F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


6. It All Started At Orientation part 2

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  " So this is our advice for you, at Orientation." Scar starts off& turns to Aiden. " So im sure in between your 14 years you stayed on this planet you probably have seen movies & enough episodes of Degrassi to make you terrified of high school when in reality it's not all that bad. Except for freshmen year." Aiden says as Scarlett hits his arm from his last remark. " Owe, haha i was joking!" She rolls her eyes as James begins to talk. " Freshmen year basically creates your name tag all throughout high school, you have to be careful what you do since you guys are like the babies that have just arrived, you'll be an easy target." I nod along biting at my pink threaded bracelet Acacia gave in return to go with her matching one. " Look when we we're freshmen, obviously at different times grades were like our main priority. If you even want to think about doing a sport or a club of your choice you need above a D average when you make it to Junior- Senior year then over a C average." James says while driving on the freeway. " J's right, grades are going to be crucial; especially during your first year of high school. If i was you, Drama, Sex , Drugs-Smoking would not be anywhere near my to do list this school year. But trying to make yourself get noticed not just that 'Maddi girl' is fine, just do it in a positive way." Scar reminds, glancing out the window then turning back to me for a response.

 " few minutes away, guys." James says while his eyes are glued to the open road in front of him, through-the wind shield. Anxiety suddenly fills my tummy it feels like my breathing circulation has been cut off. My hands slowly rubbed up & down my neck feeling more claustrophobia take over me as the distance between me and Tribecca high decreased. And this isn't even my first day. " Is she okay?!" Scar asks looking a bit nervous, already rushing the car window down. Aiden rubs my back with much sympathy. " Don't worry, there's only a placement test while Mr. Johnson( principal) is talking to the parents, mom& dad have to fill out emergency info, you get to sign up for different things then that's it!" Aiden reassures. " Oh& if your worried about being bullied, you shouldn't be. All three of us is there with you every day besides i still wouldn't need Scar and Aiden to help kick some a**, i would have that handled on my own if someone tried to mess with the widdo baby sister." James says nudging my cheek with the back of his index finger. I laugh from it, But can James honestly make sure Saidie is no where near my direction this year? I doubt it.

  While they continue to talk more& more we  finally made it. It wasn't crowded but it did have an awful amount of both grades. My eyes shot open wide as i see a group of Cholos standing near the side of Tribecca, of course looking suspicious. " Ughh, Mari & the rest of them are already here." Scar says looking out the window. " Probably trying to get a few naive freshmen to join them this year, Maddi you should be an easy target." I laugh rolling my eyes. " Hmpff I wouldn't dream of it." A bright smile hits James face as he pulls in. " Oh please there's gullable written on the car next to us."  Turning away from Aiden i look out only to realise by the laughter and my own embarrassment he was being sarcastic. I laugh along at my own mistake hitting Aiden's Arm. " Barbies here." My brother says looking through the windsheild as my eyes then land on Shannon Maldonaldo walking towards the main office door. In her short white skirt, blue& white striped v-neck, Throw off gucci bag, & white wedges. As she walks in i see her wave sensual at the young looking caucasian man. Ughh Whore. " Oh wont this be a fun little school year, huh?" Aiden says watching her every move into the building. " Eww, bro stop the girls boobs are 99% made of lard how else would that explain Chad Ryans saying he made the girl leak from her nips her 7th grade year and i can wipe 99% of her beauty off with a wet kleenex." Scarlett says with a face of disgustment by Shannon's actions.


" Remember last year?" She asks as we finally toke a stop by the side walk next to the school, thru all the traffic. " Ha, oh yeah." James laughs from the driving seat soon following by all of them except me. " What happened?" I ask curious. " Nada, Nada." Scarlett says between laughs. " Seriously i wanna know!" I say getting frustrated. Hmppff, im already nervous as it is i need something to delay my mind off. " Okay, well you know how Shannon has a sister."


                ( The One On^The Left Shannon) ( Right ^Is Her Sister)
 " Um yeah, Bethany right. What about her?" I ask crossing my legs in a position to were it seems i'm in a professional Conversation.

 " Okay well last school year in Mr. Kurks chemistry class, it was like a rainy day i think. Oh wait it was, because i remember Sandra Humphry stepping on my Tim's that day running from her abusive Bf Carlos who saw her kissing Renny during lunch in the boiler room because Renny said if she didn't give him a blow he would tell the whole campus she has Chlamydia from doing it doggy style with Carlos during a prep rally under the bleachers while-" " Skip Ahead!" James, Aiden, & I shout.
                               **Scarlett's POV/ FLASHBACK**
 " Okay, okay! So During that period we were....
 Only about 15 minutes into this period & we are going over a few things for the Kc's. So some of us visted the library so we could research more stuff we didn't understand second to last semester. Then some of us stayed in the lab experimenting and what not, i was one of those people. So a few of us Major, Danny, Jessica, & Bethany.. decided to work on fire. So we cut off the back of the striker of the match box then rinse it, the residue left behind will be a sort of yellow color. We each took a swipe of it with our index fingers. *30 seconds later* We rube the left residue now on our index fingercagainst our thumbs which created smoke. ( Feel Free To Try This At Home, It's Harmless & Safe! )

   Searching around Beth was no where to be found, until Mr. Kurk took role. " Gomez?" He asks eyes glued to the board. " Here." She replied eating mushrooms in the back with Tito * Ha, yep those kind of mushrooms* " Santos?" " Here." " Turner?" "Here." " Bandri?" " Here." " Maldonaldo?" No reply. " Maldonaldo?" He asks again, only with everyone searching the class since she was just here a few minutes back. But as soon as there was one minute of silence, you could hear Bethany helping Jeffery Degner with his little problem in his pants, underneath the table in the back, But lucky for all of us they covered them selves with two but just enough blankets so they weren't exposed. Until..
 the moans of Jeffery became screams & cursing. Who knew the chemicals from the striker residue left on her hands made it hurt extremley when it comes to a guys genitals, because before Mr. Kurk could even make two steps towards the chaos under the blankets Jeffery ran from underneath the table exposed , covering his manhood that had Smoke come from it. Running out the class room.

                   ** Back To Maddi's POV**

    " So that's why blankets are permanently banned  from Tribecca." Aiden says sitting back in his seat smirking. I just show a face of disgustment as a reply. " Oh sh*t." James says, unbuckling his seat belt and grabbing the keys out the ignition. " Mom and Dad's here they're on my ass because the new vice principle already started talking in the autitorium." We begin grabbing our belongings, getting up. " How late are we?" I ask waiting for Scarlett to get out of the door way of the car. James looks down at his phone screen, scrolling down with his index finger on it. " Hmm from the messages from mom, about 15." We all groan knowing were going to have to here mom give us a 35 minute lecture about us giving her our word and this being my first year i need to know the very first thing the principal wants to inform me, even though Mom& Dad been here 3 other times with my siblings. It doesn't matter.

 " Oh you look cute." Scarlett says combing my hair around with her fingers. " Thanks!" I admire the complement since Scarlett has a great touch in fashion. " Why didn't you have me arch the brows before you left." She says looking at them as like it was a radioactive spider on my face. She licks her thumb before brushing my brows in place. " Stop!" I say trying to push her away. " Better, i guess we still have a week to do them so you'll be good." She says releasing her thumb from my eyebrow. We begin to walk down to the campus. My eyes couldn't help but see a few attractive & intimidating guys and girls outside the school. " Are those my boots?" Scarlett stops in place, staring at them. " Huh? Umm-" " Why do you have my boots on?" She asks walking closer to me, as James hops to my defence. " Umm Scar she probably didn't have anything to go with the outfit can we jus-" " Then walk bare footed, you know how much those boots cost!" She says in a high tone as Aiden pushes her away. Scarlett got a few of the attractive people's attention too. " Scarlett, look after today i promise i wont ever wear these Juicy Couture boots again." Her eyes suddenly widen with surprise. " Their Gavinchi!! Juicy Couture is a perfume!! You don't even know what brand they are but your wearing them!?" She asks slipping from Aiden's grip running after me. " Ahhh!!!!" I scream running away from her, making my way inside the building.

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