F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


9. Day 1 Of A Social Nightmare.



        " Maddisen." I hear in a soft delicate tone above the sheets and covers that are layered on top of me. I groan in response so use to the warmth around me i built up from my body heat. " It's time to get up mija." I then could realize that it was my mom trying to wake me up, but i was to tired. Ughh staying up late talking to Acacia and Brenda finally came back to bite me in the- " Come on, get up." My mom mentions while shaking me in a back-n-forth motion. I groan grabbing a pillow on the side of me with out looking up to see if one would be there, and covered my head with it, trying my best to block her out but it was literally impossible. " Mom, I'm tired." I mumble underneath my covers turning my head in the opposite direction of her voice. " You should have been in bed and not on your laptop, which is now in me & your fathers room in a place you'll never reach." She spats getting a bit annoyed i could tell by her tone, but again i couldn't care if she burned my room on fire at least i would have a few more minutes shut eye before i would burn into a dark crisp.

   " Okay, if that's how you want it." She challenges before tugging on my covers, pulling them off by layers until she reached my last one. That one, was my last piece of warmth. I tugged it back, as she did the same. " 5 minutes, then i'm up i swear mom." I groan still trying to pull it back, only to have her fight back. " You said that, an hour ago it's 7:41." I froze, and the piece of warm cloth slips out of my hand almost immediatly only to have my mom fall back from my tug. I wipe my face  with my palm while getting up out of bed i hurry and grab a towel out my closet, hopping into my bunny slippers before glancing at the window which gave me an idea of what i was going to wear this morning. " Why didn't you wake me up earlier!?" I ask her tripping over my sports bra, I left on the floor, quickly throwing it in my hamper. " I woke you up an hour ago, thinking that you would be up and dressed by now." My mom shouts at me as i run down the hall to the bathroom.


  Slamming the door behind me, only to get my parents to yell through the door about the loud noise i caused. Rolling my eyes, i start the shower quickly hoping into it. - washing up, and an added on 5 minutes of ranting about the shampoo in my eyes- I finally got out, opening the window from the steam created from the showers heat i wrapped my self in a towel like a tortilla, along with a mini towel wrapping my wet hair up. I run in my room, closing it with out trying to make to much noise. " Hurry up, Maddi, were leaving at 8:05!" My dad shouts, as i glance at my alarm clock that i was to exhausted last night to actual activate, show me it was 7:55. I unwrap my tortilla a.k.a towel and caressed my skin with baby lotion. I extend my arm over the bed, to reach for my television remote turning it to Mtv, to listen too the music they play on week days. Throwing the remote, back on my bed i run to my dresser drowning my underarm in dove deodorant; I grab some panties and a black bra, putting them on. I then glance at the window and got quickly quickly after to stick my arm out to predict the weather. Searching through the closet for an out fit, i was quick to brain storm. " If i wear that' i'll come off rather slutty" " If i wear that, i'm basically applying myself to social suicide." " If i wear that, i'll look like i'm ten." "But if i wear this, i'll fit in fine." 

 I quickly decide what too wear, holding up ...

  I didn't give it another thought before , changing into it. Knock,Knock I hear behind my room door. " Come in." I reply, plugging in Scarlett's Hair wand, waiting impatiently for it to warm up. The door pops open, Speak of the devil; along comes Scarlett standing in my door way. " Mom& Dad says your going to miss out on break feast, is that my wand?" She asks in a stern tone while she taps her hand on her hips. " I'll give it back calm your panties." I say continuing to comb my hair after each curl. " That's not the point how many times do I have to tell you to stop messing with my stuff!? God I swear, you have no respect for other peoples privacy." She groans unplugging the wand from my walls outlet. " Scarlet!" I shout as she smirks and slams the door behind her. Bitch. I glance at the mirror to see if I have any last minute messups. " Madisen Faith Russo, get down here! Now! " My mom shouts from down stairs as i here cabinets closing and pots clinking together. Hmm breakfast. " I'm literally coming right now mom!! " I shout running down the stairs dropping some of my stuff out my purse. " Gahhh?" I ask face palming and stuffing my notebooks, color-pens, and charger in my purse. 

   The sweet aroma of my moms velvet pancakes hits my nostrills along with mushroom, cheese,ham & jalepeno omlets  still on the stove " Ready for you're first day of high school kido? "  Mumbles inbetween bites of velvet pancakes he stuffed in his mouth. Before i even get a chance to respond James paces into the room catching my attention as he grabbed a pancake off my plate- " Hay!" I hit his arm as he reaches over the table to grab the syrup out of Aiden's  hand. " Bro. " Aiden says with his mouth left open a bit. Before we know it he opens the cap of the syrup and poors it into his mouth, slamming it on the table. " Ewww.." Scarlett says in disgustment. " James what are you-" " Sorry gotta go have to pick up Jenna from her house, love you guys see ya! " James inturrpts mom kissing her on the cheek with his sticky syrup lip print left on her face. " Make sure you make it to school on time or no foot ball practice after school today! Love you be safe! " She calls out as he leaves out the door shutting the door behind him. We just all sit there awkwardly quiet for a moment.

     " So are you guys ready to go? " My mom breaks the quietness as we all began to finish the rest of our breakfast. " No, my phones still charging i'm at 73%  percent." Scarlett says eyes glued to her phone. " Maybe if you get off you're phone-" Aiden says snatching it out of her hands. " Give it back!" "- It would charge faster." Aiden finshes waving it in the air as she jumped to reach it with only no success. " Mom. Dad. Tell him to giv-" " No, it's time to leave we have work, you 3 have school." My mom cuts her off in straight a mature tone while grabbing her keys and turning off the stove. Scar groans while getting up and snatching her phone charger out the wall, leaving her hand out waiting for Aiden to give her;her phone back, A he does so. " Thank you." She mumbles walking towards the door; leaving out the house. " Come on let's go! " My mom says rushing everyone out the house with hand gestures. I get out my chair, walking towards the sink throwing my now empty plate in it. I pick up my bag off the table and walk out the door closing it behind me.

****    ****  ***   ****  *** ****   ****

      I catch a glance of Scarlett wearing something that'll get me killed if i even asked my parents to buy it for me. " So she can wear that yet you guys wont even give me the time of day to ask for shorts at Papaya? " I exclaimed pointing to her. 

   She grabs a light blue jean jacket out her bag waving it in my face. " She has a jacket, And Scarlett is older, she is also near graduating so talk to me then." My mom explains opening the car door that automatically unlocked all the doors. I slint my eyes mugging Scarlett play a devlish smirk as a response. I get in the car holding my purse well.. bag.. well i don't know what ever you call it in my lap. " Isn't dad suppose to be coming?" I ask as i hear clicks of seat belts being locked. " Uhh he has to go to work he has a morning shift today." My mom says  placing the key in the ignition. You see my Dad is a baseball coach at McJohnsons Elementry in Burbank near where we leave in La; which is Calabasas. It's pretty much what you sort of think when someone mentions Los Angles, California. It's Summer Paradise, Filled with palm trees every where you turn, beautiful beaches with sunkissed teens, and basically jeans don't exist  in the summer well.. basically all the time haha. It's crawling with celebs. Last month i saw Miranda Kerr & Alison Mency at The Shore , this clothing store in the mall near Arcadia.  If you live in LA, The sun is basically you're daddy. 

  " So maddi-" My mom starts as she turns on searches thru the radio for a clear station. " Work starts at 9 and ends around 8:50 the latest probably 9, James is going to have to give you a ride." My mom says finally settling on a station as my mouth drops like an anchor. " Wha- Mom James takes for ever at football practice, what am i gonna do just sit in the bleachers for two-three straight hours doing nothing?" I ask throwing my hands up as Scarlett & Aiden chuckle at me knowing exactly how it must feel like since he was the oldest and they all had those days where they'd have to wait for him. " I'm sure you can manage to keep you're self entertained Madisen." My mom says entering traffic; exhaling to keep herself calm. " Like how?" " Like i don't know your homework, go to a teachers class ask about extra credit.. etc" Mom says sinking back in her chair as she continuously stopped back-n-forth along with other drivers because one idiot choosed to stop in the middle of all this. I rolled my eyes , crossing my arms over my chest as i felt a vibration tickle my inner thigh. I glance at my phone notiing a text msg from Brenda. 
                                                  **New Text Message**
     Brenda : " Where are you!? Were in the front figuring out homeroom classes right now, by the front office hurry and call me when you get here! "

     " We're almost here." Before i get a chance to respond to Brenda's text was kind of distracted to know i'll be going to my first class in the next ten minutes. I glance at Aiden laying his head against the window as his earphones played music, and Scarlett painting her nails in the car bcause she must of forgotten to do them last m- Wait, how getting home? " What about Scarlett and Aiden, how are they getting home? " I asked to get a death glare from Scar and Aiden unplugged his earphones and pressed his index finger against his lips 'shh'ing me. " Oh that's right, I guess you guys all have to go think about all the bonding you'll be doing this school year! " My mom grins at us thru her drivers mirror, And Aiden hits my arm and i shreik as Scarlett make a signal that pretty much identifies she's going to kill me the minute i step foot out the car. " Look we're here!" My mom shouts glancing at the school.



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