F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


1. Preview #1

                                  " Quick! Call Mtv, I think Im Pregnant With Harry Styles Baby."

                                             PREVIEW EVENT (1/3)


"Maddi!" I heard my name, Me and Acacia turned around to see a girl i seen from in the hallways but never conversated with in my life until now, walk quickly behind us. "Uhh yeah?" I ask waiting for her responce. "Is it true!?" She asks excitedly looking at us both impatient for an answer. We both gave eachother 'Holy- How the hell does she know about my pregnancy?!' look. "Wait, what are you talking about!?" Acacia asks her turning back to her, trying not to jump to an assumption to quickly. " Maddi and Harry of course! The whole school's buzzing & im tweeting." Still a bit scared & confused. "Okay sweety can you please be a little bit more specific to what about the two of them?" Acacia Asks and i placed my hands on my hips. She then looks up from her twitter account on her phone screen and gives Acacia a look that i can totally define as me and Harry getting steamy at his party. "Every one's pretty much talking about it as we speak, I even heard Harry talking about it to a few people." I was shocked why would he share something so private i shared with him to everyone!? Acacia& I turned around to see eyes from different group of friends giving us various facial expression expressing they're opnion. Turning back around quickly. "It spreaded with in a day that quickly?" Acacia asks nervous. "Acacia." I say staring at the locker infront of me devistated. "Wait is that it, that's all everyone knows?" She asks the girl. " Yeah unless something more happened!?" She says biting her bottom lip craving for me to spill what ever was so important for her to share with everyone on campus. "Nope! Thanks for everything Nancy Drew!" Acacia says pushing her into Senior traffic.  We both squinted our eyes seeing her be drifted away less than an eye blink by senior's rushing to get to 1st period. 

     "Okay we'll no one knows about the Pregnancy so on that part your fine..for now besides that, Harry Styles British Crumpet loving ass is gonna get a piece of my mind!" Acacia says in an angry tone i never really hear that often unless someones speaking in her name in the wrong way or she get's the days wrong for Walking dead. She rolls up her sweater sleeves one-by-one marching away from me, but before she could get any farther i grabbed her by her wrist pulling her back. "Brinley, stop!" I yell calling her by her Middle name. " Maddi i'm not gonna just let that douche spill everything that happened to the .." She stopped to think. "what every sport team he's in." She finshed. " Football." I laughed. "Honey, i don't care." She says trying to march away again, but i pulled her back by her exstenstions. "Maddi." She said trying to stay calm. "Please let go." I laughed before saying.. "Not until you promise me you won't say anything!" I ask. " I can't promise you that or i'd be completley lying to you." She says struggling to look at me since i had her by her exstenstions. " But you won't need to...... Because....... I'm going to confront him myself." I say looking up at the ceiling letting out a breath letting her hair go. "Ouu fantastic! Just give me a second to run back to my locker to grab my phone to video tape you bitch slapping him & we'll both-" "No." I cut her off. "Your going to get a late slip to class while i handle this myself." I say biting my upper lip still trying to understand how he could actually tell some one or a group of friends & more i was told about my first time with him. I held in a tear while looking away from Acacia not wanting her to deal with me crying once again haha. " Maddi are you positive you wanna do this on your on?" She asks with those big brown eyes sinking into mine. A smile escaped my lips only knowing she was just trying to protect me. " Yeah, something's i just need to handle on my own.....like an adult.. That's the role applyed for by having sex right haha?" I say letting a tear fall from my tear duct. She smiles warmly as a reply, wiping the tear that settled on my cheek off with her thumb. She then walked towards the office leaving me there preparing to talk to him. 
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Taking Atleast five minutes I finally pulled myself together walking towards the gym. Biting my thumb nail the outdoors had met my eyes & as much as I would love to indore it I have bigger things to handle in my life. My eyes were so concentrated on the gym while walking there I stumbled on my own feet a few times.

   My eyes didn’t have time to adjust to the new room I suddenly was in before I walked in the “guy’s locker room.” Don’t give it another second, before eyes are on me. Not being focused on the Freshmen boys being in they’re tydie-whities or boxers or hell probably walking around butt naked but no, my focus and full attention was on Harry Edward Styles. Hearing whistles surrounding me I tried my best to ignore it. “ Hay beautiful.” “Ahy, sexaahhh.” “Isn’t that the slut Harry slept with?” “Shh! Bro, her Older siblings are James& Dylan don’t mess with her.” Hearing everyone from the background only distracted me from what was right in front of me. “ Maddisen.” Harry came out with a few friends of his surrounding us. Nervous wasn’t even the title for his facial expression. “Harry.” I say upset, betrayed, disgusted placing my hands on my hips. Before he could respond with the words I literly watched him trying to comprehend a guy I sort of noticed from the hallways & in the football games. Came out the shower with a white towel wrapped his bottom half. He had the devil’s smirk towards me while walking towards his Gym locker that happens to be a few inches away from Harry. “Harry Is this the hoe who did you so good last night?” I began to swing at him but this one guy grabbed me with both arms around my waist holding me in place.

   “Ouu, fistey are we, I’m sure Harry was describing everything exactly as it went in his room last night yeah?” I saw Harry hit him on his arm. He then mouthed ‘Stop’ seriously to that jerk. “ Why? She’s a whore Harry just like her sister who gave me head last night.” He laughed out. My facial posture was crooked, off you would say. How dare he say something as revolting as that? I’m sure everyone in this locker room knows Scarlett enough to know she’s rather cut her left foot off voulintarly then give a blowjob. “You Son of a B*tch!!You don’t even know my sister! You don’t even know me!” I shout in nearly in tears. “Oh but I know you well enough to know that your just a secret family skank, desperate for attention from this whole campus darling. But guess what you surely have it now, so go right ahead and call me what ever ‘bad’ word you can think of princess because it isn’t affecting my life at all, just yours.” He responded cruelly. I felt broken in that very spot. Trying my very best not to show the tears I was holding in strongly. “Harry please tell this girl it was just a ‘Hit in Call’ so she can run away to back her slutty habits.” I was shocked by this sort of rude VERY rude behavior towards me, I couldn’t do anything but slowly turn to look at Harry’s face. By the looks of it he was still trying to process those words. “Come on Styles!” The jerk encouraged. He then turned towards me facing me. His face looked as friendly & happy as ever. Wait..what?

   “Maddisen..” He begun by addressing me by my full name, While trying to finsh the rest of his sentence the entire gym got his attention. “ You we’re nothing but a ‘Hit in Call’ that’s all I ever wanted you as. I’m sorry if you thought I actually liked you…I was drunk & You looked pretty damn good in my eyes so as I always do I got exactly what I wanted but this time from you.” He said straight on. I couldn’t believe what just left his mouth. My heart was beating so fast I thought it was gonna come out my ass any second. The sound of my pulse filled my ears as the room silenced besides the short laughter from that jerk next to him. Breathing? What’s the point after this shocking, traumatizing experience and crazy enough this isn’t even the worst part. I’m pregnant. 

  The jerk patted Harry on the back before grabbing his clothes out the locker. “ What If I was pregnant in this situation?” Asking him for what he’d actually do if I even told him. He smirked looking over towards that d*ck. “We’ll your not and even if you we’re I wouldn’t deal with you or that baby Maddisen.” He chuckled out along with a few other asses including the one next to him, high-fiving them. Tears then erupted from my Tear ducks quickly. My face was probably 50 shades of red after that one little sentence that drove me insane that fast. “We’ll You’re Not and even if you we’re I wouldn’t deal with you or that baby.”  

 I want to leave & never return right about now. The ass hole next to Harry grabbed his boxers out his pants that he had probably wore before his shower. He then looked up at me smirking. “Mine? Or are you so thirsty your ready for my approval to preform infront of every one in here. No thanks, I don’t do brunette’s.” I wanted to rip that smirk off with my bare hands. I looked over at Harry who wasn’t paying much attention to me at the moment, My inner Jackie Chan took over and I kitty-swiped his cheek harshly with my 3-weeks over grown nails. “Asshole.” I breathe before pushing David who I knew since 7th grade and was holding me back, off. I then began to walk out of the boys gym room. “Ouuuuu!” I hear in the background. “ Mark of the Whore.” That Guy, Joked with a few other people watching. I groaned turning around. “ Oh no I’m sorry I didn’t think you heard!?” He says sarcastically. I smirk biting my bottom lip before gripping his shower towel wrapped around his waist & pulled it off. “ Defnitley not so big and Mighty now.” I laugh along with most of the guys in there. “Ahh! Bitch give that back!” I just laughed watching a few guys video taping this and taking pics haha. “Stop filming!! Urgghhh!! He walked quickly in one of the bathroom stales. I then dropped his towel leaving out the Boys locker room at once. Not having another look at Harry Edwards Styles. 

**************************** Author's Note Please Read *******************************

   This Story Will Be Published Febuary 1st(Hazza'sbirthday) Hope You, I know you'll enjoy it haha.


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