I bet most people think the song 'Chloe' is about Khloe Kardashian, right? WRONG!!!
It's about Chloe De'Mare and when someone accidently lets it slip her whole world is flipped upside down.
She's put in the spotlight of gossip, hate, love, and most of fame( the one thing she hates most)


4. Tickets

"Please please please please". "Fine" I finally gave up Rachel kept on begging me to accept the tickets to Emblem3 concert. They were sent in the mail in honor of me being in the song. "Yay, now that we're going we need to get dressed!" she clapped her hands and dragged me upstairs. I put on black skinny jeans, a black zipper crop top with a red oversized cardigan, and red converse hightops. Once I was done I walked downstairs and an hour until Rachel was ready.*Beep Beep*

Hey bae, I haven't seen you in awhile wanna hang out tonight?

Yes!!!!!!!! I'm going to a concert though be here in five or else you can't come.

I smiled. "Woah someone's happy, what did I miss?". "Grayson is coming to the concert with us!". Grayson has been my best friend since before birth, the only thing is I have a huge crush on himand I've been officially friendzoned. *Ding Dong*. I opened the door and ther he was with all his perfectness. Dark black hair, grey eyes that turned into an icy blue when he was excited. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the limo(provided by Emblem3). The whole ride we talked about what happened while he was away in America, visiting family.

*At The Concert*

I was dreading for the concert to be over because I didn't want to go backstage and face Keaton but I want it to end so I can stop listening to this horrid music. "OK this is the last song of night so lets bring out Chloe!" I shook my head no but soon felt hands push me on stage. I stood there with wide eyes looking at the crowd. I guess Drew noticed my awkwardness and started dancing with me. We started laughing and I soon started sing along, maybe this won't be that bad if I just ignore Keaton. We finally finished the concert and went backstage. I sat down on Grayson's lap, when Rachel started flirting with Keaton. I clinched my fists doesn't she know that him and Juniper made the first years of highschool a living hell. "Calm down babe" Grayson kissed my cheek. I blushed and tried to cover my face with my pitch black hair. The rest of night was fun besides Rachel trying to show her cleavage to Keaton every five seconds.

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