I bet most people think the song 'Chloe' is about Khloe Kardashian, right? WRONG!!!
It's about Chloe De'Mare and when someone accidently lets it slip her whole world is flipped upside down.
She's put in the spotlight of gossip, hate, love, and most of fame( the one thing she hates most)


3. Reporters and Fakes

I hid my face as I walked downed the hallways of my highschool, everybody was looking at me like I was some freak show. I tried to ignore them as I finally got to my first class.

*Skip To Lunch*

I sat down in my regular seat waiting for Rach to come when Juniper and her drones came and sat down. "May I help you?" Juniper has hated me ever since she found out her ex-boyfriend liked me. "Come on I just wanted to see my old friend. What's it like?" she smiled. "Oh its OK. A lot of fake people try to be friends with you though." I smirked and got up from the table. "What was that about?" Rach asked me with wide eyes. " I think you know". Finally I can go back to classes where nobody can try to use me.

*After School*

I was relaxing on the couch when I got an phone call from an unknown number.


G-Hello, is this Chloe De'Mare? I'm a reporter and I would like to ask you a few questions.

C-I don't think I'm comfortable with that.

G-Don't worry it'll be fine. So did know that 'Chloe' was about you

C-Yes, I did but um I got to go

G-What how's your love life

C-What love life?

I gasped and covered my mouth. did I really just say that. I'm such a loser. I hope they weren't recording that. I kept on freaking out until I realized I was still on the phone, I hung up quickly, Oops.

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