fine, eyes weren't a hint of red, The only thing that changed about him was his aggresivness towards me. " A bit." He says trying to read me, What else was in that slushie because he then brought m tighter than before. At that point we were chest to chest. " I always had a thing for you Russo, But of course Taylor being by my side 247 beck& call it's really hard to show how my affection towards you." My eyes widen, my breathing was hitched, I placed my hand on my heart. How is this happening. "Your heart's beating insanely, didn't know one touch could drive your sensations nuts." I gave no reply but gasp from the  way he handled me. Traveling his fingertips up my spine, every tap from his fingers was retreived from the counsil of virgin city in my hormones.

   "Your doing this on purpose." I push him back but my hands followed his hands trying to intertwine ours together. Once they finally did, his free hand cupped my chin forcing it to look up at him. " Maddisen, I'm not going to hurt you." He says truthfully i could feel it in my bones. I exhale holding his hand tighter which only made him smile wider. "I believe you." I say licking my bottom lip staring at  his. " Like what you see?" He asks taunting. I think it was the alcohol because i nodded right after the question. He bit his bottom lip running his thumb across it. He then checked me up and down smirking from the sight. " You know Madiline-" He began while walking around me in a circle still observing me. I felt a bit insecure like being judged by Tyra banks if i  was one of the contestintants on  American Next Top Model. " The clothes you're wearing tonight can certainly get a guys attention maybe give him the impression of what your not." He says now licking his lips. " Did you just call me a slut?" I laugh out trying to avoid the nervousness. Just when i thought i was doing a great job he rested his head on my shoulder from behind gripping my waist from behind, going up and down my V-line. "I think i should have permission to call you what i desire tonight don't you?" He whispered naughtier things in my innocent ear. I gasped smiling with my mouth open and with my eyes shut. "Harry..Stop, your so naughty!" I giggled a bit out of my comfort zone.


He slowly took a few steps toward me, his large hands making their way to my sides before his forehead rested upon mine causing me to smile from our contact. "I think it’s time for your birthday present." I gazed into his eyes, noticing the lust they already held, "I wonder what that could be," I faintly chuckled a bit intoxicated as his plump pink lips leisurely made their way to mine. It felf in describable..I mean all this time i wanted to know what it felt like, & now i do. It feels like having a good dream with out any interruptions, watching two old ladies fight over kitty litter , getting an extra bag of chips from the cafeteria lady accidentaly. It felt unbelievably incredible, & i didn't want it to stop. Our lips continued moving together, Our tongues soon battling for dominance as his hands began making their way from  my sides to my backside; giving my bum a playful yet yearning squeeze before urging me to jump up and envelop my legs around his torso. Everyone was way to busy singing along, & joing an orgy to pay attention to our hormornal feels towards eachother. So i did as he wished, my legs wrapping around his waist as my arms snaked around his neck while he carried me off  to the down stairs guest room that was already occupied.

   " Saidie?" I ask a bit confused. " Not now Hamiltoe, im a bit busy if you havn't already noticed." She calls out rudly inbetween kisses with Ricky Shwarts. Harry groans shuting the door & pacing up stairs while still holding me. He finally makes it to another room, ughh occupied. Harry slammed the door, getting a bit frustrated his erge couldn't be held any longer & i'm a little afraid of what might happen since i have never been touched unless by my doctor. We soon made it down the hall quickly, as Harry grabbed a red cup filled with the alchol slushie with his teeth, from the same girl Acacia grabbed it from. I just laughed grabbing it out of his shaky hand, holding it for him.

   He busts through another room that happens to be occupied to. We're all going to burn in hell one day, haha i swear. 
    Wait. Is that.. " Connor?" Harry& I both ask confused but giving props. His attention towards the girl who seemed to be enjoying every moment with him, broke once we came in. " Oh- I-i-i.." Connor started letting his nerdy possesive side take over. " Were just having a good time, enjoy it while you can bro." Harry says, giving him that "Guy Code" look while the girl kept caressing Connor's chest. "Baby." She whines like a little kid. We then both gave Connor that "Get em' tiger" look. He smirks from it, and Harry shuts the door. " Did you just see that?" I ask a bit excited for Connor. " Yep, Kid needed some cutting." He says still focusing on getting me to a room with just him & I. Alone. Together.

   He opens the door quickly. God, does anyone have the decency to lock a door or at least put a sock on the door knob? " Okay that's it, out." Harry says beyond annoyed with all these people getting action & him not being one of them. The couple turned around and it was.. Niall? " Oh jeez.." Harry says feeling a bit disturbed seeing Niall..you know..injecting a girl. He covered my eyes within seconds. " I'll pay you to get out, like now." " 20." " I'll make it twenty-five if you hurry up & put on clothing on your lucky charms while you leave out." " Deal, let's go Amanda." Niall says i hear his foot steps of him walking towards the door. "My names Ashley!" She corrects him as i hear them quickly remove themselves from the room. He then uncovers my eyes, from his sweaty palms, i didn't fit in a breathe as he quickly attached his lips onto mine. Them feels again! I swear, it felt crazy, exciting! As i placed the red cup on what i assume was a dresser since i'm way to busy kissing Styles. 

      As my arms unwrapped around his neck, while we we're walking back towards the bed. “As much as I like that dress…..I think it’s time for it to come off,” he grinned, his dimples appearing in the dim-lit room as he stood me up in front up him, close enough to feel how hard he was already becoming underneath the material of his pants, As he brushed against my tanned thigh. A small whimper escaped from my lips as his hand reached behind my back, unzipping the dress slowly while his lips sucked the skin on my.. 




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