F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


14. Invite me, Invite me not ✉ ✉ ✉


 " So you got invited yet you and Eddie use to date? Isn't that weird to go in this scenario?" I ask Scarlett from the couch along with countless more questions about her relationships with the 'Styles' family. Even though there's a lot of sizzling from god knows what she's burning in the kitchen, I can still here her groans every time another question comes up. 

    " Just because me and Harry's brother dated doesn't mean I can't go to their party. But he doesn't ever bring me up or anything, right?"
Scarlett asks hinting a bit of desperate.   
    " Nope, maybe it's because of your horrible cooking skills.. What the hell that?" I hear James walk down stairs straight into the kitchen. 

    " Look if you don't like it don't eat it." Scarlett scoffs cursing from accidentally touching the stove. 

     " But we're starving and who knows when mom and dad will be back from the store." I whine falling off the couch, face planted on the floor.     
 " Then stuff your faces with whatevers in this pot and shut up." Scarlett curses accidentally touching the stove again while James and I  both laugh from her irritation. " Can you guys help with this?" She sucks on her red finger and I get off the floor walking into the kitchen token back a few miles by blackish "food" inside of the smoking pot I fan along with James and Scarlett.  

   " Jeez what is that? " I cough out. She rolled her eyes throwing chili powder in it. " So James, my sweet brother James.." I trail off trying to avoid him eyeing me down from my sudden " positive " attitude.   " Do you think you can ask Ed about I don't know, uh, perhaps maybe getting me an invite to their party?" A look shares between Scarlett and James before they both start laughing hysterically.    

 He reaches in the fridge grabbing a celery stick before heading out the kitchen and plopping on the couch." Haha, cute, you actually think I'm going to let my baby sister go to a highschool party where there will most likely be drugs, alcohol, sex, horny guys, and lots of empty rooms aha not in this lifetime Madd's."   

 " James pleeeeaaasseee." I whine cocking my head back and following him into the living room. He just laughs with Scarlett and flicks the TV to Breaking Bad. I turn to Scarlett who has a face expression better known as the " don't even ask." Look.    Out of nowhere the doorbell rings catching everyone's attention yet neither of them were going to go see who it was. I roll my eyes walking over to the door to go open it.  

  " Ask who it is first." Scarlett shouts from the kitchen.  
  " Yeah like it's going to be some crazy psycho killer, Scar." I unlock the door and Perrie, one of James best friends appears in the door way with bags in both of her tatted hands. Aiden pops up behind her in his Soccer attire, finally back from soccer camp.

    " Ya gonna help me Russo or just stand there?" She laughs as she walks inside dragging bags behind her. I shut the door helping her with the bags into the living room.      Perrie is literally one of my biggest idols. She's in a band with her friends that scores a couple of gigs here and there, she has inspirational tattoos covering almost every inch of her snow white skin. A brow piercing and gives the best advice I've ever come to meeting with. She and James has been friends before I was even born and are closer then yin&yang and She's basically like family.

    " Ahy, look who's here." James stands up hugging Perrie then she comes over to hug me. I always loved her scent, such like wild strawberries and cinnamon.  

   " Yeah, I was already headed over here to give you back your sweater you let me borrow and Aiden was already coming home today so, what the hell ya know." She smiles nudging Aiden in his arm before visiting Scarlett in the kitchen.  

  " Bro, your back! " James brings Aiden into a tight bro hug. " You have no idea how bad these chicks been driving me insane." James glances at me and Scar and I quickly hit him chuckling.      " Glad to be back, but it was fun out in Burman, but I missed home a lot. They made us wake up everyday at 5am in the morning." Aiden rubs his eyes and James and I pat him on the back.    
  " Awe lookie who missed his brotha and sistas." James cooes pinching his cheeks and Aiden slaps at his hands. I chuckle to myself from the two, sitting back on the couch.  

   " So feel me up on everything, what did I miss? Anything new happen?" Aiden asks sitting next to me and stealing the remote out of my hands. A deep chuckle falls from James parted lips along with Scarlett's as her and Perrie walk into the living room.  


 " Well Maddi got into a fight with an SS during a spirit week powderpuff game." Scarlett chirps. " And Bianca's staying with us for the rest of the school year." James adds.    

 " Did you beat her ass?" Perrie asks resting against the wall smirking. Before I could even respond Scarlett and James did for me.

     " Wait, and Bianca, our cousin Bianca is staying in this house?" Aiden asks. We all nod as if this situation was completely tragic. Well, it basically is. " Scarlett and her are going to end up fighting before this is done."    We all turn to Scarlett ignoring us and walking back into the kitchen. 
   " Oh come on, spare her she was pretty cool last time she visited." Perrie defends. She must mean ' cool' as in temperature wise.  

  " No she's-" I get cut off by multiple notification tones going off on everyone's phone except mines.     " Oh I got mine!" " Me too." " Same here." " Yuss! It finally came, I mean not that I care or anything." Scarlett mutters. My eyes glare at them all getting a bit skeptical.    " What happened?" I ask them all chattering under their breaths.

 " We all got our invites." They all flash they're phone screens at me. I quickly turn my head not even wanting to see it.  
  " I can't believe I'm not going to be able to go to one of the biggest parties this school year." I frown. Perrie looks over at me and arches her eyebrows looking a bit confused.   " You do know you don't need a invitation to g-" " Perrie! " Scarlett and James interrupt her. She faces them now getting why they hadn't brought it up.  

   " Oh." She mumbles. " But it's going to be a lot going on that night Maddi, like things your way to young to be enjoying and-" " Perrie, just- just leave it." James interrupts Perrie trying her best to play it off but not well enough because I didn't care if they were going to have bungee jumping into a shark tank at that party, I want to go.

     " Foods ready!" Scarlett yells from the kitchen breaking the awkward vibe now in transition. I jump up along with James,Aiden, and Perrie walking into the kitchen and taking a seat at the table. 

    " Finally I'm starving." James pats his stomach, passing around plates. 

     " I didn't know you could cook Scarlett." Perrie says rolling up her sleeves.   
 " She can't." Aiden mutters making me and James laugh hysterically. She spats a " shut up." at him, then slaps the back of his head.

 All of a sudden a huge pot was placed in the middle of the table with a horrific stench I'll never be able to get out of my memory.    Perrie  gagged covering her nose with both her hands. " Looks, delish." She manages to choke out. Aiden's eyes widen as a big wooden spoon spills black gunk all over his plate.    The door knob suddenly started jingling until it was finally open by my mom. We all leave the kitchen table hugging her stiff confused body barely out of the door way.    

 " Thank god, we almost had to eat Scarlett's food mom." Aiden mutters as Scarlett hits his arm. My mom eyes us all still confused at what we was going on until she glances at Aiden again. " Aiden! My baby's home!" My mom pulls Aiden into a hug only a mother's familiar with. She finally releases when she finally realizes how tight her embrace was.    " Oh Perrie, I haven't seen you in the longest dear, how are you?" My mom faces Perrie and James laughing at Aiden.    

  " Oh I've been good Mrs.Russo, just getting ready for the party were performing at this week." Perrie says grinning until she realizes what had just came out her mouth in my presence.    I roll my eyes reaching for my non-stop buzzing phone in my pocket while they continue to all chatter amongst themselves. I answer the phone to only have more than one scream come out of it. It had to be the girls.  

  " Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god Guess what just happened!!" I hear Acacia chirp in my ear. I walk in the kitchen searching through the grocery bags asking them what was so amazing they had to scream in my ear the second I answered the phone.

      " We got invited to Harry's party!" Brenda shouts and the fresh unopened jar of nutella falls out my hands and onto my foot. I shriek in pain resting against a counter incomplete denial.  

 " Shut the front door! You guys got invited to!?" I ask them, a bit shocked.    " Yeah! Like as soon as we got the text we were like trying to call you but you never pick up your phone and-"
" Oh tell her what Harry said!" My mouth was still wide open at this point, if a bird flew in it, that wouldn't even be the worst of my luck.     " I don't even care what he said." I scoffed annoyed. I mean how is he going to invite my siblings, invite my best friends and not consider even inviting me.    
 " But Maddi he said he-" " I told you I don't care!" I shout at the phone.

  " Just shut up and listen! He said he wanted your number from us so he could invite you." It took a few minutes for the news to sink in into my head before my mouth basically fell like an anchor. I'm getting invited to an actual high school party, actually, one of the best since it's being run by the Styles' brothers.  

   " Guys, I think she fainted.." Alyssa says. I shake out of my overly elated tranze and answer back. " D-did you guys give it to him? " I ask holding in breaths, trying my best not to vomit rainbows and nutella right now.  
 " Yep, you didn't get it yet?" "nope." I sigh checking through all of my messages until a notification tone I hadn't heard in weeks came on like angels singing from above. I tap open my screen to see..    
*•*~*•*~*•*    ✉ New text message from    
        510-643-9271✉    Hay, It's Harry from School. You know that party I told you about, well I'm having it this Friday. Sorry late notice and all but I've been through hell and back trying to get your # anyways, hope you can make it Russo; )    Harry Xx     *•*~*•*~*•*    

  A faint smile played on my lips until they grew into the widest grin that might resemble my dad's. I jump up and down in place dancing like an idiot and almost forgetting I was still on the phone.📞    " Sorry, sorry but oh my gosh he literally just texted me!" I start to fangirl all over again, overwhelmed with the news I just received. " But wait, there's like no way my parents, or siblings are going to let me go." I groan landing back on a place called reality. 
   " Don't worry we'll go over it first thing tomorrow." Brenda reassures. We all continue to chat about what we're going to wear to the party and who's going to be there until I was interrupted by my mom calling me into the living room.   

  " I'll call you guys back, I think my mom found out about me failing history, talk to you guys later." " Good luck, aha bye Maddi." I hang up the phone and walk into the living room glaring at the shocked facial expressions plastered on all of their faces.     " Are you guys okay?" I wave my hand in front of them until Perrie turns me around smirking mischievously.   
 A devilish grin appears on a familar girl with Curly long jet black hair, hoop earrings, blood shot red lipstick, a " Ramones " crop top that revealed her bellybutton piercing, and ripped jeans with black pumps. It was my cousin Bianca, Oh and did I mention she had devil horns and a tail?     •

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This is Bianca Btw >>> 


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