F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


5. It All Started At Orientation part 1


  "Wake Up!!!" I heard in a excited shout from James& Aiden right before a ice cold splash or water hit my face, completley waking me out my sleep. I shrieked at the top of my longs causing one of my bands from my braces to pop from my mouth widening all the way. All from the cold water hitting my body warm skin, completely making my blonde not-that-noticiable hair arm stick up. "What....The....Hell.." I breathe out alert & shivering from being soaked. My eyes quickly adjust to the two of them dying of laughter watching my reaction. Jerks. I groan, narrowing my eyebrows.    "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!" I Yell out smirking& crossing my arms, from their facial expression damper down while they glance at each other and run off quickly. I pick up a strand of my wet hair disappointed that my stay in shampoo that kept my hair shiny and soft leaked out from the water. I squint my eyes groaning and trying to describe them in every word i can at the moment in my head with out getting in trouble for it. "What's going on?!" My dad sprints in with his hot pocket in his right hand swinging it like a sword,along with a sweater, jeans, and vans? As my mom follows him in just as alarmed but in a white blouse with a leopard print collar, red heels, her necklace of my moms birthstone my dad got her for her 16th birthday when they just started going out, along with a black pencil skirt that looks similar to the one i use to play in;in Scar's room.

 "Drew&& Aiden soaked me with a bucket of crystal geyser freezing cold water and even if something really bad happened up here, a Hot pocket is really your weapon dad?" He kinked his head biting the inside of his cheek. " We'll the person would get uhh...umm.. 30-degree burn, yeah that works." He agreed with himself. "With a hot pocket?" I narrowed my eyebrows confused. "Look Maddisen, stuff happens every day, i even heard it was a guy who killed him self last month with the hard-sharp corner of a toaster strudle." My mom nodded along with a slim wistful expression. " I'm sorry i just- What are you guys wearing?" " Oh like my new clothes i shopped at that store were your brothers go to in the mall, you know, isn't it zomies? or-" " Zumiez? Dad please never go there you look..you look, like a 40 yearold pervert who does nothing but plays sims & participates in-" I paused already in disgustment. "Public bingo." I shivered, just of the thought. 

     My dad rolled his eyes playfully, beginning to mess my hair up but soonly stopping in disgustment focusing on the shampoo and wet hair he now has on his hair. " No more morning wake ups from you two!!" She shouts towards my open door. " And i think your Fathers new style looks good." She says towards him in a 'Gross Old Flirty Way'  As my dad grabs my mom by the waist loosing his eyes in hers. "I think i can say the same about you, yeah?" He growls as my mum growls back. It be a complete lie if i said i wouldn't want a relationship like this when i get married, They look so inlove with eachother, passionate, but then i think of them being old people so then me wanting that doesn't go to far for long. " Oh and speaking of being dressed, why airn't you?" My mother asks firmly with her hands on her hips. " What do you mean school doesn't start til like two weeks from now." " But of course since you don't organize your plans on your calender that hasn't been touched since Jeffery Dahmer made his last victim into a sub." I still don't understand what they're talking about. " Maybe it has something to do with your Brothers waking you up with freezing cold water?" My dad suggested in a hint. I just looked at both of them with a blank face waiting for whatever i didn't right down to fall from out their mouths.

 " Orientation Maddisen!!" They both reminded in a shout. My mouth widened along with my eyes. My gasp was loud it was a bit dramatic but i couldn't help it. How could i forget about one of the most important days in teenager years. Orientation Day For High School. How can the most important day of my life not pop up. It's literally "THE BIG DAY" The day you'll get judged. See old friends from Elementary who didn't go to middle school with you. Get a sneak peak at the sophomore guys since Juniors & Seniors had their orientation  a week before us. The day you sign up for things to make you; you freshmen year. But since i'm a Russo, sports being in our blood, things are going to be hard since i'm not a sporty. Matter Of Fact I'm allergic to outdoors. I'm also already a target being a freshmen, i might as well have a big sign floating above my ahead that labels that i'm basically the fetus of high school. Everything has to go right this year, you would think for my own reason but no only to keep up the family's tradition in being active, winning awards, & working my a** off my entire high school life. 

   " So get up! And get ready, you have a big day ahead of you." My mom says brightly with a excited bright smile, as my dad gave one to, while making they're way out my room closing it behind. " Where do i start!?" I ask myself jumping up & pacing to my closet slinging the closet door open.



                          soundtrack: Bonnie Mckee, American Girl         

 "Hmm, no not that." I disapprove throwing my light blue cardigan & black n' white striped v-neck on my bed, while continuing to  look through my closet. This may sound unprepared but i havn't got a chance to go school shopping yet. I probably received 5 outfits only this summer from going to Rome to visit my Nonna & Nonno. If you don't know what that means it's grandma & grandpa in Italian which my dad always reminds me every time we order Italian pizza since my Nonno works in a pizzeria in Italy i helped in while i stayed there. 

 I continued throwing clothes on  the bed behind me, judging it. "Too, casual. Too,chic. Too,revealing. Too,dressy. Ughh, i wore that last school year. Ahh perfect!" I say grabbing my grey cardigan, mickey mouse shirt from forever 21, Scarlett's bage knee-high boots she doesn't know i stole from her closet, & my slim belt.

    I threw my outfit on the bed, and grabbed my phone that has been charging all night while laying on my night stand. Walking out my room, i immediatly made my way to the hallway closet grabbing a towel& washing cloth. Turning from it, i found Scarlett on the phone having the same exact thing in her arms. She finally caught me in sight narrowing her eyes at me. " I'll call you back." She says to who ever is on the other side of the phone before hanging up. Our eyes both turned to the bathroom that split in the middle of us, & turned back to each other before running to it. "I got here first!" I shout trying to push her with my shoulder, away from the door. "No, I did!" She shouts back in grunts trying to push me as well. "Why are your clothes wet?" She asks. "Eww, & hair." She says wiping my stay in shampoo that was leaking off her shoulder. " Why, do you even need to use the bathroom, it's not like your going anywhere." I reply. " I'm buying   a few more things for school with Camille & Jessica, Now Maddisen move!"  Shoving her hand in my face pushing me away. "Fine." As i bite the palm of her hand, causing her to shriek loudly & pull her hand away. I rush in locking the door behind me. " Maddisen Russo, i am going to kill you when you get out, hear me!!" She shouts from the other side of the door, I soon assumed she had left since it became quite. I turn on the shower to the temperature i want it to be, glancing at the mirror i jumped a bit from my appearence. Turning from the mirror i began to strip out of my pajamas & under garment. As soon as i got done with that i i finally hopped in, washing up, & Re-shampooing& conditioning my hair.

-------------- ♥ ♥ ♥--------------------------------------- ♥ ♥ ♥------------------------------------- ♥ ♥ ♥-----------------------
 After that short shower& taking atleast 10 minutes to clean my teeth since i have braces that are finally coming off in a few days before school, i got dressed up, playing my stereo to 94.9 of course the song that's been stuck in my head all summer came on. American girl by Bonnie Mckee, listen to it& you'll thank me later. "I WAS RAISED BY A TELEVISION, EVERYDAY IS A COMPETITION, BUT THE KEY INTO MY IGNITION, WON'T TURN ME OOOONNN, IM AN AMERICAN GUUUUURRLLL!!" I sing aloud in my room, out of key like always haha, while brushing my hair out to straighten it. When i here my ringtone- Donald Trump, by  ♡ Mac Miller ♡ come on from my phone of course. Running towards it, i see the caller ID, & It's Alyssa without a doubt i answer it. "Hay Boo!" I announce through the phone, walking over to my dresser to continue brushing my hair. "Hay, are you here yet?" " No almost, wait are you?" "We'll duhh, Indian parents make sure they won't even risk a word from the principal's mouth at a new school, that isn't private." Alyssa & her family are Indian, her parents are so wrapped up in her life & making sure she gets perfect grades, & stay away from boys since their all "trouble" they barely give her enough time to breathe and be herself, they kind of expect her to be like her brother Sav, who is going to graduate this school year, i mean i can sort of relate. "Oh so have you seen any cute guys there yet?!" I ask excited, while grabbing my straightener from my drawer. " Tons! This year is going to be amazing! Oh & guess who's here." " Justin Beiber?" I ask sarcastically. "Cute, but no.. It's Saidie." I'm sure i burnt some hair, from my dramatic pause, her name just kept repeating itself in my head. Saidie.Saidie.Saidie.Saidie.Saidie. All memories from Junior high kept rolling back to me

 Saidie is basically the queen of bitchiness, having her in my freshmen year is basically like volunteering as tribute for a gate way to hell. Rich & popular oh and Satan on the under. "Your lying, please tell me your joking." I say detaching my hair from the straightener, practically would be on my knees begging Jesus i wouldn't have to deal with this another school year. "If only i was the demon is already marking her teritory as we speak." I groan upset, there is no possible way i will have the best freshmen year ever if Saidie is presence in it. "Maddisen, time to go!!" My dad shouts from downstairs. "Haha talk to you when you get here, i'll be in the back row in the auditorium." "Mkay bye." i hang up, grabbing my vintage looking bag, & walk out closing the bedroom door behind me. Pacing down the stairs i end up stumbling on the tip of Scarlett's boots almost  causing me to break my face it would seem. As i make my way down stairs i see my mom getting all her stuff from out her purse situated on the counter in the kitchen running back from the oven slamming a pan of waffles on the counter rushing. "Grab breakfeast on the way out!" My mom exclaims towards us all trying to make it out the door in one peace. Grabbing one waffle with my teeth i head out the open front door. " Umm where are you all going, cars this way." Dad gestures towards the Honda Sivic in front of the garage. " Um, i have a few plans with Camille & Jess but as soon as im done i'll-" " No, your going with your sister to her orientation along with her brothers who are also going & we also made a done deal rule , no last minute plans." My dad inturrupts crossing his arms leaning against the car waiting for their reactions only to turn them down. My dads a professional i swear. James mouth widens while his nose crinkles a bit. "Dad, you know i need to go to Jenna's house to sort things out with her and i already told her i was on my way." " Jenna's a really nice girl,  but im sorry you guys are just going to have to come along and give advice to your little sister's first foot in Tribecca halls& im not going to argue about this, in the car." My dad mentions the last part as he see's Aiden trying to say something.

  " Can i ride in my car? " James asks twirling his keys from the hoop they are holding onto, slowly stepping back in his cars direction. " What ever, just make sure you make it to Tribecca, no funny business." My dad says getting into the drivers seat half way from closing the door. James smirks in a response pacing back words to his car until he finally turned around. " Hay if you guys want a ride come on." James shouts from his Black Toyota tundra. Scarlett rolls her eyes. "I guess im going too." Scar says before waking her way to James truck along with Aiden. " I'm out too." My mom finally makes it to the car looking as fashionistic as always. " Hay, let your sister ride with you so you can give her some helpful advice, yeah?" My mom says walking up to his truck. " Hop in kiddo." He says starting the truck ,i then paced to his car. " You guys be safe! Seat belts on! And go straight to tribecca, we'll be in the back row in the Autotorium." My mom shouts walking towards my Dads and her car, getting it while we shook our heads in response agreeing to her rules.


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